Are Wildernest campers any good?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Are Wildernest campers any good?” We will discuss the key features and specifications of the Wildernest campers. We will also talk about the advantages of the Wildernest campers. At the end of this post, you will get to know all about the Wildernest campers and their features.  

Are Wildernest campers any good?

Yes, Wildernest campers are good. Wildernest campers are one of those rare campers that have a good reputation. Wildernest campers are known for their durability and unique style. These campers were widely used over the years and they are lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Wildernest campers are pretty hard to find since they are out of production.

Wildernest campers features and specifications

Wildernest campers are no doubt rare to find and they are considered as one of those classic campers due to their features and specifications. Here are some of the unique features and specifications of the Wildernest camper.

Tough exterior

  • The Wildernest camper has a tough shell that can accommodate roof racks and also store bikes and sailboats if necessary.
  • The Wildernest tent top is built to withstand harsh climatic conditions. It can be used for extreme off-road camping and it has a specially reinforced steel frame. This frame is molded into the fiberglass body.
  • The tent top has a lid that has wood, foam insulation, combined steel, and fiberglass. It can withstand the weight of two people with ease and there is no need to worry about carrying heavy loads or storing your camping gear.

Excellent drivability

  • The Wildernest camper has excellent drivability and the tent top will no compromise on the truck’s ride. Hence, there is good handling and fuel economy.
  • Some of the key features are the unrestricted visibility by the rear windows and side windows. The tent poles and mattresses fit above the nylon headliner providing a great view.

Fully waterproof tent

  • The tent is fully waterproof and it is designed with an 8-ounce nylon pack cloth. It also has a combination of urethane which is tougher than canvas. There is no need to worry about heavy winds since it has fiberglass wands to prevent flapping.
  • There are also extendable aluminum outrigger struts to provide stability in lasing rains and rough winds. The Wildernest camper is built for camping outdoors even in rainy and windy conditions.

Easy to install

  • Installing this camper is no hassle and it hardly takes you time. Despite all the features and specs, this camper can be installed by one person. It takes less than five minutes to install this camper.
  • There is a balanced spring system to assist in the opening. Three assembled tent poles need to be pushed from the inside and your tent is up in no time.

Spacious interiors

  • One of the major benefits of the Wildernest camper is the spacious interiors. It provides up to eight feet of headroom while standing. Hence, the camper is appropriate for tall people as well.
  • There is plenty of room inside that can host three people with ease. However, it is ultimate for two people and it also provides enough space to store bags and baggage.
  • There is a double bed on the inside and huge zip-down size windows to provide enough ventilation. This gives you enough privacy when closed and good ventilation when open. There is a net to look through the windows.
  • Adding to the advantage and ventilation are the two openings at the top to provide fresh air and control humidity.

Overhang awning

  • The Wildernest camper provides its awning since it opens up to the side. The overhang creates a huge awning and it also provides enough space to relax in the shade on a sunny day.
  • There is a rain skirt that can be pulled over the lid to keep all water from lasing on the tent. The Wildernest camper also has four drip overhands that allow you to keep the windows open for ventilation and it also provides a good view.


  • The Wilderness camper is lightweight and there are two variants. For compact truck models, the smaller model weighs lesser than 250 pounds. For full-size truck models, the wilderness camper weighs 325 pounds.
  • Due to its lightweight, it is easy to carry around the tent top with your truck. You will still have the power to load up a bike if necessary. The lightweight of this camper adds to the mileage and it also produces better handling and less wear and tear.
  • Despite the lightweight, the Wildernest camper can still support up to 1,000 pounds. This is applicable even without the stabilizing struts that come with each unit. It also has a patented cantilever cable and coil spring system for endurance.

Tailgate Curtain

  • The Wildernest camper also has a tailgate curtain that allows the tailgate to remain down. The rear window can be hatched up for easy access without opening and closing consistently.
  • The sunscreen is easy to remove and install due to the Velcro. There is also a bugproof screen door and a denier storm door with zippers.

Kitchen organizer

  • Not always you will find a camper that has a kitchen organizer. The Wildernest camper has a kitchen organizer that helps keep all your kitchen items organized.
  • You can easily store all your eating and cooking utensils with the pockets that come with the organizer. Three is enough space to store your spoons and knives.

Bedding and clothes hammock

  • The Wildernest campers were known for their comfortable bedding. There are storage options over the bed and also sleeping bag covers and pillows.
  • Another advantage is the flush-mounted sliding side windows. These windows have a black anodized aluminum frame with dark-tinted tempered glass for privacy.

Sport and utility roof racks

  • Another advantage is the sport and utility roof racks that are provided. These roof racks are from various manufacturers and they are easily fitted onto the roof. There are special compartments to keep all your outdoor gear if necessary.

Carpet insert kit

  • The carpet insert kit is something rare that comes along with the Wildernest camper. This kit can be customized according to the interior and it can be transformed into a beautiful sleeping platform. The carpet insert kit is constructed with plywood foam, padding, and high-quality carpet.

Advantages of the Wildernest campers

Wildernest campers have some of the best features and specifications and many of those features are their major advantages. Here are some of the advantages of the Wildernest camper.

They do not tip

  • One of the major advantages of these campers is that they do not tip. The camper is designed to equally distribute the weight throughout the skeleton molded into the fiberglass.

Resistant to harsh wind

  • The Wildernest camper is resistant to harsh wind and it has the potential to stay still even with winds up to 65 miles per hour. It has a 400 Denier Nylon Packcloth for tent fabric and there are fiberglass wands to prevent the tent from flapping.

They are compatible

  • Wildernest campers are compatible and they can be used on more truck beds. From mid-sized to long and short trucks, these campers can be adjusted accordingly.

Built for outdoors

  • These campers are built for the outdoors and they are also perfect for off-road and extensive camping. Since they are easy to set up and dismantle, they are pretty adaptable and convenient at the same time.  
  • Wildernest campers are durable and they also have a tough construction with top-quality materials. These campers are easily expandable if necessary.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Are Wildernest campers any good?” We have discussed the key features and specifications of the Wildernest campers. We have also talked about the advantages of the Wildernest campers. Have you heard of the Wildernest campers before? Leave us a comment below and let us know.


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