Are VW snail campers still being produced?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Are VW snail campers still being produced?” We will discuss the interior features of the snail camper and touch upon the customizable options. Additionally, we will list out the VW snail camper specs and discuss the best reliable vintage campers.

Are VW snail campers still being produced?

No, snail campers are not being produced. Snail campers were manufactured by Volkswagen and there are only a few available snail campers. Owning a snail camper is rare and it is also hard to find one for sale. Snail campers are vintage campers and only a handful of people own these campers in the world today.

Snail campers are still considered to be one of the best motorhomes. These campers were one of the best during their time and they still have a good reputation. Snail campers had some of the best features and specifications when compared to the other models. Staying outdoors in these campers was perfect with the space and features.

Interior features of the snail camper

The interior features of the snail camper were excellent given the overall size of the camper. While it might not have been a luxurious camper, some of its unique features surely brought comfort.  The VW Snail Camper was also perfect for a mid-sized family. Here are some of the interior features of the snail camper listed below.

Storage drawers

Storage in this camper was incredible since there were enough storage drawers on the inside. There was plenty of space to keep some camping gear, bed linen, and dining room items.

Tiled backsplash

A tiled backsplash was one of the best innovations back then and the VW snail camper had a skinny tiled backsplash.

In-house refrigerator

The kitchen also had a small in-house refrigerator that was perfect to store perishable food items. Having a refrigerator in this camper helped people camp outside for days together.

Small sink and stove

A stove was provided for cooking and the kitchen also had a small sink for washing the dishes. The kitchen counter was pretty spacious in this camper.

Center table

The snail camper had an amazing center table that was perfect for having your daily meals. Though the table was a bit small, it still have enough space for two people to sit comfortably.

Seating area

There was enough seating space that was just next to the table. A comfortable sofa was just right for two people to sit on. There was enough space to add an extra chair if required.

Upper storage shelves

The upper storage shelves in the kitchen were perfect to store utensils and other cooking items. It was also perfect to store extra non-perishable food items and containers. With enough shelves and drawers, there was enough space in this camper.

Upper sleeping area

The sleeping area for the snail camper was above the driving and front passenger seat. It had a comfortable bed that was perfect to accommodate two people.

Snail camper’s customizable options

One of the biggest advantages of the snail camper was the customizable options. These camper had enough space to experiment and customize them according to your needs. Several people had their campers customized with some of the best features. These are some of the customizable options that were available for the snail camper.

More sleeping space

For those who wanted more sleeping space, it was easy to customize this camper and expand the sleeping space for four people. The sofa could be converted into a bed if required and it could be used as a sleeping space for two.

Microwave and refrigerator options

With enough storage space about the gas burner, it was easy to convert one shelf for keeping a microwave. You can also and a bigger fridge if required and extend the roofing at the top.

Flooring options

You could also customize the flooring with the snail camper by adding a carpet. However, laminating the flooring was one of the other options that were commonly used in a snail camper.

The VW snail camper has several hidden features and it is perfect for compact living. The snail camper was comfortable and cozy at the same time. It had some of the best features and it was easy to drive around. The specs for this camper were also perfect enough to keep you on the move.

VW snail camper specs

Here are the specs for the VW snail camper listed below

  • 2110c type four engine
  • Dellorto 45 carburetor
  • 009 distributor
  • External oil cooler
  • Electric pump
  • 90.5 x 82 bore
  • Cdi porter

The snail camper might have had simple specs, but it was still ahead of its time. Despite a few disadvantages, the snail camper had more benefits. The customization options made this camper a rare model. The four-speed manual transmission was good enough to carry four people and all the weight of the camper.

Best reliable vintage campers

Vintage campers have been always special due to their classic appearance and features. These campers are few in the market and they always have a demand and special touch to it. Here are some of the best reliable vintage campers/

Happier camper

  • The Happier camper was a huge success when it was first introduced in the market. The Happier Camper has been reliable and it had some great features. The happier camper is ultra-light in weight and it also has a retro-modern camper look.

Scamp trailer

  • Scamp trailers were recognized for their size and they are still considered a recognized brand. Scamp trailers arrive in three sizes, 13, 16, and 19 feet. Since 1972, Scamp trailers have maintained a retro appearance and are easy to tow.

Dub Box USA

  • Dub Box USA might not be too familiar but they have three different vintage campers that are perfect for outdoor camping. These campers have customizable options and they come with a queen-size mattress and a well-equipped kitchen.

Airstream Bambi

  • The Airstream Bambi is one of those top reliable campers that has been in the market for decades. These campers can be transformed into a personalized motorhome that can suit your preference. The Airstream Bambi is known for its unique appearance.

Riverside retro campers

  • These vintage-style campers are still available and they arrive with the latest features. They have sleek lines and curves and top-quality reliable campers. Riverside retro campers are known to last long due to their durable material and strong exterior shell.

T@B teardrop camper

  • The T@B teardrop camper is also known as their weekend warrior. These teardrop campers have a vintage design and it comes with a galley kitchen with a U-shaped dinette. This camper has enough sleeping area with a toilet and external shower.

Timberland classic teardrop camper

  • The Timberland classic teardrop camper is probably one of the easiest campers to tow. These campers are feather-light and it has a fully insulated cabin to keep you warm during winter and cool during summer. It also has an enamel-baked aluminum siding.

Gulf Stream coach vintage camper

  • The Gulf Stream coach vintage camper has an excellent aerodynamic design. These campers are super light and it has vinyl flooring with a full dry bath. The camper has laminated walls and an attractive exterior appearance.

Those were some of the best reliable vintage campers that are manufactured. These campers have been designed with quality and top features. The common thing in these campers is that they have the same incredible vintage appearance. Just like the VW snail camper, these campers have a good reputation and are known for their unique features.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Are VW snail campers still being produced?” We have discussed the interior features of the snail camper and touched upon the customizable options. Additionally, we have listed out the VW snail camper specs and discussed the best reliable vintage campers.


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