Are Viking travel trailers any good?

In this blog post, we will answer the question “Are Viking travel trailers any good?” we will discuss the Coachmen Viking ultra-light travel trailers and their features. We will also describe the features and specifications of the Coachmen Viking Saga series. Additionally, we will talk about the overall rating and reviews of these travel trailers.

Are Viking travel trailers any good?

Yes, Viking travel trailers are considered to be good and they made a huge impact when they were introduced in the market. Coachmen manufacturers increased their brand reputation with their Viking travel trailers. The Viking travel trailer series have been successful and Coachmen improved the quality with each model. 

Coachmen were already recognized for their RVs but their Viking Ultra-Lite travel trailers were a class apart. The best part about these travel trailers is that they are ultra-light and most trucks that have a decent towing capacity can tow these travel trailers with ease. These are the top Viking travel trailers with their features and specifications.

Coachmen Viking ultra-light 

The Coachmen Viking ultra-light travel trailer is a budget-friendly trailer and they are affordable with some of the best features. There are various sizes to choose from and the best one is their single axle models. With new variations and different sizes, these Viking travel trailers are worth the price.

  • The Viking ultra-light single axle model has a measurement of 16’ x 18’. With multiple floorplans, the Viking ultra-light has double bed bunks and a single queen bed layout.
  • The weight of these trailers is between 2,700 to 3,700 pounds. They are easily towable with an SUV and they are still well-equipped with some of the best features. 
  • The 13,500 BTU air conditioner and 12,000 BTU furnace are good enough to keep you cozy during summer and winter. You can also choose the all-terrain package if necessary.  
  • The Viking ultra-light series also comes with a 27-gallon freshwater tank. The gray and black water tanks have a capacity of 25 gallons. The bigger the model, the better the capacity. 
  • The 18’ model has a 33-gallon freshwater tank. The interiors are excellent and it comes with LED lighting options. The kitchen is fully equipped and has some of the best packages to choose from.

Coachmen Viking Saga Features 

The Coachmen Viking Saga is a compact travel trailer with lube axles. These trailers are smooth for towing and there are numerous advantages for camping. The tongue jack and two-fold doors make it easy to enter and they are perfectly placed in the right spot. Here are some of the features that come along with the Coachmen Viking Sage travel trailer.

  • Powered range vent.
  • LED Exterior lights.
  • Safety chains.
  • Bath Vent.
  • Ultra comfort cushions.
  • Bathroom skylight.
  • Friction hinge entrance door.
  • Aerodynamic front profile.
  • Tinted safety glass windows.
  • Nitro-fill radial tires.

Multiple floorplans make this saga series exceptional. There is plenty of extra room and it also has a two-burner range with a wardrobe and a shower. This travel trailer has enough space that can accommodate up to three people when it comes to sleeping. The 14SB floorplan is perfect for a small family and camping has never been an issue.

Coachmen Viking Saga 17 SBH Features 

  • A slightly different variant is the Coachmen Viking Saga 17 SBH. This travel trailer has two bunk beds with a measurement of 28 x 72. It also has a 54 x 74 bed and enough play for storage in the bedroom. 
  • The 12’ awning is perfect for camping outdoors. This travel trailer is good for camping on long trips. It is perfect for a family with children and it also has a shower/tub.
  • The two-burner stove is just perfect for cooking and the overall appearance is excellent. The model of this trailer is built with a Norco NXG case. The outside metal is incredible and towing is way simple with the electric brakes. 
  • When it comes to sleeping, it can accommodate up to five people with ease. The storage space for these trailers is also incredible.

Coachmen Viking ultra-light 18 RBSS Features 

  • The Coachmen Viking ultra-light is another model from the ultra-light series which has a brilliant floorplan. The huge slide-out is the biggest advantage of this model and it is perfect for your family and visitors. 
  • It also has a secret bunk space at the back and it comes with an entertainment system. The entertainment system can be accessed from the inside room.
  • The kitchen is also fully equipped with a seven cubic foot cooler. The two-burner stove and the microwave are some of the added advantages of this trailer. 
  • The dinette is also spacious and it comes with a sofa to relax. Coachmen have not compromised on their quality as they brought out the best with these travel trailers.

Viking ultra-light features

With some of the best features and interiors, these travel trailers are all set to suit any required. If you are planning on camping off-road, they are perfectly fit for the rough terrain. Coachmen have given importance to their structure and smallest detail. Let’s take a look at the exterior, chassis, interiors, and kitchen.

Exterior Features 

The exterior is certainly eye-catching with a unique design to its appearance. It is constructed well and it also has provision for storing a bicycle. The rooftop is made of a one-piece elastic and it comes with six-sided R-7 protection windows. You also get to play music with the help of the outside speakers.


Imagine having an eco-friendly chassis for a travel trailer. These trailers have a powder-covered bar structure chassis. The chassis is equipped with a lube leaf spring axle and it comes with electric brakes and spiral tires. It is a strong and durable chassis that can withstand enough pressure while traveling or camping.


Moving onto the interiors, these travel trailers have numerous highlights that can keep you cozy. The high-stress overlay ledges and window valances are an added advantage. The interiors are designed carefully with small blinds and a smooth surface on the walls. Overall, the internal appearance of these travel trailers is incredible.


The Kitchen is also exceptional and the sink is spacious enough to wash pots. The two-burner LP and the microwave are located in the right places. It has a three cubic foot cooler to keep your food fresh. Cooking in this travel trailer is easy and it has enough utensils to prepare a satisfying meal. Overall, the kitchen is exceptional.

Overall reviews and rating 

Overall, the Viking travel trailer reviews have been excellent. The rating is high and more people have successfully used these trailers for several years. These travel trailers are perfect for long and short stays. The opportunity to choose from various floorplans has made these trailers incredible. The quality and durability have also been exceptional.

Despite all its advantages and best features, there are still a few critical reviews of the Coachman Viking travel trailer series. Some people have stated that the doors without a window are a huge drawback while some have stated that the axles are too thin. However, the overall rating for this vehicle has been extremely incredible.

Most of the reviews from the Viking travel trailer have been positive. The interiors of these travel trailers are exceptionally good and they are comfortable. When it comes to staying for long durations, it is stated that they are one of the best travel trailers that are easy to tow due to their lightweight.

Many travel trailers are available in the market, but the Viking travel trailer from Coachmen is a class apart. Towing and maneuvering with these travel trailers are exceptionally easy. The lightweight has made them one of the best travel trailers over the past years. If you are planning on getting a lightweight travel trailer, the Viking travel trailer series is one of the best.


In this blog post, we have talked about the “Are Viking travel trailers any good?” we have discussed the Coachmen Viking ultra-light travel trailers and their features. We have also described the features and specifications of the Coachmen Viking Saga series. Additionally, we have talked about the overall rating and reviews of these travel trailers.


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