Are trucks worth the money? (13+ reasons to buy)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are trucks worth the money? We will discuss the pros and cons of owning a truck, and give you several good reasons to buy one right now. 

Are trucks worth the money?

Trucks are definitely worth the money of many Americans.  Pickup trucks are one of the most important parts of the lifestyle in the US. Here are 9 great reasons why you should consider buying a pickup:

  1. Towing capacity – There are pickups with an even more impressive capacity, there are trucks created to transport thousands of tons. Even so-called “half-ton trucks” can be transported like a freight train.
  1. Driving style – Today these fabulous trucks can go anywhere thanks to their great power, design and construction, which means that they can continue where most cars would stop.
  1. Power – As we know these trucks are built in a way that the body is separated from the chassis. This makes them strong and very tough, which is part of the reason they can handle the road with ease and carry such heavy loads.
  1. Visibility – Like a great boat that offers a great view, so do pickup trucks. Drivers sit up high and can study the road around them to keep an eye out for what’s there. The highest position makes it easy to see over the surrounding vehicles and have everything under control.
  1. The interior –  Thanks to their growing popularity in the last decade, trucks have been transformed from work vehicles to leisure vehicles, but with very comfortable interiors. With the advent of extended bodies, the passengers travel as comfortably as in a large SUV, so you can bring the family and the dog while carrying construction supplies in the loading area. 
  1.  Awesome customization – Today the customization options for trucks are as rich and varied as with any sedan. Cabin options, traction options, propellant options … anyway. There are so many options that the decision will not be easy.
  1.  Shopping facilities – Did you know that they are the type of vehicles in which the best discounts are offered at dealers? Go and find the best deal, surely you can come up with something very good.
  1.  The feeling – People love the spirit and genetics of pickup trucks. Also, how it makes them look behind the wheel.
  1.  Luxury – With heating and ventilation, dual-zone climate control, and premium leather trim, these modern trucks are not only made for work, but can also serve as luxury vehicles. They offer features that were previously exclusive to “flagship sedans.”

More reasons to love a pickup truck

Comfort – Pickups have evolved a lot in terms of comfort levels. The idea that pickup trucks were hard machines with basic amenities is a thing of the past. In terms of space, they are much larger than a normal car. They have all the amenities for passengers to travel comfortably.

 In addition, the rear box allows a greater load capacity than any trunk. On the other hand, the trucks are equipped to provide superior driving experiences. Upholstery, air conditioning, connectivity and much more.

Height – Another great advantage they have is their height. This allows the driver better visibility and an elevated driving position that brings safety and control. Height is also an advantage in terms of ground clearance, as damage to the vehicle caused by uneven roads, bad roads or even mountains is avoided.

 Power – This point is a huge differential compared to any car. Pickups have the strength of having a lot of power. Large engines and many horsepowers make these vehicles superimposing and aggressive, capable of transporting and supporting anything.

Technology – Currently, pickups are one of the most equipped vehicles on the market. They feature steering wheel controls for audio and call control, touch screens, multi-speaker audio systems, an onboard computer with real-time indicators, sensors with a reversing camera, and much more.

 Everything you need to make your trips simpler and totally enjoyable.

 Versatility – Finally, the pickups can be used both in the field and in the city. They adapt to any type of personality. This is different from a car that cannot do the same. So if what you are looking for is a vehicle that is versatile for daily life and to meet all demands, a truck is what you need.

Buying your truck: asking the seller the right questions

To make your purchase as secure as possible, your first step will be to make telephone contact with the seller for a formal, cordial but firm questioning.

  • First hand or not? As a general rule, if the truck is first hand (only one owner since it was put into circulation) the seller will be quick to specify it in his classified ad.

If not, the vehicle has certainly passed through several hands and its history is likely to be a little smokier. It will therefore be necessary to ask the seller if he is still in possession of the original maintenance booklet in order to be able to check whether the various owners have respected the dates of the revisions imposed by the manufacturer.

  • Where does your salesperson live? The classified ad that caught your eye does not necessarily indicate the whereabouts of the person who passed it. As a general rule, cars sold in the provinces are significantly less expensive than those sold in the city. It remains to be seen whether the price differential might not be erased by the travel costs that you will have to incur to go see it!
  • Where and how was the truck used? Short journeys which do not allow the mechanics to reach their proper operating temperature are detrimental to their longevity. In addition, they cause faster wear of essential parts, such as the clutch for example. At the same mileage, a truck used primarily in the city is likely to be more tired than one that uses the motorway regularly.
  • What is the version of the truck? Some sellers artificially inflate the price of their truck, arguing that it is equipped with many options which are in fact standard equipment (air conditioning, car radio, central locking of all doors, etc.). Once you know the exact version, check its true level of equipment using our truck datasheets.
  • Where and when can you see the vehicle? If your salesperson has answered your various questions without hesitation and tongue-in-cheek, you can take the next step and schedule a meeting. This must take place in front of the seller’s home. And if you are asked to come and watch it at night, in the anonymous parking lot of a remote industrial area, forget it!

Final checks

Whether you plan on buying a new or second-hand truck, here is a checklist of the most important thighs to check:

□ Engine oil

□ Brake fluid

□ Coolant

□ Belt wear and tension

□ Fan operation (engine at idle, it should start after a few minutes)

□ Tire condition and pressure

□ Condition of the wiper blades (they must be changed every year)

□ Brake pad wear

□ Headlight operation

□ Operation of turn signals

□ Brake light operation

□ Operation of the hazard warning lights

□ Operation of additional equipment specific to the truck.

If you have something to add to our list or any questions about the content, do let us know!

FAQ on Are trucks worth the money?

Why buy a truck?

You should buy a truck because they have all the amenities for passengers to travel comfortably. In addition, the rear box allows a greater load capacity than any trunk. On the other hand, the trucks are equipped to provide superior driving experiences. Upholstery, air conditioning, connectivity and much more.

What is better to buy a car or a truck?

If it is better to buy a car or a truck will depend on your needs and lifestyle. A car being smaller is less heavy and having a body closer to the ground offers greater stability. On the other hand, a truck is larger, it is heavier and the height of the chassis to the ground is greater which translates into less stability.

What do you have to know to buy a used truck?

If you want to buy a used truck, here are five basic points to check:

– Check the service history of the truck in question. 

– Check the mileage per year. 

– Take the truck for a test drive.

– Thoroughly check the condition of the body and interior of the truck.

– Make sure that all the papers are in order.


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