Are trailer king tires made in China?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Are trailer king tires made in China?” We will talk about trailer king tires and their long-lasting potential. We will also talk about the perks of using trailer king tires and discuss maintaining your RV tires. Furthermore, we will discuss a few key points that need to be noted.

Are trailer king tires made in China?

No, trailer king tires are made in the USA. Trailer king tires have a huge customer base and are manufactured for quality and safety. These tires are made for recreational vehicles in the US, Canada, and Mexico. These tires are manufactured by the TBC Corporation and have been in the business since 1956.

While there might be other tires of this brand made in China, they are mostly manufactured in the USA for North American customers. Trailer king tires focus on quality, safety, traction, and off-road driving. They are also well-equipped for speedy driving. These tires are known for their special rating in RV vehicles. Apart from those, there also have excellent customer service.

Trailer King is ranked as one of those top tire-making companies and they come with a variety of options. With a high customer rating, many people prefer to get trailer king tires for their RVs and travel trailers. The best part about trailer king tires is their affordable price. The latest model has some of the best radial features and they are made with high-end technology.

Trailer king’s long-lasting tires

  • Trailer king tires never use low-grade synthetic rubbers and they never compromise on the quality. These tires have strong components that are enough to withstand maximum wear and tear. 
  • Trailer king has a strong tread mechanism that will help the tire last longer. The durability and stability of these tires are incredible and are best suited for all types of recreational vehicles.
  • Trailer king uses proper vulcanization to keep their tires intact for years. Every component is examined and fixed appropriately. 
  • With some of the best machinery and tools, trailer king has been consistently providing top-quality tries for decades. These tires are one of the best in the market for long-lasting efficiency.

Perks of using trailer king tires 

Apart from the top-quality and lost-lasting capability, trailer king tires have several benefits. Every product has its pros and cons, but trailer king has several benefits that overshadow the cons. Customers choose trailer king tires over some of the other brands of the same type. Here are some of the benefits of these tires.

  • The center grove is designed to contribute good traction to the tire.
  • The tire can grip well on the road and also allow smooth movement.
  • The threat of tire is constructed in a manner to provide durability.
  • It can withstand a heavy load and is meant for that purpose.
  • These tires are stable and are great for strain.
  • The nylon layer can help to prevent corrosion in the tire.
  • Affordable rates are one of the biggest highlights of these tires.

While there might have been a few complaints, the benefits of these tires are great. Despite several other tires that are manufactured, trailer king tires are a class apart and have always been one step ahead of the competitors. Trailer king tires have factories in other countries, but they are very well known in the USA.

These tires are also known for their ST radial tire, which is one of their latest productions. People have found trailer king tires more reliable than foreign brands. It is safe to say that trailer king tires are a good fit for your recreational vehicle or travel trailers. You also get to choose from the variety of available options.

Maintaining your RV tires 

Despite the brand and the type of tires you have, it is essential to maintain your tires for your RV. Tires are the most important part of your vehicle that is prone to rough terrain. Due to carrying a heavy load, your tires can get worn out fast. With extreme usage and road conditions, it is a must to maintain your RV tires as much as possible.

Inspecting the sidewall and tread blocks 

Not many people inspect the sidewall and the tread blocks of their tires. After driving across rough roads, be sure to inspect the sidewall and the tread blocks. Try to remove any debris that is stuck to your tire and also check the valves and caps frequently. Some cuts and bulges might go unnoticed and be sure to look for any cracks.

Keeping the right PSI 

  • Remember that your tires must be inflated to the right PSI. 
  • Tires that are not inflated to the right PSI are prone to damage fast. 
  • It can also affect your fuel consumption and compromise traction braking. 
  • Ensure that your tires are not over-inflated as it can cause damage and also make handling difficult. 
  • Check your tires before and after a trip to see if they are in the right condition.

Do not exceed the GVWR

  • It is also recommended that you not recommend the GVWR. 
  • Keeping a proper load balance is always important. 
  • This will help you experience better braking and it is also good for control. 
  • Overloading your vehicle is sure to cause strain on your tires. 
  • Go to a weight stating before going out on a trip to get an accurate reading.

Balance and rotation 

  • Be sure to check for cupping and uneven wear. This takes place if your tires are out of balance. 
  • Make sure that your wheels are balanced properly to avoid such situations. 
  • Get an expert to check your tires and find out if they need to be changed. 
  • Always have a spare on board since this can come in handy in an unexpected situation.

Off-season maintenance 

Taking care of the tries even while you are not traveling is equally important. It is advised to clean the tires before storing them. You can use soap and water to eliminate any unwanted stuff that is stuck to the tire. Take away all the extra load from your RV to reduce the strain on the tires when you are not camping. The lesser the weight, the lesser the strain on the tires.

Key points to note 

  • Another key point to consider is using storage blocks. Using storage blocks can help to take the weight off your tires. 
  • Keep your vehicle in a cool and dry space so the tires will not be open to direct sunlight.
  • Excess heat is not good for the tires, especially during summer when it sun is harsh. 
  • Taking your vehicle out for a short drive is one good way to keep them from cracking.
  • Parking an RV for a long time is bound to bring cracks on the tires. The rubber compound on the tire will need to work to prevent it from cracking. 
  • Irrespective of the usage and condition, replace the tires of your vehicle every three to five years. Most RV tires come with heavy-duty sidewalls to carry the excess load.
  • Checking the air of the tires when they are cold will give you an accurate reading. Using a truck tire gauge that has a dual-angled head is also recommended. 
  • Your RV tires are prone to extreme temperatures and weather conditions. They must be checked and maintained regularly for your tires to last longer.
  • Trailer king tires are one of the best products on the market. These tires also come with a warranty and they are built to handle rough terrain and off-road driving. 
  • Choose the right type of tire based on your camping and driving style. For off-road experiences, you might want to go in for a tire that has more grip and thicker sidewalls.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Are trailer king tires made in China?” We have talked about trailer king tires and their long-lasting potential. We have also talked about the perks of using trailer king tires and discussed maintaining your RV tires. Furthermore, we have discussed a few key points that need to be noted.


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