Are Tiffin Motorhomes good quality?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are Tiffin Motorhomes good quality? We will review the famous Tiffin Allegro motorhome, and explain the benefits and downsides of a Tiffin Motorhome.

Are Tiffin Motorhomes good quality?

Yes, Tiffin motorhomes make good quality RVs. Tiffin Motorhomes, which has been in business for over 40 years, has earned recognition from buyers for the extreme reliability of its vehicles, as well as good technical support. The manufacturer has been striving all the time to make its product better, more convenient, more interesting. 

Please see below more details about the Tiffin Motorhomes:

Class A Tiffin Motorhome

RV ModelSize RangeStarting MSRP
Allegro Breeze31′ 2″ – 33′ 2″$291,144
Allegro RED 34035′ 2″ – 39′ 6″$271,991
Allegro RED35′ 2″ – 39′ 6″$296,122
Open Road Allegro34′ 3″ – 38′$173,462
Phaeton38′ 2″ – 45′$347,553
Allegro Bus37′ 5″ – 45′$425,158

Class C Tiffin Motorhome

RV ModelSize RangeStarting MSRP
Wayfarer25′ 8″$150,120

Why choose Tiffin Motorhomes

Whether it’s for one-off getaways, for a regular vacation, or for a more radical change to a nomadic lifestyle, you naturally want the new motorhome you just bought to have the longest lifespan. 

The Tiffin motorhome offers the advantage of being built by a leading company in the field. The brand, therefore, promises its customers a quality that will be reflected in every part of the vehicle.

The thickness of the roof and floor is greater than what is commonly found in other manufacturers. This is a guarantee of quality, but also of durability. Similarly, the coating for the walls and roofs also guarantees excellent resistance to impacts, scratches and various external aggressions.

The Tiffin motorhome manufacturing process involves strict quality control, which is based in particular on full-scale tests. A prototype is driven on a track that reproduces the conditions with which the motorhome will be confronted. The vehicle is then evaluated on various aspects, such as road holding or the resistance of the interior installations to various shocks.

  1. All of the lightings are based on LED technology, which offers exceptional performance and unbeatable reliability.
  2. The beds can be lifted, and the volume below is used to provide spacious storage spaces.
  3. The dining area serves at the same time as a Smart Lounge, the folding seats of which can be adapted as rear passenger seats.
  4. The driver and passenger seats in the front are swivels. They are easily oriented to double as living room chairs. The latter has a retractable table that unfolds to serve as a dining table.

Tiffin motorhome is designed for perfect road holding.

To put occupants at ease during journeys, the Tiffin motorhome has thought of both passengers seated in the front of the vehicle and those seated in the rear. Each motorhome is of course equipped with the traditional airbag and conventional seat belts.

Tiffin motorhome is also equipped with a widened rear track, seat belts in the rear seats, adjustable headrests, and air vents positioned to optimize air circulation to the rear. . The seat cushions will not sag over time. They are also equipped with a cover that keeps the back in an ergonomic position.

Tiffin RVs problems

  1. Models: Allegro Bus 2017; Allegro Red 2017-2019; Phaeton 2016-2019

The rear power distribution module (PDM) of certain motorhomes built on a Freightliner XCS chassis may be defective. Indeed, the rear lights may not work properly.

Note: This recall is an extension of the 2018-700 recall. Vehicles that were inspected, but whose PDM was not replaced in the previous recall, require a second repair as part of this recall.

Safety Risk: Brake lights or turn signals that do not work can cause the next driver to not realize that the vehicle in front is braking or intending to make a turn. This could increase the risk of an accident.

  1. Models: Allegro Red 2018-2021; Phaeton 2018-2020

On certain motorhomes, the inner wheel tire valve stem extension may be damaged by contact with the outer wheel. If this were to happen, the inner tire could bleed out, which could overload the outer tire and cause it to fail. 

Safety Risks: A tire failure can cause a loss of control and increase the risk of a collision.

  1. Models: Allegro Bus 2019-2020

On certain motor homes, the wipers may not work due to improper wiring.

Safety risks: Windshield wipers that do not work could affect the driver’s visibility. This could increase the chances of an accident.

  1. Model: Allegro 2016-2017

On certain motor homes, the certification label on the trailer hitch may not indicate the correct load capacity. As a result, the trailer hitch could be inadvertently overloaded, causing it to fail. The towed vehicle could then become detached, increasing the risk of an accident that could result in injury or property damage.

Tiffin Allegro Breeze: A review

A mobile home can be a simple van with a folding bed, or it can be a real luxury apartment. Like Tiffin Allegro Breeze, for example. 

This motorhome is more likely not a car, but a whole bus. It weighs ten tons, and its length is about 9 meters, for its management you need category C rights. In such a house on wheels, it is easy to imagine at least a trip around the world, because the residents have all the amenities: a spacious bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, as well as a toilet and shower cabin.

 A flat-screen TV is hidden in the ceiling of the bedroom, and there are drawers and storage cabinets under the bed and next to it. The sink on the kitchen counter is covered with lids – and thus the work surface is increased when there is no need for a sink. Large windows allow you to view all the surroundings. 

The driver’s and adjacent passenger seats are equipped with everything necessary for travellers. And at any time they can be deployed towards the living room to keep company with the inhabitants of the mobile home. The sofa in the living room of the motorhome folds out and turns into a sleeping place, and the sofa in the dining room is U-shaped so that at least four people can sit comfortably at the table. 

On the outside of the motorhome, there are sun and rain visors hidden. Under them, you can place a small table right on the street. And, interestingly, there is a visor above the entrance to the bus, so that in any rain you can get in and out of the motorhome. 

The bottom line

Tiffin Motorhomes, which has been in business for over 40 years, has earned recognition from buyers for the extreme reliability of its vehicles, as well as good technical support. The manufacturer has been striving all the time to make its product better, more convenient, more interesting. 

Therefore, innovations appeared regularly, which later became ubiquitous: for example, underground storage for things or triple sliding sections. All motorhome owners can speak in person with the founder of the company, Bob Tiffin, at the annual meeting of the Allegro Club.

FAQ on Are Tiffin Motorhomes good quality?

What is the most reliable brand of a motorhome?

The Adria motorhome is robust and reliable. Its products can easily be adapted to your needs, which is why the brand is number 1 in the market in Sweden. Choosing an Adria motorhome, one of the oldest brands in the world means benefiting from unique know-how and a very good quality/price ratio.

What is the best brand for a motorhome?

The best motorhome brands are:

  • Bavaria: this mid-range motorhome model guarantees good value for money.
  • Pilot: available in fitted, profiled or even integral, certainly the most famous brand.
  • Rapido: this high-end motorhome brand is very reliable and secure.
  • Roller Team: the leading low-cost motorhome brand.

When is the best time to buy a motorhome?

The best time to buy a motorhome is at the end of the tourist season and during periods of stock clearance. This is the time when the supply is surplus and buyers have a wide choice of models and brands. For used vehicles, it is easier to negotiate the selling price


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