Are there rooftop tents with AC?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Are there rooftop tents with AC?” We will describe the key tips to keep your rooftop tent cool and list out a few gadgets for the same. We will describe the six best portable air coolers for rooftop tents. By the end of this post, you will get to know how to keep your rooftop tent cool.

Are there rooftop tents with AC?

No, there are no rooftop tents with AC. Most rooftop tents are small and are built for minimal camping. These tents are built for just two or four people and are mostly used for sleeping. Since rooftop tents are minimal in size, there are no rooftop tents that come with an AC system. However, there are several options to keep your rooftop tent cool.

Rooftop tents are mainly used for weekend getaways, solo, or dual camping. These tents are either hard shells or soft shell tents. Most importantly, these tents are fixed on the roof of a car or SUV. Hence, the chances of a rooftop tent having an air conditioner is impossible due to the compact size. Most rooftop tents are manufactured without ACs for this reason.

Tips to keep your rooftop tent cool

Since it is hard to fix an air conditioner for a rooftop tent, there are several other options to consider to keep your rooftop tent cool. These hacks can help you while camping during summer. Below are a few tips to help keep your camper cool.

Portable air coolers

Since installing an air cooler that is used at home or in an RV is out of the way, the next best option is to opt for a portable air cooler. Portable air coolers come with their benefits, the most important part is that you can carry them around everywhere.

  • You can also leave them behind when you want to, especially if you are camping during winter.
  • These air coolers can help keep your rooftop tent cool during a hot day. Remember that you will need to power up these portable air conditions so it’s always advisable to opt for a compact one to save power.
  • Large portable air coolers will require more power and they can drain your battery out fast. A small air cooler is one of the best options to cool off your rooftop tent.
  • You can also opt for an air cooler that dehumidifies the air. However, just make sure that the air coolers do not drain out too much battery.

Battery powered fans

  • If you are keen on saving the battery of your vehicle, you can opt for a battery-powered fan. These fans are neat and compact and can be carried around with ease.
  • Choosing a battery power fan will keep you cool and it is sure to provide a consistent breeze during the hot climatic conditions.
  • You can opt for a heavy-duty battery-powered fan that can keep you cool during your entire trip. Carry a couple of extra batteries to replace them when required.
  • Battery-powered fans are portable and they are cordless. These fans are also lightweight and easy to carry around.

Temperature control bedding

  • Using temperature control bedding with be another great option. Many companies have temperature control bedding to keep you cool. These beds were designed for summer camping and can be purchased online with ease.
  • Temperature control bedding is made with breathable fabric and bamboo sheets. There is also eucalyptus cotton and Tencel to keep your body cool and comfortable during summer. By considering one of the above-mentioned tips, you are sure to keep your camper cool.

Six best portable air coolers for a rooftop tent

There are several portable air conditions for rooftop campers these are some of the best options since they are easy to carry and they do not consume too much space.

Amacool air cooler

  • The Amacool air cooler is a 500 MAH evaporative air cooler that arrives with a rechargeable battery. You can easily charge this cooler with the USB option and there is no need to worry about an electrical outlet.
  • The weight of this air cooler is only three pounds and it is compact and neat. Yet, it has enough power to cool down a rooftop tent. There are three wind speeds to choose from along with three mist modes.
  • The one-touch timer is perfect to select a run time of up to eight hours. If you opt for the max cool setting, you will get a seven-hour run time with a fully charged battery.
  • The water capacity for this cooler is 27 ounces and it is pretty easy to refill. Another advantage is that this air cooler is pretty cheap for its features and performance.

Zero breeze mark 2

  • The Zero breeze mark 2 is another portable air cooler that has an effective cooling of 2,300 BTU. The weight of this air cooler is 17 pounds and it is 20-inches long. It has a battery lifespan of up to five hours but the overall power is incredible.
  • The Zero breeze mark 2 has a dual hose exhaust to pull in cool air and release humid air for the tent. Due to the power of this air cooler, it is recommended to purchase a couple of extra batteries while camping for more than a couple of days.

Ontel Artic air cooler

  • The Ontel Artic air cooler is probably the cheapest on the list and it is worth the price. The weight of this air cooler is three pounds and it consumes low energy. It is also quiet and you will be required to use ice or water.

Evapolar Eva light plus

  • This battery-operated air cooler is slightly more than the previous model’s price, but it has a decent battery backup. It weighs 3.08 pounds and it is quiet and easy to set up. It consumes low energy and has a 3-in-1 cooler and humidifier.
  • You will need to fill the water tray for this cooler and the batteries need to be purchased separately. However, it’s not too expensive and it is one good air cooler for a rooftop tent.

Nexa gadget air cooler

  • The Nexa gadget air cooler is a compact portable camping air conditioner that arrives with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It can easily run for up to nine hours by providing ultimate cooling comfort.
  • It has a 700 ml tank capacity and also supports a 60 and 120-degree fan oscillation. This portable air cooler weighs only 2.88 pounds and it has the potential to easily cool a rooftop tent.
  • Another advantage is that this model arrives with a humidifier and purifier to keep the circulating air clean and breathable.

Life smart indoor portable air cooler

  • Life smart offers one of the best low-power consuming portable air coolers. These air coolers are battery-powered with low voltage batteries. It can be mounted on the ceiling with ease by just using the hanging option.
  • It is easy to set up and there is no noise with less power consumption. The Life smart air cooler is good enough for camping with two to three people.
  • The price range for this product is not too expensive and it has drawn several positive reviews. You can also use this portable air cooler outside the tent since it can be moved around and placed anywhere with ease.

Unfortunately, a rooftop tent is too small for fixing a fully powered air conditioner. Using portable coolers and other options is the best way to kill the heat. You can also camp in cool areas during the summer. Camping near water and under shade will help keep you cool. Be sure to get a cooler that fits well and is not too big for the rooftop tent.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Are there rooftop tents with AC?” We have described the key tips to keep your rooftop tent cool and listed out a few gadgets for the same. We have also described the six best portable air coolers for rooftop tents. Drop a comment and let us know your favorite portable rooftop air cooler.


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