Are Teardrop trailers warm? (11+ tips to stay warm)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are Teardrop trailers warm? We will discuss the simplest methods to keep warm in a Teardrop trailer, although they are already well-insulated and weather-resistant! 

Are Teardrop trailers warm?

Teardrop trailers are actually quite warm in winter. Because they are lightweight, well insulated and weather-resistant trailers, Teardrops maintain the heat very well once you manage to heat them up!

Today, Teardrop trailers are becoming popular again thanks to the small cars we drive and high gas prices. Teardrop trailers are stylish, aerodynamic and practical. They are small, making them the perfect trailer for one or two people. Teardrops can be pulled by any vehicle with a hitch. 

Small and light in construction, that means you don’t need a huge vehicle to pull them. Plus, they’re much cheaper in price and they provide a place to sleep and eat, without the hassle of a large trailer or tent trailer.

How do you stay warm in a Teardrop trailer?

There are several ways to stay warm in a teardrop trailer:

  • Use butane or propane heaters to warm it up;
  • Invest in a ceramic heater;
  • Use a sleeping bag;
  • Eat the right food to stay warm during cold winter nights!

Below we will discuss many more tips to stay warm in a Teardrop trailer. Make sure you read them all and take notes!

Use Butane and Propane Heaters to warm up your Teardrop trailer

In recent years, several models of portable heaters have come out, products suitable for vans and camping in general. Some interesting models are, as in the case of the

Butsir stove. those that use butane cartridges (yes, the same ones that are compatible with camping stoves), because they heat up well and quickly.

We do however recommend another type of model, the Mr Heater brand propane Little Buddy. Mr Heater is the benchmark brand in the United States for all truck drivers, especially those who live in their vehicles in cold regions.

Apart from the Little Buddy, there is the largest and most powerful version: the Portable Buddy, which is compatible with both cartridges and large bottles of butane. Both models are very powerful, the Little Buddy is more suitable for smaller vans, while the 

portable Buddy, since it can be used with refillable butane bottles, is a more interesting option for those who have more space in the van Both models have a sensor of CO2 that automatically disconnects them in the event of a lack of oxygen.

Alternative to heat up a Teardrop trailer: Ceramic Heater

One product that campers usually use on colder nights is a 12V portable heater. There are different models and powers, although I use a 150W. You can turn it on for a while before getting into bed, to quickly warm up the van for the time to disappear into the sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags are great to keep warm in a Teardrop Trailer

Sleeping bags are the inseparable friend of camping, climbing, hiking, etc. In a van, a winter sleeping bag can be very useful if we do not have heating and more if we get into the bag after having a warm soup for dinner.

It never hurts to bring a couple of sleeping bags to combat the cold in a van. Sleeping bags can save a situation in which our heating does not work or simply to cover us to give us more heat.

Also, consider taking with you:

  1. A thermos A classic but always useful, a thermos filled with a hot drink can brighten up any cold day in the trailer. Another interesting option is the dual model, which allows you to store both drinks and hot food, ideal for small trailers.
  1. A hand warmer – Despite being small, USB hand warmers are a great invention. They usually have various intensity levels, can be stored in pockets and can be used as external batteries.
  1. A 12V electric blanketA good option to warm up when we get into bed is a 12V electric blanket: you can simply leave it on for a while before getting into bed so that the night begins in a more comfortable way.
  1. A hot water bottleIt is a lifelong home method but it does not stop working. A hot water bottle, in bed and to sleep warm!
  1. Thermal clothing – In winter it is recommended to wear a set of thermal clothing every time you go out with the Teardrop trailer, especially to sleep in the roof tent, where the cold is usually more noticeable. 

How to fight the cold in a Teardrop trailer

Follow these tips to keep warm in a Teardrop trailer during winter:

  1. Adequate insulation – Proper insulation is the most important factor in keeping the truck warm. Before lighting a heater be sure to insulate your truck’s walls, floors, and windows. The more insulation there is, the less energy you need to keep warm. Spray foam and silicone caulking are your friends.

If you don’t have the money or wherewithal to do complete insulation, a quick and cost-effective solution is to buy insulation panels for your windows. Insulation panels are typically made of reflective sheets that can be glued to the glass.

A slight increase in the temperature of your van will be noticed with this simple step. Not to mention, isolation panels are great for privacy. No more peeping neighbours!

  1. Get prepared – A few must-have winter items can make a big difference to your comfort level.
  • Feet: Always keep a warm pair of socks or slippers nearby.
  • Wool: Wool is a tried and true material because it can retain heat even when wet. Wool fibres are also durable and made to last for years. The composition of the wool fabric allows for small pockets of air within the fibres, which increases the level of insulation significantly compared to cotton.
  • Head: Keep your head and feet covered against cold drafts. Your head loses more heat than the rest of the body when exposed, so don’t neglect this crucial part of the body!
  • Blankets: Store plenty of blankets and duvet covers inside the van. Many people choose to sleep in a high-quality sleeping bag that is rated for zero degrees.

Keep in mind that even the highest quality sleeping bags on the market are rated for survival. They are not classified based on comfort level. What this means is that if the sack is rated for 30-degree weather, it will not freeze at 30 degrees. However, this does not mean that you will be comfortable all night.

  • Layers: When planning your sleeping setup, wear layers. You can have a blanket that works well in summer, a sleeping bag for fall, and an extra duvet that you can pair with all three for colder nights.

Add this to a good hat and socks and you will be able to adapt to most situations.

FAQ on Are Teardrop trailers warm?

Can you suffocate in a teardrop trailer?

Unfortunately yes, without proper ventilation you risk suffocating in a teardrop trailer. Make sure you leave a window/skylight/door during the night. 

Are Teardrop trailers worth it?

Teardrop trailers are worth it for those who love the outdoors and want to make a short trip to nature. It is easier to tow and just enough for two people. 

How many can a teardrop camper sleep?

Two passengers can sleep in a teardrop camper very comfortably. Bigger teardrops trailers can fit up to five people, however, this would be indicated by the manufacturer. 


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