Are Teardrop trailers more aerodynamic?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are Teardrop trailers more aerodynamic? We will discuss the features that Teardrop trailers have and also explain why it is important that a trailer is aerodynamic. 

Are Teardrop trailers more aerodynamic?

Yes, Teardrop trailers are more aerodynamic than any other trailer, mainly due to their shape. Many Teardrop trailers these days are built on purchased steel trailers or custom made steel trailers. In our time, we are returning to minimalism, we want to consume less fuel, we avoid the congestion of motorhome circuits, so Teardrop trailers seem like a good choice. 

What are the benefits of an aerodynamic trailer?

  • First of all, aerodynamic trailers save more fuel. This leads to low costs and ease of tow. Because it burns less fuel, an aerodynamic model can be equipped with smaller tanks, reducing displacement, power and overall weight without reducing performance.
  • On the safety side, an aerodynamic trailer won’t be as tiring to tow. The driver will notice less fatigue after a few hours spent at the wheel.
  • It also produces fewer greenhouse gases for the same cargo, its cabin is quieter for the driver and the driver has less need to make course corrections because the whole is more stable and resistant to side winds.

But of course, aerodynamics is not everything. To save fuel when towing any type of trailer, you must follow some basic rules:

  •  Drive responsibly –  By limiting acceleration-braking (as much as possible), maintaining a constant speed and respecting the speed limits, you could achieve great fuel savings, while adopting a safer driving style!
  • Monitor the tire pressure – If your tires aren’t inflated enough, even just a few pounds, you could lose a lot at the pump; make sure you have the correct tyre pressure for optimum fuel economy; your wallet will thank you!
  • Travel light – By reducing the weight of your trailer to a minimum, you could save money at the pump. For example, 100 pounds of additional baggage could represent a 2% fuel increase. 
  • Properly maintain the trailer – The link between maintaining your trailer and reducing your fuel consumption may not be visible at first glance, but a vehicle in optimal condition will allow you to achieve superior fuel efficiency!

5 benefits of a Teardrop trailer

Here are 5 reasons to get a Teardrop trailer, or why not, even build your own:

  1. Low cost: The advantage of its small size is that it won’t cost you a lot of money.
  2. Low fuel consumption: its weight is less than 1000 lbs and will not consume much for your car!
  3. It is easy to park and store for winter: even the smallest garage will be able to accommodate it.
  4. It is easy to control on the road and to manoeuvre. Even a newbie would manage just fine towing a trailer this size. 
  5. Teardrop trailers are the right size, lightweight and relatively inexpensive. Many builders use thin plywood as skin, and some cover the trailer assembly with sheet aluminum for durability and a classic look. These materials can be purchased from lumber and local hardware stores or can be purchased online.

 This makes the Teardrop trailer an excellent recreational vehicle for outdoor use with ease!

Other features that make a Teardrop trailer special

Aesthetics and functionality. In the world of Teardrop, there is really a way to have fun in terms of design. This is what makes him so popular. Made-to-measure is commonplace, and if not, it is very easy to personalize it in its image and its uses! The wood exteriors, the all-in-Aluminum, the retro-style paint finishes make this small caravan one of the most attractive on the market.

It is also extremely functional. It offers a spacious sleeping area, for two or three people depending on the model while offering a very well equipped kitchen area. Many Teardrops are supplied with electricity through solar panels or a grid connection.

It is ultra transportable. Teardrops are the smallest caravans. Most are 2.50m long and 1.50m wide. So it’s extremely easy to tow them. No need for a 4×4, the Teardrop can be towed by almost any vehicle and that’s really a plus. There are even models towed by motorcycles!

In addition, once detached from the vehicle, it is very easy to make them cover the last few meters in a field or on the sand, by hand. Fairly ideal when you are looking for the calm of the secluded countryside, the banks of the river or the steep paths.

You can DIY. The cool thing about Teardrop is that it can be self-built. Ah !!! The pleasure of doing it yourself! Of course, you will need some spare time and some DIY skills, but it’s not as difficult as building a tiny house or homologating a homemade motorhome.

Teardrop trailers are one of the most popular recreational vehicles, as almost anyone with basic carpentry skills can build their own and sometimes even with only scrap materials. You can paint it yourself, you can add accessories to it, and you can repair it without having to take it to a professional. True freedom. Building yourself also means becoming the owner of a unique object, a real vehicle for meeting and conversation wherever you go.

You will understand, the philosophy of the Teardrop Trailer is apart and its seductive assets are immense. When we imagine the different applications we start to dream: do-it-yourself, travelling in surf mode, the practice of Outdoor with the family, retro rallies with old car enthusiasts, the tour of Europe, evenings at the edge of the lake, fishing rod in hand, the week of retreat in a mountain forest …

If you like to travel solo or in pairs, like to have minimal impact while spending as little as possible, the Teardrop Trailer is perfect for you.

The most aerodynamic and lightweight Teardrop trailers

If you are looking for a small trailer, then we have put together a list of 5 brands or models that might interest you. These “teardrop” trailers are unique, light and easy to tow.

  1.  The Little Guy trailer: Little Guy is one of the most popular small trailer brands and is well known in the RV industry. They have a host of options like, for example, a window on the top, a sink and a stove, and several presentations to choose from.

By visiting the Little Guy website, you will find a lot of photos, videos, specs and options. You can also choose a dealer near you in order to have the possibility of obtaining more information and to see in person, certain models.

  1. The Egg Camper trailer: The Egg Camper trailer is a brand that offers a unique egg-shaped design. There are only two models available, the Egg Camper and the Teardropps (with two “Ps”). The Egg Camper Egg is a small 17ft trailer that comes well equipped and costs quite a bit of money, but with a few cool features.

The other model, the Teardrop, is a fairly spacious trailer inside and has a side door, a window on the other and also opens at the back. The options available are heating, air conditioning and a 12v refrigerator.

To learn more, visit Egg Camper’s Teardrop page to see pictures, descriptions and contact details.

  1. The So-Cal trailer model: So-Cal has a wide selection of teardrop style trailers as well as three off-road models. Their trailers have a classic appearance and good design. They offer models at a good price, but the off-road ones are more expensive. The size of the So-Cal small trailers are short, so quite light. The rear of the trailer folds up for storage and discovers a mini oven.

This trailer maker offers several models that you can check out on the So-Cal website to learn more about them. Many images are available as well as several interesting details for you.

  1.  The Serro Scotty trailer. Serro Scotty offers three models of light caravans: The Highlander, the Sportsman and the Lite. The Highlander is a small complete trailer 15 feet 9 inches in length. The Sportsman is a 15 foot, 2-inch drop-shaped trailer, which sleeps 3 and is 6 feet, 1 inch high.

The Lite is a small trailer with a retro design. Its interior finish is interesting with wood, a sofa for two during the day and which folds up to make a bed. This trailer has a sink, storage space and a large window.

  1. The iCamp light trailer. The iCamp offers only two options for the RVer, the iCamp Elite trailer and the iCamp Lite trailer. The iCamp Elite has a nice and elegant design with coloured trims. It has a large window on each side, with a door on one side and a second smaller window on the other.

The interior of the iCamp Elite is amazing for a travel trailer. It has a stove, a sink, a dining area that folds up to make a bed, a bathroom and even a shower! In addition, it has heating.

The iCamp Lite is a unique very small trailer that uses a tent extension. You can learn more about this by visiting the iCamp website.

Final thoughts

These five teardrop travel trailer manufacturers give you some great options if you don’t want to hassle with large trailers and be able to go camping without having to change or own a massive towing vehicle.

Go see them in person and take a test drive to get a feel for the driving experience and compare to choose what you like most, what your preferences are.

All of the options here are great, just find the right one for you and the one that meets your requirements.

If you have any tips, questions or comments on the content, please let us know!

FAQ on Are Teardrop trailers more aerodynamic?

Are Teardrop trailers worth it?

Teardrop trailers are worth it for those who love the outdoors and want to make a short trip to nature. It is easier to tow and just enough for two people. 

How many can a teardrop camper sleep?

Two passengers can sleep in a teardrop camper very comfortably. Bigger teardrops trailers can fit up to five people, however, this would be indicated by the manufacturer. 

What are the benefits of Teardrop trailers?

Teardrop trailers have many advantages over large trailers. While they don’t offer as many conveniences and features, they still have their place in the market. Small and light in construction, that means you don’t need a huge vehicle to pull them. Plus, they’re much cheaper in price and they provide a place to sleep and eat, without the hassle of a large trailer or tent trailer.


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