Are Swift Caravans any good?

In this article, we will answer the following question: Are Swift Caravans any good? We will review the Swift Leisure company and help you decide which is the best caravan for you. 

Are Swift Caravans any good?

Swift Caravans are good models, of excellent quality and are designed for relaxed family travel. This company is one of the largest manufacturers of campervans in the UK. Swift Group Limited manufactures a variety of RV and caravan models under the Swift and Swift brands

What we most like about Swift Caravans is that:

  • All models comply with strict safety standards. 
  • Each model goes through several stages of testing before launching into production.
  • All caravans have modern equipment.
  • Ergonomic layouts.
  • High-quality workmanship. 

Modern Swift Caravans

The new Swift Basecamp has a spacious door (at the back). This allows you to take surfboards and bicycles with you on vacation. They are easy to attach to brackets located between the folding front seats.

Swift Alpine Sport provides well thought out standard equipment (convenient refrigerator, Truma volumetric water heater). For the 2020 season, a new model of the series (Swift Alpine Sport 450 CF) has appeared. The main features of such products:

  • the presence of well-thought-out security features;
  • Class 3 for heating and insulation;
  • use of a special design Smart ++.

The Swift Mondial SE model provides not only standard equipment (air heating, hot water, LED lighting), but also a stereo system with a Bluetooth connection. Therefore, rest in this caravan will be interesting and exciting. 

It is worth noting that when purchasing this model, the Swift brand gives a guarantee for protection against moisture for up to 10 years. Swift Mondial SE has a class 3 thermal insulation.

The Swift Cruzer SR is considered one of the most well-equipped RVs on the market. Inside you will find:

  • an excellent oven that is not inferior to the home oven in functionality;
  • compact but powerful microwave oven;
  • Truma Combi for heating and hot water;
  • smart home system Swift Command;
  • a stereo system with Bluetooth.

The presence of the Swift Command system allows you to control almost all equipment available in a mobile home through an application on a mobile phone. All this raises the quality of rest to a higher level.

The new model has an aerodynamic fibreglass front with a panoramic window. Swift Cruzer SR plastic moulded parts provide reliable roof edge protection. The model has several LED pendant lights.

Swift Cruzer SR has lightweight furniture construction (thanks to durable plastic frames), so the weight of a mobile home is record low for its equipment – only from 1390 to 1520 kg.

A few tips for Swift caravans owners

If you are a Swift caravan owner (or planning on becoming one), check out the recommendations below:

  1. First, you should limit yourself to short-distance trips. This will help you learn how to feel the car, learn how to reverse and manoeuvre. Additionally, it is worth installing a rear-view camera;
  2. You should monitor the readings of the devices, timely undergo maintenance. In this case, a mobile home will delight you for a long time;
  3. While driving, you should carefully monitor the distance, observe the optimal speed limit.
  4. If you are truly adventurous, dreaming of admiring the creations of nature without wasting time looking for a place to sleep, choose a quality caravan for yourself. 
  5. Swift mobile homes are distinguished by their functionality and attractive interior. The thoughtfulness of every detail of the caravan helps to create an atmosphere of home comfort.

Swift Caravans: Two or three-room caravan -Which one to choose?

When you are going to make an important purchase it is necessary that you first think very well about the step you will take. It is essential to do so, especially if it involves a significant financial outlay, as in the case of a caravan. 

If the decision is made lightly, the chances of making a mistake increase. That is why in this article we are going to show you a vital question if you are interested in acquiring a vehicle of this type if it is better to opt for a two or three-room caravan.

The truth is that when buying a caravan you must keep in mind what you are going to use it for. Think about the kind of trips you will make, the members your family has, and your budget.

When you have these three clear points, you can decide if you opt for a two or three-room caravan. Before continuing, we explain that the environments of a caravan are the different areas that it has.

  • Two-room caravan: Two-room caravans usually have two beds, of which at least one will become a table. The beds are opposite each other, and each one is on one side of the caravan. It is possible that one of the beds is a bunk. In some cases, one of the beds will be located in the centre.

Typically, a two-room caravan weighs less than 750 kilos. This is an important piece of information, since if so, you will not need to have your own license plate, since you use the car. The same goes for insurance.

Small two-room caravans are prepared to travel long distances because they are easier to carry and they do not use as much fuel as larger ones.

Another fact that you should not forget is that except for the most that are very small, the rest usually have a chemical toilet.

One of the drawbacks of these vehicles is that it is somewhat uncomfortable to have to transform a bed into a table to use for eating. If you travel in summer, it is not very problematic, since you can eat outside. But if it is cold or raining, you will have to do it indoors.

Another reason that may lead you not to opt for this model is the number of seats you need since it usually has between 2 and 5 seats. In this way, if you want to travel with family and friends, it may be small for you.

  • The three-room caravans have two beds, which will not necessarily become a table, located at the front and back of the caravan, with a living room in the middle. The beds can be individual, have more than one place or be a bunk bed.

How do you know if the three-room caravan is better for you? It is good that you keep these four points in mind:

  •  In most cases, they weigh more than 750 kilos, which means that they need their own insurance and also a different license plate than the car.
  •  If the caravan weighs more than 3,500 kilos, you will have to obtain a special driving license to move this type of vehicle. Keep in mind that its weight can never exceed 80% of the weight of the vehicle that is going to tow it.
  • The car used must have at least 140 horsepower to be able to tow the caravan.
  •  They are more expensive than two rooms.

The bottom line

Some people agree that Swift caravans are among the best on the market, that they are totally reliable and overall a good investment. Others complain of leaking roofs, poor workmanship, mostly cosmetic and build quality issues.

Our advice would be to first rent a Swift Caravan, take it out for a spin, and decide for yourself whether you like it or not. Of course, reading about other’s experiences also helps. 

If you are a Swift Caravan owner, we’d appreciate it if you decided to share your opinion on this brand. 

FAQ on Are Swift Caravans any good?

Who makes Swift Caravans?

Swift Caravans are made by Swift Leisure, a British company based in Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire.

Are Bailey Caravans good quality?

Bailey Caravans are made from good quality materials. 86.4% of Bailey owners would recommend this caravan to a friend. 

Are Sprite Caravans any good?

Sprite Caravans are also made by Swift Leisure, and they are really good motorhomes: very spacious, affordable and lightweight. 


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