Are Stoney Creek campers good?

​​In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are Stoney Creek campers good? We will briefly review some of their most popular campers, some intended for families and some intended for couples and off-road enthusiasts. 

Are Stoney Creek campers good?

Stoney Creek campers are definitely good-quality campers that can ensure a safe and comfortable trip for a couple or even a small family. With Stoney Creek you get the following models of campers:

  1. Off-Road Camper Trailers: the ideal campers for adventurous couples that want to stay off-grid for a while or are curious to explore all that the country roads have to offer.


  • Nugget-SF
  • Nugget-RT
  • SC-FF
  • SC-FF6
  • SC-WT
  1. On-Road Camper Trailers: These spacious campers can sleep up to six people, it’s lightweight and perfect for quick getaways.


  • XL-FF
  • XL-FF6
  1. Off-Road Hybrid Caravans: The Stone Creek hybrid caravans are perfect for those of you who like dry camping but still want to keep a minimum of comfort and amenities. 


  • Scout-11
  • Scout-14
  • Scout-14+2
  • Scout-15.

The Perfect Family Camper – Stoney Creek Camper FF6

Stoney Creek FF6was built off-road and it’s got everything you need for a family adventure. The FF6 will follow you across any track or terrain that you dare to take it.  The camper is built on a super durable hot-dipped galvanized four millimetres thick chassis, independent dual shock absorbers and full sprung suspension.

If you like the idea of getting off the grid and really enjoying self-sufficient free camping then Stoney Creek FF6 really is for you!

Stoney Creek could include a dual front-mounted toolbox, dual 9000 gas bottles, dual batteries and 180 litres of water storage. Stoney Creek FF6 comes with the biggest beds in the market. Upfront you got a king-sized bed, there’s a queen-sized bed in the back, and the dinette also converts to a double size bed. There is loads of internal storage and you will also love the stainless steel slide-out kitchen.  This sort of setup really is perfect for the big trip away with the whole family!

Stoney Creek FF6 Specs:

Body Length (mm)4310
Overall Length (mm)5890
Travel Height (mm)1635
External Width (mm)2150
Tare Weight (kg)1740
GTM Weight (kg)2085
ATM Weight (kg)2260
Ball Weight at Tare (kg)175

The latest hybrid model – Stoney Creek Camper Scout 11

Stoney Creek makes some of the finest hybrid campers on the market and they’re actually available all across Australia. The Stoney Creek hybrid camper, the Scout 11 is easy to tow and offers plenty of amenities for your off-road trip. 

At the front, it has the do-35 hitch master all-terrain coupling, safety chains, a big jockey wheel, a storage rack, 300 watts solar panels. The camper also has air conditioning and there’s plenty of storage even though it’s an 11-foot camper. 

The camper is equipped with 16-inch wheels, which means you can get anywhere you can be off the grid for as long as you want. You also got the independent suspension coil springs and dual shock absorbers, reliable 12-inch brakes and dependable 16-inch alloy rims and tyres. 

The Scout 11 has an outdoor kitchen that is easy to set up and very well equipped. You got a serving platter, a gas burner, a hot & cold running water faucet,  plenty of storage for cutlery and utensils. It is very compact and well suited for small families.

The Stoney Creek Scout 11 is perfect for families, it’s actually the smallest hybrid on today’s market. There’s a comfy bed, there’s a beautiful dinette which, if you can believe, converts into two bunk beds excellent for the kids. And then over at the back, there is a separate toilet and shower.

And for those longer trips, there’s plenty of storage and amenities to ensure both your safety and comfort!

Stoney Creek Scout 11 Specs:

Body Length (mm)3550
Overall Length (mm)5350
Travel Height (mm)2500
External Width (mm)2200
Tare Weight (kg)1780
ATM Weight (kg)2300
GTM Weight (kg)2150
Ball Weight @ tare (approx) (kg)150

Towing a Stoney Creek camper is so easy you actually have to remind yourself that you are still in control of towing! The aerodynamic design and the hitching gear are making off-grid travels with a Stoney Creek camper really enjoyable.

The Stoney Creek Scout-14 is one of the manufacturer’s most popular campers. It has the 35 hitch master all-terrain coupling, it has a three and a half-ton load rate, it’s fully articulated and one of the best hitches you’ll ever use. Also, what comes standard with this hybrid camper is a nice big spare wheel.

Other key features about the Scout-14 is that it has plenty of storage, the fridge freezer holds an 85-litre model plus Anderson plug and a 12-volt plug. Scout 14 also has an outdoor kitchen and we must admit there is something special about camping and cooking outside. You’ve got a three gas burner, a sink with hot and cold water and a bit of storage for your cutlery. 

All Stoney Creek campers come with awnings, but if you want to impress your friends and spend a few extra dollars you can get an electrical awning. The double glazed windows come as a standard with all the hybrid campers. They are fantastic to keep the noise out and also for insulation. 

Stoney Creek Scout-14 Specs:

Body Length (mm)4300
Overall Length (mm)6600
Travel Height (mm)2630
External Width (mm)2100
Tare Weight (kg)2020
GTM Weight (kg)2480
ATM Weight (kg)2600
Ball Weight at Tare (kg)120

Practical tips to go off-road with a Stoney Creek camper

In this section, you will find five practical tips for a successful Stoney Creek trip!

  1. Choose the right camper – Each Stoney Creek camper has a very specific layout and equipment, so according to your needs, it is important to choose your vehicle well.
  1. What does and does not include the rental price. – Each rental company offers different services. Indeed, some rental companies have hidden costs such as certain taxes, additional costs for an additional driver, deposits, filling the gas cylinder, etc. 
  1. What should I take with me on a camper trip to Australia? You will find all the equipment of a standard kitchen, such as cutlery, kitchen utensils, tea towels, dishwashing liquid, corkscrew, colander, water glasses, wine glasses, saucepans, kettle, French press, grill bread, …
  1. Traditional camping? Wild camping? There are several camping options in Australia:
  • The first and most famous is traditional camping. You pay per night for a location for your vehicle and for travellers. In these campsites, you can connect to a terminal and recharge the battery of your motorhome, empty your wastewater and fill the fresh water tank. 
  • The second is wild camping. It is quite possible to go wild camping in the country, excluding the centre of towns and national parks: to camp in these, you must go to the campsites provided for this purpose. 
  1. Driving a camper in Australia. – Even though motorhomes are easy to manoeuvre and drive, it should always be remembered that you are not in a vehicle of similar size and weight to a passenger car. Here are some tips to make driving around the country easier.
  • Driving is on the left, but the driver is always “in the middle of the road”
  • Always keep the height of your vehicle in mind, especially when parking under trees or shelters.
  • The speed limit is 100km / h maximum depending on the country. Avoid rushing anyway, and enjoy the beauties of the great continent, the road is an integral part of your stay.
  • Be careful when a heavyweight passes you, the “slap” is much more felt in a motorhome.
  • Don’t be surprised if a vehicle overtakes you on the left on multi-lane roads.
  • Watch what is happening on the road ahead, not who is following you behind.
  • Allow vehicles behind you to pass only if you deem the manoeuvre safe.
  • Anticipate the actions of other vehicles. The braking and acceleration distance in a motorhome is longer.
  • Respect and extend the safety distances.
  • Ride during the day if possible to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The bottom line

If you are looking for a lightweight, aerodynamic, small yet fully equipped caravan, Stoney Creek campers are good options. If you want to know more about Stoney Creek campers make sure you check their website.

And if you have any questions or comments for us, please let us know!

FAQ on ​​Are Stoney Creek campers good?

What camper trailers are Australian made?

The following camper trailers are made in Australia: 

  • Patriot X1.
  • Trackabout Explorer.
  • Cub Brumby. 
  • Track Tvan Canning.
  • Jayco Eagle Outback. 
  • Cub Campers Frontier. 
  • Walkabout Campers. 

What is the best Australian made camper trailer?

The following are considered to be the best Australian made camper trailers:

  • Track Tvan Canning
  • Patriot X1 
  • Walkabout Campers 
  • Cub Campers Frontier 
  • Cub Brumby 
  • Jayco Eagle Outback 
  • Trackabout Explorer.

How to prepare well for going camping?

To prepare well for going camping follow these tips:

  • Identify your camping mode. Before any research, take stock. 
  • Choose your campsite. 
  • Reserve your location. 
  • Equip yourself well. 
  • Test your equipment. 
  • Watch the weather forecast. 
  • Load your backpack well. 
  • Plan your meals.


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