Are Sprite Caravans any good? (a complete review)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are Sprite Caravans any good? We will review four of the most popular Sprite Caravans with all the good and the bad!

Are Sprite Caravans any good?

Sprite Caravans are good family caravans. User-friendliness, comfort, light, this is what defines a Sprite caravan. 

Sprite caravans offer you:

  •  a panoramic front face
  • a fully equipped kitchen (3 gas burners + 1 electric hob / a grill + an oven / a microwave)
  • a real bathroom with a functional shower cubicle, 
  • spring cushions and memory foam mattress.

Moreover, Sprite offers you a 3-year factory warranty and a 10-year “tightness” warranty on the caravan (note: this warranty is only valid at your official Sprite dealer!).

The big news on Sprite caravans is the construction method called SMART PLUS, which makes them among the best caravans on the market today.

Are Sprite Basecamp caravans any good?

The Basecamp is for the camper looking for adventure and originality, without sacrificing comfort. The equipment is spacious and the seats are comfortable. AirWave cushions give a slender shape to the seat while providing the perfect blend of firmness and cushioning. 

Sprite Basecamp caravans are comfortable and easy to be liked. The wide entry door is placed at the rear, making it easy, for example, to load bikes or surfboards, which you can attach to the stirrups between the folding front seats. 

The robust and functional interior matches perfectly with the adventurous character of the exterior design. Thanks to its polyester exterior, the Basecamp is particularly strong.

When you flip the cushions over to make the bed, the unique AirWave construction mimics the feel and comfort of a mattress topper. 

The Basecamp 4 offers spacious front seats and a small seat in the rear. This arrangement allows you to have breakfast at the table without necessarily having to fold up the bed. As the small seat can double as a bunk bed, the Basecamp even accommodates families in its unique environment.

Travel in a spirit of adventure and carefree thanks to the proven Smart ++ construction and ultra-resistant composite floor. The Sprite Basecamp is all of that!

Are Sprite Alpine Sport Caravans good? 

The Sprite Alpine Sport offers you everything an experienced camper could dream of. A magnificent aesthetic appearance without adverse consequences on the flexibility of use or comfort. 

All Alpine Sports benches are fitted with spring cushions; the layouts offering a fixed bed are equipped with a slatted base and a memory foam mattress.

In this caravan, there is plenty of light thanks to HEKI skylights and a panoramic “Midi HEKI” roof window. In addition, many spots are part of the equipment.

The kitchen is equipped with a 110-litre fridge, a 3-burner gas stove and a large chest of drawers. It also offers you hot water through a TRUMA THERME boiler (5 litres capacity).

The insulation and heating fitted to the Alpine Sport allow it to position itself in class 3, which will allow you to feel good, even in winter. No worries about the lifespan of your Sprite Alpine Sport: the caravan is designed and built using the SMART ++ construction method.

This means that:

  • the front, rear, roof and side walls are coated with polyester on both the exterior and interior sides
  •  the caravan floor is protected by a polyester outer layer, which will prevent moisture from damaging your new purchase.

In short: Alpine Sport will guarantee you a carefree holiday.

This season, the successful Alpine Sport model gets a facelift with a modern exterior decoration. The new Sprite Alpine Sport is certainly worth a visit.

Of course, your Alpine Sport guarantees a hassle-free vacation every time thanks to the Smart ++ construction, class 3 heating and insulation, as well as numerous safety features.

Holiday fun and design. This is what characterizes the Sprite Alpine Sport!

Are World Sprite SE caravans good? 

The Mondial SE series includes four different models. The high level of equipment and the luxury that characterize them will allow you to spend beautiful and pleasant holidays. The beautiful design of the Mondial SE gives the caravan more class. The modern interior is very bright thanks to the many windows, skylights and the large panoramic roof window.

The Sprite Mondial will guarantee you long life and a great carefree vacation thanks to the SMART ++ construction, a construction method applying the most recent technologies. 

The structure of the caravan is made from PU, the exterior of the caravan is coated with polyester. In addition, the floor of the caravan is equipped with a polyester bottom plate. This method of construction will keep moisture from affecting your wonderful new purchase. Sprite gives up to 10 years warranty on the waterproofness of your caravan (subject to annual checks / see warranty).

Sprite Mondial is quality in beauty!

All models in the Mondial range have a modern interior with comfortable benches and a superb spacious kitchen with a combined oven.

The very complete standard equipment including hot water, gas and electric heating and, for your musical evenings, the radio with Bluetooth, will make you want to go on vacation all year round. 

The Mondial series includes of course the proven Smart ++ construction system, class 3 heating and insulation, as well as numerous safety features.

Also on the Mondial, Sprite offers up to 10 years of warranty against humidity.

Are Sprite Cruzer SR caravans good? 

The design of this caravan, with its magnificent front and rear faces, always indicates to you the direction followed by Sprite in the future development of its caravans. It’s a design that is not only pretty but also innovative. The faces, the roof, the walls are made entirely from polyester, both inside and out.

The Cruzer SR also has a floor with a polyester coating. This protects your caravan in invisible places. The Smart ++ construction system guarantees a long service life as it perfectly protects the new Cruzer SR against humidity.

The Cruzer SR’s level of luxury remains exceptional in the market! It is originally equipped with:

– an ALKO stabilizer

– aluminium rims,

– a battery cradle

– spring cushions

– memory foam mattresses for fixed beds

– slatted bases

– a radio / cd / mp3

– a luxury oven-grill set

– a 3-burner gas stove and an additional electric hob, a microwave

– a large 110-litre fridge

– a water heater (capacity: 10 litres) running on electricity and gas

Therefore, the Sprite Cruzer SR is one of the best-equipped caravans on the market.

A new model has been designed for 2021: the Cruzer 635 SR, thus offering the same feeling of space. The caravan also guarantees the same level of comfort and sleep since it is equipped with a large bed and a spacious bathroom. 

This layout is also equipped with a large 132-litre floor-level refrigerator. Always ahead of its time, the Sprite Cruzer captivates not only with its design but also with its impressive equipment. 

How about a luxurious cooker with oven, microwave, Truma Combi unit for hot water and heating, radio with Bluetooth and the Swift Command system? Thanks to this system, you control almost any device in your caravan with the Swift Command app on your smartphone. 

All Sprite Cruzer models are also equipped with a luxurious bathroom with a shower. All these new features further upgrade the standard equipment.

We can say it with pride: the Sprite Cruzer SR is one of the best-equipped caravans on the market.

The bottom line

We can certainly say that Sprite Caravans are good motorhomes that offer comfort, space, luxury and reliability for long trips. 

Which are your favourites: Sprite Basecamp, Alpine, World SE or Cruzer SR? Let us know in the comments below!

FAQ on Are Sprite Caravans any good?

What is the best UK caravan?

The best UK caravan brands are Eriba, Knaus, Adria, Coachman and Airstream. 

Is buying a caravan a good idea?

Buying a caravan is a good idea if you love to travel and the idea of being on the road excites you. However, keep in mind that it is pricey to acquire a caravan. It is also essential to think about whether you have a place where the caravan can be parked since they are large vehicles and need a place protected from the cold and heat. 

How long do touring caravans last?

Touring caravans can last up to 10 years, but its condition will vary depending on how much it travels. 


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