Are Springdale campers any good? (an honest review)

In this article, we will answer the next question: Are Springdale campers any good? We will discuss the best of the Springdale trailer series, and review two of their most iconic models: The Springdale 2930 RK and the SG 280BH.

Are Springdale campers any good?

Springdale campers are good condo-style aluminium sheet trailers. If this is your first camping experience, you might not be sure what the difference is between aluminium and fibreglass? Basically the weight and the price. A trailer with aluminium walls has a wooden frame while a fibreglass trailer traditionally has an aluminium frame. The first is, therefore, heavier but less expensive.

Springdale makes the following camper models:

  • Springdale Toy Hauler Travel Trailers
  • Springdale Travel Trailers
  • Springdale Fifth Wheels
  • Springdale Destination Travel Trailers.

When choosing a Springdale camper, you have to decide: Do you want to live long-term in a stationary camper or do you want a good and spacious camper to travel the country? 

Springdale campers will offer you the best of both worlds: a sheet metal trailer price but with high-end equipment and finish!

Indeed, with its vaulted ceilings, its 14-foot extensions, its Do More dinettes, its glued/screwed wood cabinets, its residential quality fabrics, its electric awnings, your Springdale camper is the best way to camp.

Springdale is manufactured by the Keystone Group, which has won multiple awards for build quality, customer service, and continued innovation in manufacturing high-quality recreational vehicles.

The Springdale trailer series

There is nothing quite like a long stay in the great outdoors, comfortably seated as if you were at home. The Springdale trailer series offers a luxury camping style that lets you enjoy it all: marshmallows around the fire, the smell of nature, the sounds of birds, but with comfort beyond anything you could imagine.

Springdale has fully understood the art of glamping, a term that combines the words glamour and camping and which perfectly illustrates the idea of ​​an ultra-comfortable environment in a camping context.

The trailers designed by Keystone are suitable for both couples and families since the different models can accommodate up to 9 people for sleeping. The multiple features of these trailers make you think you are in a fully equipped apartment.

The 29-foot Springdale 2930 RK: The most popular Springdale camper

The 29-foot Springdale 2930 RK features an elaborate kitchen, with ample counter space and a large sink. It’s equipped with a microwave, a three-ring cooktop with a hood, and even an oven. It also has a fridge and freezer.

The common area is located in the double electric extension where the dining bench is placed as well as a sofa bed facing two armchairs, which considerably enlarges the space. In addition, the dining bench and the sofa bed convert into double beds.

This model is particularly distinguished by its very large windows, as well as its false wood floors, giving it a sleek and trendy design.

The bathroom offers a glass corner shower as well as storage units that make it as functional as the one you have at home. In addition to the separate shower and toilet, it includes two entrances, one of which opens onto the closed master bedroom at the front of the trailer.

In addition, thanks to the antenna on the roof and the stereo system included in this model, with indoor/outdoor speakers, it is possible to add an LCD TV to your trailer. HDMI and USB sockets are also available. We must not forget the air conditioning and heating devices which are the icing on the sundae when it comes to optimal comfort!

For access to the exterior, the Springdale 2930RK has a self-locking door and a retractable staircase. 

The electric jacks with automatic switch, the outdoor shower, the very opaque black electric awning, the LED lighting, the two propane tanks, the preparation planned to receive the rearview camera and the solar panels as well as the closed underside and heated are also significant features. 

Finally, this model offers a lot of storage, including a compartment with bilateral access to facilitate loading the trailer.

Springdale has thought of everything! Now you just need to find the most beautiful campground!

Springdale SG 280 BH: an accessible model

Springdale has pushed the limits of luxury camping with its SG 280 BH model. A real house on wheels, onboard which you will not feel at all disoriented during your family getaways.

This trailer offers a lot of storage. Already on entering there is a large wardrobe that can accommodate a lot of equipment and clothing. It could also serve as a pantry, in addition to storage in the kitchen. 

Two other storage spaces are found under the bed in the master bedroom with bilateral access, as well as under the children’s bed at the back of the trailer. In short, with all this space to bring your favourite items, you will be equipped to spend several weeks camping without hesitation.

Like the 2930 RK trailer, the common area is once again located in the double electric extension where the dining bench and sofa bed are arranged, which can be converted into double beds. This model also has two large armchairs and stands out with its very large windows, false wood floors and modern design.

The aerial on the roof, the stereo system with indoor/outdoor speakers, the HDMI and USB sockets, the air conditioning and heating devices, the self-locking doors, the non-slip stairs, the solar panels, the outdoor lighting. LED, electric jacks with automatic switch, outdoor shower, electric awning and two propane tanks are among the many features shared between this model and the 2930 RK trailer described above.

In addition, this model gives you two entrance doors – one that gives direct access to the common area, the bathroom and the children’s beds, then another that only accesses the master bedroom. 

You can sleep up to 9 people there, taking advantage of a fully equipped kitchen and a complete bathroom with a bath and shower. The master bedroom is closed with a sliding door for more privacy, while the little foams will have fun sleeping in a double-storey bed with a ladder.

A stop on the road? No problem! You can easily take the time to prepare a small picnic thanks to the ultra-practical outdoor kitchen equipped with a mini-fridge, a work surface and even a place to put a small outdoor grill.

The bottom line

Value and convenience are the foundation of all Springdale campers, manufactured by The Keystone Group. Many times recognized for its quality of assembly, its customer service, and its innovative manufacturing in terms of its high-quality recreational vehicles, the Springdale series of trailers offer many features that you will not find on the market. ‘other brands. This is a brand that gives you a better way to go camping.

Do you agree with us? Feel free to share your opinion, thoughts, tips or questions about the Springdale campers!

FAQ on Are Springdale campers any good?

Who makes the Springdale camper?

Springdale campers, travel trailers and fifth-wheels are made by Keystones, in Indiana. 

What are the worst RV brands?

The following are considered the worst RV brands:

  • Thor Hurricane.
  • Coachmen.
  • Gulfstream.
  • Forest River.
  • Fleetwood.
    • Winnebago.

Which RVs have the best resale value?

The Jayco Rvs have the best resale value. There are many reasons for this, but we must mention the high-quality materials, strong foundations and longest warranty.


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