Are Salem campers good quality?

In today’s blog post, we will answer the following question: Are Salem campers good quality? We will review the Forest River Salem camper building quality, specs and features. We will also present the most popular Salem camper: the 31KQBTS. 

Are Salem campers good quality?

Yes, Salem campers are good quality. The manufacturer, Forest River, is one of the most respected in the industry, known to provide reliable and high-quality RVs. 

All Salem campers are built on a cambered chassis, have nitrogen filled tires, a SuperFlex Roof w/ 15-year manufacturer defect warranty, a 040 smooth aluminum front cap and a leak-proof one-piece roof. 

Salem campers also come with the following standard features: 

  • Herringbone Pattern Luxury Vinyl Flooring
  • Shower w/ Surround (Size Varies by Model)
  • Residential Vanity w/Shower Caddy
  • 30 Amp Service w/ 13.5K BTU A/C
  • Standard Cable/Sat Ready
  • Microwave
  • 6 Gal. Gas/Elec DSI
  • 3 Burner Cook Top
  • 11 Cu. Ft. Frost Free Double Door 12-Volt Refer
  • Concrete Seal w/ Stretch Hex Backsplash (Kitchen)
  • 24×40 Shower w/ Surround & Arcadia Door IPO Tub (Select Models)
  • Light Switch in Bedroom, Bunkroom, & Living Room
  • MORryde™ StepAbove Triple Step (Main Door Only) (N/A 36V SDS, 37BHSS2Q).

Salem campers have 13 different layouts. In the tables below you will find details and specs for each floor plan:

Salem Campers Floorplan22RBS 26DBUD27RE27RK 
Hitch Weight:765 lb.795 lb.955 lb.955 lb.
UVW:5,928 lb.6,923 lb.7,583 lb.6,863 lb.
CCC:1,837 lb.2,672 lb.2,332 lb.1,092 lb.
Exterior Length:26′ 11″33′ 3″33′ 8″33′ 6″
Exterior Height:11′ 3″11′ 3″11′ 5″11′ 3″
Exterior Width:96″96″96″96″
Fresh Water:40.00 gal.40.00 gal.40.00 gal.40.00 gal.
Gray Water:60.00 gal.60.00 gal.57.00 gal.54.00 gal.
Black Water:30.00 gal.30.00 gal.38.00 gal.30.00 gal.
Awning Size:16′18′11′ & 9′20′
Salem Campers Floorplan29VBUD31KQBTS 32BHDS33TS
Hitch Weight:910 lb.905 lb.859 lb.1,088 lb.
UVW:7,728 lb.8,573 lb.7,993 lb.9,276 lb.
CCC:1,982 lb.1,292 lb.1,826 lb.2,012 lb.
Exterior Length:36′ 2″36′ 7″36′ 5″38′ 9″
Exterior Height:11′ 3″11′ 5″11′ 3″11′ 5″
Exterior Width:96″96″96″96″
Fresh Water:40.00 gal.39.00 gal.40.00 gal.40.00 gal.
Gray Water:60.00 gal.40.00 gal.57.00 gal.39.00 gal.
Black Water:30.00 gal.27.00 gal.30.00 gal.28.00 gal.
Awning Size:18′18′18′18′
Salem Campers Floorplan36VBDS 30KQBSS32RET34MBS
Hitch Weight:1,155 lb.899 lb.935 lb.1,015 lb.
UVW:8,533 lb.6,943 lb.8,853 lb.8,543 lb.
CCC:1,582 lb.2,756 lb.2,282 lb.2,672 lb.
Exterior Length:38′ 11″33′ 6″37′ 0″38′ 10″
Exterior Height:11′ 5″11′ 3″11′ 5″11′ 5″
Exterior Width:96″96″96″96″
Fresh Water:40.00 gal.40.00 gal.40.00 gal.40.00 gal.
Gray Water:27.00 gal.57.00 gal.57.00 gal.57.00 gal.
Black Water:38.00 gal.27.00 gal.38.00 gal.38.00 gal.
Awning Size:18′18′11′ & 12′14′ & 11′
Salem Campers Floorplans37BHSS2Q
Hitch Weight:970 lb.
UVW:7,659 lb.
CCC:2,271 lb.
Exterior Length:38′ 10″
Exterior Height:11′ 3″
Exterior Width:96″
Fresh Water:40.00 gal.
Gray Water:30.00 gal.
Black Water:27.00 gal.
Awning Size:18′

Forest River Salem Recalls

While Forest River is a high-quality and well-known manufacturer, over the years there were several issues reported regarding their Salem travel trailers. Here is a summary of the most common:

Model: Forest River Salem 2019-2021

Problem: On certain campers, the freshwater tank may not be properly secured. As a result, the tank could fall from the frame and become detached from the trailer. Safety risks: A water tank falling on the road could create a danger for road users and increase the risk of an accident.

Solution: Forest River should notify owners by mail, and ask them to bring their trailer to a dealership to have the fresh water tank properly secured.


Model: Forest River Salem 2019

Problem: In some classic trailers, the 30A power cord port is located directly above the exhaust outlet for the water heater. The heat from the exhaust outlet could melt the power cord or its panel. It could pose a fire hazard. Additionally, if the cord melts to the point where bare wires are exposed, there will be an increased risk of electric shock if a person touches an exposed wire.

Solution: The power cord panel will need to be moved to the rear wall of the classic caravan. Corrective action will include installing a hook on the rear wall of the trailer to ensure the cord is kept clear of the water heater exhaust outlet.


Model: Forest River Salem 2019

Problem: On certain conventional trailers, the safety switch may not be energized constantly and could be disconnected from the caravan’s house battery when the battery disconnect device is taken out of service. If this were to happen, the brakes of the towing vehicle would not apply if it was detached from the trailer, which could increase the risk of an accident injuring someone or damaging property.

Solution: Dealers will need to install a new wire harness for the safety switch.


Model: Forest River Salem 2019

Problem: In some conventional trailers, the wrong size axle stabilizer has been installed which could allow contact with the chassis while the vehicle is in motion. This could cause axle and chassis damage and could adversely affect the handling of the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash that could result in injury or property damage (or both).

Solution: Dealers will need to replace the stabilizer kit.


Model: Forest River Salem 2016-2019 

Problem: On certain conventional trailers, when the exterior shower faucet cover is open, it will cover the water heater exhaust panel, which could increase the risk of personal injury or property damage.

Solution: Dealers will have to install a new outdoor shower.

The 2020 Salem 31KQBTS from Forest River is an awesome family bunk model! If you have a big family and you need the kids to have some space this Salem camper may be the right choice for you. It has an L-shaped kitchen, a super slide with both a U-shaped dinette and the sofa. In the back there are dual opposing slides giving you a huge bunk room. So, plenty of space to feel comfortable and even to have guests over. 

In the kitchen, one of the things you’ll notice right away is the gorgeous solid surface countertops that have a little bit of a sparkle in them. There is double bowl sink that comes with a rolling drying rack which is fantastic since it gives you a little extra prep space when cooking. 

Also standard comes a  three burner cooktop with a glass cover, a 10.78 cubic foot 12-volt Burchill refrigerator, three full extension ball bearing drawers, plenty of room for your flatware or whatever else you need to put in there. 

The camper’s thermostat will be located on the kitcken wall. This will control your ducted AC as well as your ducted furnace. Your AC is ducted throughout the ceiling, it does have the quick dump option. The furnace is ducted in the floor, and the in-floor heat is great because it tends to give you more warmth, comfort, but it also saves a lot of space. 

Into the bathroom there is plenty of shower room, space for a small trashcan, toilet paper holder or towels.  There is a lot of storage underneath as well as plumbing access countertop coming over to the side of the sink.  You have your electrical outlet, mirrored medicine cabinet right up top and then in the far side is the shower. 

To access the bunk room you have to open up the super slide, because otherwise, you can’t access the controls and can’t make your way to the actual bedroom. The bunk room it’s basically a mansion for the kids. The greates perk is that the bunk beds are foldable, so, if you need more space, you know where you can find it! There are also excellent usable wardrobes on both sides of the bunk room, a spot for a TV, drawers, a couple more electrical outlets. 

In the bedroom, there is a Denver mattress in the centre, which is a pretty comfortable mattress. When you lift it up you will notice storage underneath the bed, which is always welcomed. On both sides you have mirrored wardrobe with hanging rods,  you also have

electrical outlets on both sides, USB ports to charge electronics and additional storage across the top windows. 

As you step into the large dinnete area you will get plenty of space to eat dinner as a family and even to have someone over. A huge advantage is that, if you need additional sleeping space, you can just drop-down the dinette seating into a large bed that can comfortably sleep two adults. 

The Salem campers overall have a great design with large windows all the way up to the ceilings, which brings natural light and makes the camper feel larger. One can also appreciate the faux brick look, auxiliary equipment, sound bar and the the 30 inch fireplace, that doesn’t only look great but it’s also an electric space heater!

This is only a short summary of the features that Forest River Salem campers have. If you want to know more, visit the Forest River website


Forest River Salem campers are high quality campers. Since there are 13 floorplans to choose from, we are confident you will find one that suits yourpreferences when it comes to camping. 

If you are curious about other Forest River campers make sure you check our articles on the same subject. And if you have any questions or comments on this content, let us know!


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