Are Rockwood travel trailers any good?

In today’s blog post, we will answer the following question: Are Rockwood travel trailers any good? We will discuss the pros and cons of Rockwood travel trailers and briefly review the 2022 Forest River Rockwood travel trailer. 

Are Rockwood travel trailers any good?

Rockwood travel trailers are good RVs that definitely have a much better quality than cheaper brands like Coleman, but these trailers still have their issues. Warranty issues are common as it is known that some parts of the travel trailers often break within the first year of use. Overall, however, Rockwood RVs are well worth the price.

The Rockwood travel trailers from Forest River, the world’s best-selling brand, have a wide selection of models to suit all tastes. They are solid, light, from small to large with a modern decor up to date. Filled with convenience and offers several models for families or couples, perfect for a camping experience with comfort!

Forest River is known for providing RVs with:

  • Longer lifespan;
  • Greater weather resistance;
  • Does not require annual maintenance (roof);
  • Fewer joints creating possible water infiltration in the future;
  • Double windows for better insulation and therefore a longer period of use;
  • Greater soundproofing in the vehicle;
  • The higher resale value of the vehicle;
  • 2-inch Vacuum-Bond Laminated exterior walls;
  • Block foam insulation;
  • Superlite composite named AZDEL;
  • Plastic-coated fibreglass exterior;
  • One-piece Beauflor coating in certain vehicles;
  • Aluminium frame. 

Rockwood travel trailer recalls

Besides the advantages and the good reputation of Forest River RVs, it is important to know that some Rockwood travel trailers were recalled for certain technical issues. Here we have a summary of the most common complaints along with the solutions proposed by the manufacturer:

Model: Forest River Rockwood 2019

Problem: In some models, the brake mounting flange may have been improperly installed during the manufacture of the axles. As a result, the brakes could fail prematurely, extending stopping distances and thus increasing the risk of a crash that could result in injury or property damage (or both).

Solution: Dealers will inspect the affected axles or hubs, and replace them if necessary.


Model: Forest River Rockwood 2019

Problem: On certain conventional trailers, the inner axle bearings may be incorrect and could seize. This could result in wheel lockup and increase the rolling resistance of the tow vehicle, which could affect the handling of the vehicle and increase the risk of an accident injuring someone or damaging property.

Solution: Dealers will need to replace the inner bearings


Model: Forest River Rockwood 2018

Problem: On certain trailers, the laminate touchpad on top of the towbar’s electric cylinder may crack or come off. Water could then seep into the inner circuit of the paver and cause the cylinder to exit or re-enter unexpectedly. If this were to happen while the vehicle is in motion, it could lead to loss of vehicle control and increase the risk of a crash that could result in injury or property damage (or both).

Solution: Dealers will replace the “Smart Jack” electric drawbar cylinder with an upgraded version that is better protected against the ingress of water.


Model: Forest River Rockwood 2017

Problem: In some conventional trailers, the slider arm may not have enough play from the front tire on the driver’s side. Under certain circumstances, the tire could come into contact with the mounting head of the slider, which could cause tire failure which could result in loss of control of the vehicle. This would increase the risk of an accident that could lead to injury and property damage.

Solution: Dealers will install a lift kit between the axle (s) and the frame to raise the slider away from the tire.


Model: Rockwood 2018

Problem: In some trailers, the spindle nut may have been improperly tightened during the construction process. As a result, the bearings in the axle could overheat and seize up. This could cause the wheel to separate from the axle, increasing the risk of an accident that could lead to injury and property damage.

Solution: Dealers will need to inspect the vehicles affected by the recall and replace bearings, hubs, and spindle nuts as necessary.

Is the 2022 Rockwood travel trailer any good?

The 2022 Forest River Rockwood 2608BS Luxury Couples Travel Trailer Camper is the newest model that Forest River impresses us with. 

This is an ultralight model, it comes in just under 7000 pounds dry weight, it has two slides and a front kitchen layout. The newest Rockwood model is loaded with all sorts of amenities, so let’s just get right into it.

2022 Forest River Rockwood exterior amenities:

  • Laminated White OR Champagne Color Fiberglass Sidewalls
  • High Gloss Front Cap
  • Power Awning w/ Adjustable Rain Dump & LED Lighting
  • Tinted Frameless Windows
  • Slam Latches & Magnetic Compartment Door Catches
  • Cable & Satellite Hookup
  • Teton All In One Wi-Fi Booster/LTE Prep & Antenna
  • Exterior Battery Disconnect Switch
  • Roof & Side Solar Prep
  • Outside Griddle w/ LP Hook Up
  • Friction Hinge Entrance Door with Window Shade & ScreenShot Screen Door
  • Large, Foldable Grab Handles (All Entrance Doors)
  • Outside Shower w/ Hot & Cold Water
  • Outside Antifreeze Station
  • Black Tank Flush
  • 360 Siphon Vent Cap On All Black Tanks
  • Solid Entry, Strut Assist Fold Out Entry Steps
  • Outside Speakers
  • Keyed Alike Locks
  • Power Stabilizer Jacks
  • Automotive Windshield
  • Rear Ladder
  • 2″ Accessory Hitch
  • 190W Roof Solar Panel with 1000W Inverter

2022 Forest River Rockwood interior amenities:

  • Newport Ash Cabinetry
  • Autumn Wood Cabinetry
  • Screwed & Glued, Solid Wood Cabinet Doors & Drawers With Hidden Hinges, Metal Drawer Glides & Residential Hardware
  • 35K BTU Furnace
  • 13,500 BTU Ducted Air Conditioner
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Interior 12V USB Outlet
  • OneControl Panel with WeRV App Control
  • 55 AMP Converter with Charger
  • Ceiling LED 12V Interior Lighting
  • Quick Recovery Water Heater w/ Interior Gas/Electric Switches
  • Night Roller Shades
  • 50 Amp Service and Digital Dual Thermostat Control

2022 Forest River Rockwood other standard features:

  • Large Wardrobe or Wardrobe Slide
  • Optional Bedroom Carpet
  • Optional Bedroom TV
  • Designer Bedding
  • Showermiser Water Saving System
  • Bathroom Skylight
  • Foot Flush Toilets
  • Maxxair Ventilation Fan & Cover
  • Water Heater By-Pass Kit

2022 Forest River Rockwood extra options:

  • 15,000 BTU A/C
  • 2nd Roof 13,500 BTU A/C with Chill Chaser Heat Strip
  • Bedroom TV
  • Free Standing Table and Chairs IPO Dinette (N/A 2613BS)
  • Tongue Mount Bike Rack
  • Slide Toppers
  • Thermopane Windows
  • Day/Night Roller Shade
  • Bedroom Carpet
  • Deluxe Tri-Fold Sleeper Sofa (IPO Theater Seating N/A 2613BS 2906BS)
  • Gas/Electric Refrigerator
  • 2nd roof mounts solar panel.

The newest Rockwood travel trailer model can be acquired with all the above features (and even more) at the starting price of $47,095. Of course, the final price will greatly depend on the extra options you decide to add! You can get more information on the present Rockwood travel trailer here


When looking for a recreational vehicle it is very important not to make mistakes and therefore to seek sound advice on the vehicle that interests us. This purchase is in many cases a vehicle to keep for several years in order to fully benefit from it. 

This is the reason why it is essential to observe the quality of the product we acquire and this quality can be observed by simple facts such as the material used for the roof or the thickness of the manufacture of the walls etc.

Forest River has a good reputation among RV manufacturers and it’s known for providing high-quality, durable and reliable travel trailers, like the Rockwood. Remember that you can read more about Forest River travel trailers in our other articles about this manufacturer. 

Please feel free to get in contact if you have any questions or comments on the content!

FAQ on Are Rockwood travel trailers any good?

Is Forest River Surveyor a good brand?

Yes, Forest River Surveyor is a good and reliable brand. In fact, Forest River has a travel trailer for everyone and the manufacturer is known to offer a good deal for the trailer’s price. 

Is Forest River Flagstaff a good RV?

Forest River Flaglass is a good RV. In fact, Flagstaff is one of the top-selling fibreglass trailers in the industry. For more than 40 years, Forest River has been building trailers in the small community of Millersburg, Indiana, always taking the time to ensure that their construction methods continue to challenge industry standards.

Is Jayco better than Forest River?

It is difficult to say whether Jayco is better than Forest River or vice versa, as both companies make good quality RVs, with a striking design and many, many happy customers. 

Are Forest River RVs any good?

Forest River trailers are a good deal for their price and a popular choice in the United States, sometimes due to the huge number and models that there are on the market. The best-selling Forest River vehicles are the very popular Georgetown or the C-Class Sunseeker, vehicles that are built with an arched fibreglass monocoque roof having an R-18 insulation ratio.


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