Are R-pod campers any good?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Are R-pod campers any good?” we will discuss the camper specifications and list all the exterior and interior features. We will also talk about the equipment, appliances, and safety features that come with the R-pod. Furthermore, we will discuss the pros and cons of owning an R-pod and we will list some of its unique features.

Are R-pod campers any good?

Yes, R-pod campers are good and are manufactured by Forest River. The R-pod camper is yet another notable name in the RV industry. Forest River is a reputed and well-recognized motorhome and trailer manufacturer. For years together, they have successfully manufactured and produced some of the top-class trailers.

One of the most successful campers is the R-pod camper. These campers are one of a kind and they come with different variations and specifications. R-pods also have several floorplans to match all your requirements. They are also known as hybrid campers and most people who own an R-pod today are satisfied with its features and specifications.

R-pod camper specifications 

The Forest River R-pod is one of those recommended campers for long weekend trips and short stays. Off-road camping is also incredible with some of the best amenities. These campers can also be used for month-long vacations. Outdoor camping with the R-pod is exciting and convenient at the same time. These are some of the highlights of the Forest River R-pod trailer.

  • 14 x 74-inch dinette.
  • Queen-size bed.
  • Two-burner cooktop.
  • Pass-through storage.
  • Front windshield.

The queen size bed and the front dinette are designed carefully to bring you the best camping experience. The Forest River R-pod can easily accommodate up to three people comfortably. The dinette can also be folded down in height which is perfect for kids. The convection microwave and two-burner cooktop are good to keep your meals going on a rainy day.

Exteriors and structure

Forest River has not compromised on the structure and the exterior of the R-pod. It is built with a steel frame that is powder-coated and the sidewalls are welded with aluminum. Laminlux Azdel fiberglass is used for the exterior and some models come with a Tufflex PVC roofing. The solar prep and the central vacuum are added advantages.

Imagine having a camper that is pet friendly? The Forest River R-pod is a per-friendly camper and there is no need to worry about leaving your pet back home. It has a utility hook with food and water bowls for pets. The cabinets come with a residential-style shaker and the flooring is designer carefree. The wet bath steals the show and there is no need of depending on RV parks.

Exterior Features 

The Exterior features are incredible since it comes fully equipped to satisfy your camping needs. With the Forest River R-pod, there is no need to depend on campgrounds or RV parks for additional features. Some select models have extra features and amenities for the exteriors. Below are some of the unique exterior features of the Forest River R-pod.

  • Friction hinge entrance door.
  • LP quick disconnect.
  • Black tank flush and spare tire.
  • Aluminum welded floor and sidewalls.
  • Radius entrance and baggage doors.
  • Double aluminum entry doorstep.
  • Double-tone gel-coated fiberglass.
  • Exterior 120V recept.
  • Tinted safety glass windows (customized).
  • Roof ladder for select models.
  • Folding assist handle.
  • Double aluminum entry doorstep.
  • LED clearance lights.
  • Window on the entrance door.
  • Slide-out system.
  • Magnetic baggage door catches.

Many more unique exterior features come with this camper. Most of these features are available for the base model and some of them come only with select models. The Tufflex PVC roofing is one of the features that have a 20-year warranty, but it is built with select models. With excellent exterior features, the R-pod is equally equipped with interior features.

Interior Features 

The interior features do have some exceptions like the fireplace which only comes with select models. The accent lighting is another feature that is not available for all models. However, most of these features mentioned below come with the base model of the R-pod. These features are available with the latest model.

  • Seamless kitchen counterparts.
  • Hardwood drawer fronts.
  • Mini blinds.
  • Decorative window treatments.
  • Surround curtain for the shower.
  • Collapsible clothes hanger. Wood slides out with corner blocks.
  • Huge barreled black stainless steel sink.
  • 6’6” interior height.
  • Aluminum bed bases.
  • Tupelo honey interior décor.
  • Bathroom picket organizers.
  • AM/FM stereo with Bluetooth.

R-pod equipment and appliances 

There is no doubt that the equipment and appliances are some of the best on the R-pod. While most campers do have these appliances, the R-pod has managed to bring them all together despite the size. These appliances are perfect for a family of four and long camping weekends are never going to be a hassle when you have all these on your rig.

  • Monitor panel.
  • 20,000 BTU furnace.
  • 12 V demand water pump.
  • 55 amp converter/charger.
  • 3-speed max air fan.
  • USB charging port.
  • 6-gallon gas/electric DSI water heater.
  • 28-inch 12 V LED TV.
  • G/E refrigerator.
  • Power awning with LED lights for select models.
  • Detachable power chord.
  • Thetford toilet.
  • Water heater by-pass system.

Safety features 

Of course, the safety features are also taken into consideration with the R-pod. The breakaway switch and safety chains are included with the base models. It also has an LP detector, fire extinguisher, CO detector, smoke detector, deadbolt door lock, and ground fault-protected electrical circuit.

When it comes to the chassis and running gear, the power tongue jack and powder-coated steel frame are some of the additions. The self-adjusting electric brakes and LED taillights and added for a better towing experience. The R-pod has an independent torsion axle with aluminum wheels and radial tires. It also has a dual battery rack and a Rotocast freshwater tank.

Advantages and disadvantages of an R-pod

Like many other campers, the R-pod comes with its advantages and disadvantages. The good news is that the advantages of this camper weigh-in more than the disadvantages. For some people, these disadvantages are not even considered a major issue. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the R-pod.

Lightweight with automotive seals 

One major advantage of the R-pod is that is it a lightweight camper. The material of the R-pod is sturdy but is still light in terms of weight. The three-way refrigerator and hardwood drawer fronts are not as heavy as you think. Every window in the R-pod has automotive seals and this is one of the biggest advantages since the maintenance is less.

Insulation and seams

The R-pod has great insulation to keep you warm during winter. This insulation protects your rig from the leak. There is no rubber roof or seams at the front and back so there is no need to worry about water entering. R-pods are tested and tried by seal machines to check for any leaks. Hence, heavy rain is not going to damage your rig easily.

Easy to tow and set up 

Unlike all the other campers, the R-pod is easy to tow and set up. Towing the R-pod has never been an issue and the setup process is pretty simple. Due to its well-built and compact design, it is suitable to tow for long and short trips. It is also affordable given the price range and it requires very little maintenance.

Location of the water tank and overall size

The overall size of the R-pod is small when compared to many other models. Hence, it is not so great for a large family. The water tank is also located at the back of the right, and a full tank can affect the towing dynamics. However, it just takes a little time to get used to it. Overall, the cons for this vehicle are not so much when compared to the pros.


In this blog post, we answered the question “Are R-pod campers any good?” we have discussed the camper specifications and listed all the exterior and interior features. We have also talked about the equipment, appliances, and safety features that come with the R-pod. In addition, we have discussed the pros and cons of owning an R-pod and listed some of its unique features.


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