Are park model homes titled?

In today’s blog post, we will answer the following question: Are park model homes titled? We will explain what a title is and how to title your park model home. Finally, we will explain what a park model home is and its pros and cons for those of you who are not very familiar with this lifestyle. 

Are park model homes titled?

Yes, park model homes should be titled, just like any other recreational vehicle. By law, since park model homes are built on a permanent chassis (thus they can be moved) they are not required to be taxed but need to have a “pink slip” or a title. 

The “title” is a legal document issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that indicates who has owned the vehicle, the main accident reports and the current condition of the vehicle. Titles also include the park model home’s VIN, make and model, year of manufacture, and any financing information.

A pink slip is a document that certifies who is the registered owner of the RV. The title also keeps and organizes the indexes or records that are necessary to facilitate the order of information about that specific vehicle. 

It is issued by the Secretary of Transportation and authorizes said motor vehicles to be driven on public roads and highways. 

How to title your park model home?

These are the steps you must follow to transfer the title of a park model home to your name (to title it):

  1. Check the DMV website for requirements: The documentation to present and the process to obtain the vehicle title varies from state to state. The federal government’s Department of Motor Vehicles website provides state-specific information on its website. 

However, you should visit the DMV website for your state. There you will find downloadable documentation, telephone numbers and addresses of the offices that you may have to visit in person.

In most cases, you will need to complete an application (to transfer or replace a title) and provide information such as the vehicle’s VIN number, odometer reading, and a bill of sale.

  1. Contact the owner of the pop-up camper: To carry out the sale of a camper the property title is necessary. If the seller does not have the camper title, then you must obtain one first.
  1. Complete the necessary documentation together: The easiest way to obtain the title of your pop-up camper is to carry out the management together with the seller. If possible, visit a state office to complete all the paperwork and complete the transfer process. 

The seller will complete the documentation indicating the transfer of ownership and a new title will be issued. There cannot be a loan outstanding against the vehicle while the title is being transferred unless the transfer is approved by the lender. Odometer reading (at time of transfer) and vehicle VIN numbers must match documentation.

What if my park model home doesn’t have a title?

If you have not received the title of your trailer or need one to sell, it is important to keep in mind the legal ownership indicated on the document. Some states do not require mobile homeowners to possess a title. But in some cases, you won’t be able to sell your motorhome to someone else if you don’t have the title. If you have lost your title, you should apply for a new one if your state requires you to have one. 

  1. Gather the information on your motorhome you have to apply for a replacement title. You need to know the make, model, year and VIN number for your particular trailer.
  1. Contact your state Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain the necessary forms to apply for a new title. In addition to information about your trailer, you should also include personal information, such as your name, address, and social security number. This information is used to match you as the trailer owner based on the registration records.
  1. Fill out the required forms and submit them to the local DMV office along with the required title replacement fee. This fee varies by state.

What is a park model home?

The park model home is similar to the classic caravan except that it has to be moved very rarely. This RV is built on a simple frame and fitted with wheels. The park model home must be moved by heavy or special vehicles. It is often nicknamed a “mobile home” given the size of the floor.

The park model home is often used as a second residence or seasonal chalet. This type of caravan is known for its convenience comparable to your home. Oftentimes, the purchase of this RV will be executed when people have found their dream location and want to stay there every season. This recreational vehicle must be connected to public services once it reaches its destination.

Note: It is important not to confuse a park model home with a classic caravan or a 5th wheel trailer!

The classic caravan is better known as a trailer. It depends on a motorized vehicle for its movement, by means of a hitch system on the bumpers or with a hitch triangle. The dimensions of this RV can vary considerably. The trailer is the most popular recreational vehicle.

The fifth-wheel trailer looks a lot like the classic travel trailer, except that its appearance has been adjusted to the hitch system for towing. The fifth wheel hitch rests in the middle of a pickup truck bed and places a large portion of the load on the towing vehicle rather than behind it.

The pros & cons of park model homes

The advantages of owning a park model homeThe disadvantages of owning a park model home
Minimal turnover: Residents living in park model home communities are owners, rather than renters. park model home community residents are less likely to move out when their leases expire.Stereotypes and myths: The biggest downside to living in a park home is the horrific stereotype attached to them. All that matters, however, is knowing your truth and that of the other people who live there.
Reputable Residents: Manufactured housing communities attract higher-income residents or retired residents with strong pensions. This means less likelihood of defaults or evictions.Value: A park home has appreciation potential, a lower value than a house. However, with the aging of the population, then a new value could be transformed.
Low supply and high demand: While the demand for park model homes is growing, the supply has not been sustained. High-end park model home communities consist of quality homes and residents. However, given negative perceptions and strict zoning regulations, developing a park model home community can be difficult.Trading it in: Reselling a park trailer is more difficult than a house, as buyers are limited to often elderly people. Some mobile homes are too old to be transported on a regular basis, which can make the cost of moving very expensive.
Resistance to recession: Manufactured housing is considered a counter-cyclical asset class. In other words, the demand for this type of housing tends to increase during economic recessions, as people lose a permanent stream of income or want to downsize to something more affordableThe plot: Park owners can sell the park with very little notice. But by being co-owners together, you can remedy this situation

The bottom line

In the US, park model homes must be titled, just like any other RV model.  A title is a document that certifies who is the registered owner of the vehicle. The title also keeps and organizes the indexes or records that are necessary to facilitate the order of information about that specific vehicle. 

It is issued by the Secretary of Transportation and authorizes said motor vehicles to be driven on public roads and highways. 

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FAQ on Are park model homes titled?

What is a park trailer?

A park trailer is designed for recreational purposes. A park trailer is not used for residential purposes but can be attached temporarily in the same way as a recreational / RV trailer with or without its axles and ties.

What should I take into account when buying a park model?

The possession of suitable land, the budget availability, the architectural planning and the design of the spaces, are some of the aspects that you should take into account when buying a park model. The plot is the main thing to do in any construction!

What is my park model trailer worth?

It is not exactly obvious to assess the worth of a second-hand park model trailer. The easiest and most common way is to estimate the price of a second-hand park model trailer according to its date of purchase and its original price.

Can I move my park model trailer to another site?

Yes, you can move your park model trailer to another site, as they technically are motorhomes. It is strongly recommended that you consult your vehicle’s user manual to make sure that the gross vehicle weight rating does not exceed the capacity of your truck to pull the park model.


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