Are Palomino campers any good?

In today’s blog post, we will discuss: Are Palomino campers any good? We will help you choose the best Palomino camper and review two of their most sold items: The Palomino Puma 5th wheel trailer and the Palomino park model trailer

Are Palomino campers any good?

Yes, Palomino campers have good quality and very affordable RVs. This manufacturer has been making travel trailers, tent trailers, truck campers, fifth wheels and park model trailers since 1968.  

Here is a list of all their campers:

  • Palomino Truck Campers: Backpack, Real-Lite, Rogue
  • Palomino Travel Trailers: Palomini, Puma, Real-Lite Mini, Revolve, Solaire
  • Palomino Toy Haulers: Puma
  • Palomino Fifth Wheels: Columbus, Puma, River Ranch
  • Palomino Destination Trailers: Puma

Which Palomino camper to choose?

If you own an SUV with a good towing capacity, you can opt for lightweight Palomino models, which include hybrid trailers and tent trailers. If, on the other hand, you own a van, you can turn to fifth-wheel trailers, full-length trailers, park trailers or even mounted trailers.

The Palomino range offers you different models in each of these categories:

  • Palomino tent trailers: Affordable and compact, tent trailers are also very light in weight. They measure 8 to 12 feet and consist of flexible extensions that are deployed for additional sleeping space. They often include a propane stove and a mini fridge.

Among the various models available, we find the Palomino Yearling.

  • Palomino hybrid trailers: Larger than tent trailers, hybrid trailers feature rigid sides and soft extensions that, when deployed, provide additional bed space. In addition, they offer more amenities than a conventional tent trailer; in fact, several models have a toilet and a shower, in addition to a more equipped kitchen.

The Palomino Solaire Expandable, for example, are hybrid trailers.

  • Palomino standard trailers: Larger in size and requiring a pickup truck to be towed – although some lighter models can be towed by a few SUVs – trailers can reach a height of 40 feet and offer a lot of comfort.

Thus, you could find a closed bedroom with a Queen or King bed, bunk beds, an equipped kitchen, a bathroom with toilet and shower and even an entertainment area with sofa and flat screen TV.

The Palomino Puma Ultra Lite, Puma XLE Lite and Revolve fall into this category.

  • Palomino fifth-wheel trailers: Similar to travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers absolutely require a pickup truck to tow them, their raised part sits above the bed of the truck. And just like travel trailers, they offer a spacious and well-equipped interior that can accommodate several people thanks to the available sleeping space.

Learn more about the Palomino Columbus and the Puma Unleashed 5th wheels on the Palomino website. The latter even has a garage to store your ATV!

  • Palomino park trailers: Often used as a second home, these stationary park trailers are however built like an RV and should only be moved occasionally. You’ll need to hook it up to utilities when you reach your destination, as it doesn’t have its own electrical circuit for lighting and running appliances.

The most sold Palomino camper: the Puma 5th wheels

Palomino Puma fifth wheels are offered at an excellent price-performance ratio and in several configurations that are sure to appeal to couples and families. Puma fifth-wheel trailers are also light, with models ranging in weight from approximately 6,800 to 8,700 pounds.

The construction of the Puma fifth wheel is similar to that of the Puma trailers with a few details. The roof, walls and floor frame are made of wooden studs and rails. The walls are studded every 16 inches, are insulated with pieces of mineral wool cut and glued in place, and are sealed off with prefinished on the inside and aluminum sheeting on the outside. 

The front wall is protected by a moulded fibreglass cap and the lower front wall by a debris plate. The roof frame houses the air conditioner ducts which are insulated and covered with 3/8 inch thick wood panels and a 12 year seamless TPO membrane.

The floor has a structure with supports every 12 inches for better strength. It is insulated with polystyrene and covered with 5/8 inch thick Araucoply plywood guaranteed for 25 years. A Beauflor® linoleum covering guaranteed for 7 years against cracks caused by cold is spread over the floor and residential quality carpets cover the floor of the extensions.

The steel frame is covered with a protective coating and is reinforced with cross members for better support. The chassis houses the furnace ducts that distribute heat throughout the fifth wheel trailer through hatches integrated into the floor, as well as the Puma Next Generation ™ sealed water tanks. A Darco membrane closes the frame to protect the tanks and the structure.

On the outside, The Puma fifth wheel is equipped with several practical accessories such as two electric front legs as well as two electric stabilizers at the rear, an electric awning, speakers, a spare tire, an outdoor shower, several storage compartments and a folding handle at the front door. 

You can also see a 6-gallon water heater running on propane gas and electricity, a 30-amp electrical hook-up, a King television antenna, a 25,000 BTU furnace and a 13,500 BTU air conditioner installed in the building. roof.

It is possible to equip the Puma with the “Limited Edition” package which improves the electrical connection for 50 amps, the air conditioner for a 15,000 BTU model and the running board for the Solid Step triple aluminum model. 

This set also adds a ladder for access to the roof, a “Black Tank Flush” sewage system and a fire pit with a tiled wall inside! It’s possible to select these options a la carte and add even more amenities like Mission aluminum rims, an outdoor grill, an on-demand water heater and even add an outdoor kitchen. The appliances available in the outdoor kitchen depend on the model and vary from a hob with a fridge to a full kitchen with a hob, fridge, sink and microwave!

Finally, the fifth wheel Puma is prepared to be equipped with several convenient devices: a reversing camera, a solar panel and a WiFi network.

Our recommendation: The Palomino Puma park model trailers

Would you like to have all the amenities of a house while being able to change the landscape if you wish? The Puma park trailer is made for you! Spacious and well-equipped, the Puma park trailer de Palomino park trailer will allow you to enjoy a corner of paradise, without compromise!

The construction of the Puma park trailer is simple and sturdy. The walls, floor and roof all have a wooden structure in which is placed a mineral wool insulation cut and glued between each piece of the frame. 

The interior is finished with a decorative panel and the exterior with sheets of aluminum sheet. The roof framing is finished with 3/8 inch thick plywood sheets and a seamless DiFlex II ™ TPO membrane by Dicor. 

The roof includes insulated air conditioning ducts that allow the 13,500 BTU air conditioner to cool the entire trailer. It is possible to have a second 13,500 BTU air conditioner installed in the optional master bedroom and upgrade the main air conditioner to a 15,000 BTU model.

The top of the floor is covered with sheets of 5/8 inch thick Araucoply plywood and Beauflor® linoleum sheathing. Plywood has a 25-year limited warranty and linoleum has a 7-year warranty against cold cracking. The frame is protected by a coating and closed by a Darco membrane. Also included are the Puma Next Generation ™ water tanks and 35,000 BTU furnace ducts that distribute the heated air through the park trailer through hatches on the floor.

The Puma park trailer also has a few extras, such as wheel skirts and a moulded ABS propane tank cover, a large patio door and a bay window in the front for models whose configuration allows it. It is also prepared for solar power, a rearview camera and WiFi.

The bottom line

As you can see, there are plenty of Palomino campers to choose from. The final decision will come to your needs and personal preferences. Once you know how many people are going to travel, how much space you actually need, and of course, what your budget is, you can make the right choice!

IF you have any questions for us, please feel free to get in contact. 

FAQ on Are Palomino campers any good?

Is Palomino a good camper brand?

Yes, Palomino is a good camper brand that makes quality and affordable RVs. Palomino has been on the market since 1968 with travel trailers, tent trailers, truck campers, fifth wheels and park model trailers. 

Who makes Palomino campers?

Palomino campers are made and owned by Forest River, Inc. Forest River trailers are a good deal for their price and a popular choice in the United States, sometimes due to the huge number and models that there are on the market.

What are Palomino truck campers made of?

Palomino truck campers are made from fibreglass or gel coat on the exterior. They also have an aluminium frame and an Alpha super flex membrane roof.


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