Are older motorhomes worth buying? (7 tips)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are older motorhomes worth buying? We will discuss the pros and cons of buying an older motorhome. We will also give you a few tips on what to pay attention to when buying a second-hand motorhome.

Are older motorhomes worth buying?

Buying older motorhomes has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages of buying an older motorhome is that it will be difficult to find an absolutely perfect one. And far from it either.

This is not to say that none are available. They do exist, but it takes more time and patience to find one, and you will need to review it carefully before making a decision.

So even if you find your preferred make and model of the motorhome, there is no guarantee that it will work properly right away. You always have to invest time and money to fix the small imperfections that we find.

The main advantage of buying an older second-hand motorhome is quite obvious: the cost. A second-hand motorhome is much cheaper than a new one. In fact, a new one loses its value the minute it leaves the dealership.

A used motorhome is perfect for those who start in the world of motorhomes since it offers the opportunity to know the lifestyle without having to spend so much money.

Is an older second-hand motorhome a good deal?

As mentioned above, buying an older motorhome has its perks, but we know about it being a good long-term deal. Let’s discuss. 

Who is looking for this type of vehicle is mainly looking for an affordable price and this is its main advantage over new motorhomes.

Used motorhomes are a vehicle in high demand since it is completely unused at an affordable price, but finding used motorhomes or camper vans is not easy at all, and motorhome dealers have little supply due to their high demand and more if we have in Note that not any vehicle of this type is adapted to our needs.

Of the options, second hand or occasion, the first option is the most common since it is the one that has the most offer, it usually has cheap motorhomes since it is the cheapest option.

Buying a second-hand or used motorhome can be a complete bargain for those looking to have their first experience, but if you are determined and want to jump into buying one, this way is one of the most recommended by experts. Another of them is the rental of motorhomes 

How much can I save by buying an older motorhome?

The prices often have to do with the motorhome dealer price. To get one of those used vehicles, we will inevitably have to go to a dealer that has motorhomes, the camping areas you can find in different parts of the US, and even abroad, but always having the confidence and assurance that it complies with all guarantees.

When it comes to second hand, looking well and going to trustworthy dealers are essential to finding good prices and quality products that meet the needs we are looking for, another very common option is to go to individuals to buy, but in those cases, they do not usually have the same guarantees.

While we are in an official establishment, the professional must offer certain guarantees on the vehicle and as a consumer, we can review the motorhome with complete peace of mind and surely we can review more than one model that fits our needs.

Unlike a purchase from a private individual, the guarantees cannot be of the same quality and their advice will surely be more limited, even if they are a big fan of motorhomes.

Tips for buying older motorhomes

  1. First, you have to decide the vehicle that best suits your travel style, way of life and budget.

There are different types of vehicles: caravans, motorhomes and camper vans. Each one has different characteristics in size, manageability, comforts and benefits. It’s time to compare prices and types of motorhomes to start seeing some of them firsthand.

  1. How many passengers can travel and spend the night in the motorhome?

You need to know how many passengers will regularly travel in the motorhome. This type of vehicle distinguishes between passengers to circulate and to spend the night. These data are checked in the technical data sheet of the vehicle.

You also have to look for the seat belts in the areas approved for the trip, there must be as many as passengers allowed.

As for the passengers to stay overnight, you should pay attention to the distribution of the beds: if they are removable or fixed. The fixed ones take up useful space and the detachable ones can be more uncomfortable to mount on a daily basis.

  1. The age of the second-hand motorhome

The age of the motorhome is important, but it is more important how it has been treated and cared for. The ideal would be to compare the age, the mileage, the condition of the vehicle and the engine.

Take a look at the technical sheet, in which it really informs us if the current owner has been the only one or if it is re-registered and is older. Many are brought from Europe and not even the owner knows their original origin.

Note: What you should know about mileage – The motorhomes do not usually have many miles if we compare them with tourism of habitual use. Although this depends on the use that has been given to it, they are usually vehicles for sporadic and recreational use.

It must be borne in mind that they are vehicles prepared to roll and do many miles but it is recommended when buying that they do not exceed 200,000miles. In addition, it is preferable that it has been used by the same owner and avoid those from rent.

  1. What engine to choose for a second-hand motorhome?

Engines of more than 100 hp and a minimum of 1.5 cc are usually recommended. Being heavy vehicles, we will need a minimum of power that adapts to the travel routes. The better the motor, the more comfort and speed on long routes or on steep slopes.

It is recommended to ask the owner about any major engine repairs the vehicle has had. So you can foresee when and how much you could spend in the future if you acquire it.

  1. The dimensions and weight of the motorhome

Dimensions vary by model. The most important thing is that they are manageable dimensions for driving and parking and also that they match the space we are looking for for the interior.

Due to the dimensions of these vehicles, it is difficult to find covered garages where to park them. The most common is the rental of a garage with the appropriate dimensions. Some workshops or points of sale specialized in motorhomes also offer garage service.

  1. Before buying a vehicle we always look outside to see its general condition.

 In the case of a motorhome, the condition of the bodywork will depend on its age, care and whether it has slept in the garage or outdoors.

The state of the body deteriorates outdoors due to what is known as “acid rain”, a phenomenon that is produced by pollution and humidity in the environment. It is distinguished by the fact that yellow spots appear on the body due to the loss and corrosion of the paint.

Not only do you have to take these factors into account and review it in a general way, but pay attention to the most frequent areas of oxidation, especially in the door seals or in all those joints where water can accumulate.

  1. Condition of the underbody and roof of the motorhome

It is very important to take a look under the vehicle. Check that there are no areas with corrosion. Above all, if the motorhome frequents areas near the sea or sleeps in the open air, where the bottom of the motorhome deteriorates rapidly.

There are some special products to protect them, so if the motorhome you are going to buy has been repaired or treated from time to time it will be a plus.

We recommend that in the selection process of your motorhome you go up to the roof to make sure of its condition. It is one of the areas of the vehicle that is not frequently accessed and neglected. Observe deformed areas, with breaks or where water can accumulate or leak.

The bottom line

Buying an older motorhome is an option that many consider because of the price. Whether it is because of social isolation or the desire to explore life in nature in a more independent way, buying a used motorhome opens up a new range of travel.

Still, take into consideration the main disadvantages of buying an older RV. Are they important to you? 

FAQ on Are older motorhomes worth buying?

Should I buy a new or used RV?

Whether you should buy a new or used RV will depend on several factors, such as your budget and your main purpose. Price is the main advantage of buying a used unit. With a used RV, you get more for your money.

Should I buy an RV with 100000 miles?

Any RV that has over 100,000 miles is considered an old RV. You may not have the best deal in front of you, but still, there are some exceptions to this rule. Thus, you must take the time to test the motorhome. 

What to consider before buying a used RV?

Buying a used motorhome or RV is an option that many consider. Whether it is because of social isolation or the desire to explore life in nature in a more independent way, buying a used motor home opens up a new range of travel.

How many miles is too many for a used RV?

Any RV that has close to 200,000 miles is deemed an old RV and has too many miles to be considered a good investment. Besides the number of miles, obviously, you need to ask the dealership all kinds of questions regarding the condition of the recreational vehicle.

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