Are Magnum Motorhomes any good?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Are Magnum Motorhomes any good?” We will talk about the accessories that are available at Magnum Motorhomes and list the products under each section. We will also look into the electrical and towing accessories that can be purchased from Magnum Motorhomes.

Are Magnum Motorhomes any good?

Yes, Magnum Motorhome is good. Magnum Motorhomes have a good reputation and they have been one of the best caravan suppliers in the UK. Magnum Motorhome has been in the business for more than 70 years and they manufacture all types of conversions for motorhomes. Magnum Motorhomes are located at Grimsby and they are a one-stop store for caravan supplies.

If you are looking for spares, repairing a van, or building your own, Magnum Motorhomes will be the best place to visit. You can also visit their website online and place orders for your requirements. Magnum Motorhomes have all kinds of options including the opportunity to reconstruct a motorhome.  

Magnum Motorhomes DIY Van Conversions

Be it any vehicle and Magnum Motorhomes is sure to have incredible opportunities for conversions. If you are looking to convert a van into a motorhome or even add a few accessories, there are plenty of options available. The biggest advantage of Magnum Motorhomes is that most people find what they are looking for.

Converting a van into a motorhome can be a tough task, but not if you have all the required accessories. Here are some DIY van conversions options that are available at Magnum Motorhomes.

  • Awning accessories
  • Aluminum extrusions
  • Auto-trail spares
  • Avondale spares
  • Bailey caravan spares
  • Caravan camping accessories
  • External locker doors
  • Bike racks
  • Barbecues
  • Air conditioning
  • Adhesive and glue
  • Cab mats
  • Can products
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Solar panels etc.

From roof lights and ventilation to heating and insulation, Magnum motorhomes have all the options available. If you are looking forward to insulating your camper van, you can go ahead and purchase all the required insulation materials. Magnum Motorhomes also manufactures all spare parts for certain caravans.

Accessories for commercial vehicles

Magnum Motorhomes also have accessories for commercial vehicles. There are several options available to choose from. You can also find jockey wheels and clamps, stabilizers, hitch locks, corner steady accessories, and many more. There are different types of bike racks and cab mounts to match your vehicle.

Magnum motorhomes kitchen appliances

If you are planning to rebuild or purchase kitchen appliances for your caravan or motorhome, Magnum motorhomes are the right place. With plenty of kitchen appliances, you are sure to find what you need.

Combination units

  • Under kitchen appliances, you will be able to find combination units. There are combination units like Smev units and Dometic appliances. You can also get to purchase combinations like a burner and sink. Some combinations like a burner, sink, and cold water tap is also available.


  • Magnum motorhomes also have an incredible range of fridges. There are 12V compressor fridges, three-way fridge options, and other portable fridges. Apart from just fridges, you will also get supply cables, vents, fitting frames, and more.


  • There are several options for Hobs as well like a two burner gas stove with lid, glass top gas burners, burner hob, and sink combination with cold water tap. There are specific burner hobs for static caravans.

Ovens and cookers

  • A wide range of ovens and cooker options are also available at Magnum motorhomes. Low-watt microwaves for caravans, oven and grill options and narrow-depth campervan ovens are some options. There are also dual cooker and three burner cooker options.


  • At Magnum Motorhomes you will be able to find the perfect sink for your caravan or motorhome. There are round sinks, rectangular sinks, stainless steel sinks, mirror polished sinks, bowl sinks with lids, and various sizes. You can choose the best size to match your requirements.

Those were some of the basic kitchen appliances that are available at Magnum Motorhomes. If you are planning on a DIY project, you can easily get all the kitchen appliances from here. You can just walk into the store or visit their website to select your model and type. You can also reach out to Magnum Motorhomes if you have any special requirements.

Magnum motorhomes awning accessories

An awning is always a benefit for a caravan and there are several other accessories that come along with awnings. If you are planning on fixing a new awning or purchasing other accessories, you can get the best of equipment at Magnum motorhomes. Here are some of the accessories that are available at Magnum Motorhomes.

Awning lights

  • Connection lead
  • Table lamp
  • Awning light add-on kit
  • Groove pendant LED light
  • Flex LED awning light starter kit
  • Strip light for awnings

Awning poles and rails

  • Upright adjustable awning pole
  • Canopy pole set
  • Awning rail stoppers
  • Awning rails

Awning repair materials

  • Seam sealer
  • Guylines
  • Tent awning repair kit
  • Packing pads for air awnings
  •  Inflatable repair kit
  • Awning rail protector
  • Drip stop
  • Hole puncher.

Draught skirt and wheel arch covers

  • Single wheel arch cover
  • Double wheel arch cover
  • Inflatable draught skirt
  • Motorhome and caravan dual fix draught skirt

Driveaway kits

  • 3-meter suction driveaway kit
  • 3-meter magnetic driveaway kit
  • 3 and 4-meter twin drive-away kit
  • Figure of 8 channels
  • 6mm single-sided Kador strip.

Groundsheet and flooring

  • Continental awning carpet
  • Continental cushioned awning carpet
  • Universal inner tent
  • Easy lock flooring tiles

Pegs and rubbers

  • Peg extractor
  • Awning bracket pad
  • Hard ground peg
  • 24 cm heavy duty skewer with hook
  • Dog anchors
  • Large heavy-duty ground peg
  • 20-meter white guy line
  • Heavy duty ground holder
  • Groundsheet pegs
  • Easy awning pulley.

Tie down and storm straps

  • Awning tie-down kit
  • Integra awning tie-down kit
  • Storm tie-down kit
  • Tie-down S kit
  • Awning tie town kit.

Those were some of the awning accessories that are available at Magnum Motorhomes. Apart from these accessories, there are also manual pumps for awnings. Once you have the right materials, fixing an awning is easy. With plenty of awning accessories, you can modify or build your own awning with these available options.

Magnum motorhomes electrical accessories

Magnum Motorhomes also have electrical accessories for caravans and motorhomes. These are some of the electrical appliances that are available.

  • Fuses and cable connections
  • Power inverters
  • Power supply units
  • Towing electrics
  • C-line sockets and switches
  • Battery chargers
  • Electrical building kits.

Caravan camping accessories

The good news is that Magnum motorhomes also have plenty of caravan camping accessories. If you are planning a long weekend trip and are looking for an outdoor adventure. You are sure to get some interesting camping accessories. Below are some of the camping gear options that are available at Magnum Motorhomes.

  • Portable steps
  • Toilet tents
  • Camping tables
  • Caravan waste bins
  • Cooking utensils
  • Camping chairs
  • Storage racks
  • Windbreaks
  • Kitchenware
  • Mattresses
  • Sleeping bags
  • Repair kits
  • Melamine sets
  • Freshwater containers
  • Wastewater carriers.

Towing accessories

For those who need towing equipment, Magnum Motorhomes have you covered once again. There are also towing accessories for trailers. Here are some of the towing equipment and its accessories.

  • Tow hitch covers
  • Towing mirrors
  • Jockey wheels and spares
  • Plugs and sockets
  • Levels and ramps
  • Corner steady legs
  • Tow balls.

Apart from these there are Thetford appliances and building furniture options. Air conditioning units and full climate control systems for motorhomes are also available. Magnum Motorhomes is definitely worth it since they have most of the supplies for caravans and motorhomes. You can also request Magnum Motorhomes for a product that you are looking for.

Magnum Motorhomes have thousands of satisfied customers and they have a positive rating. Their long-lasting reputation and not been compromised as they continue to serve customers with their best efforts. Magnum Motorhomes is one of the top caravan and motorhome dealers in the UK with experienced staff. 


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Are Magnum Motorhomes any good?” We have talked about the accessories that are available at Magnum Motorhomes and listed the products under each section. We have also looked into the electrical and towing accessories that can be purchased from Magnum Motorhomes.


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