Are Lunar caravan warranties still valid?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are Lunar caravan warranties still valid? We will discuss the criteria you have to meet to have a Lunar caravan warranty and what to do if your warranty is void.

Are Lunar caravan warranties still valid?

Yes, Lunar caravan warranties are still valid, but only for the models years 2017, 2018 and 2019.  This is called a Goodwill Cover, and here is a break down of what this type of warranty means:

  • Lunar Automotive will only cover caravans manufactured by the previous owner from the year 2017 to 2019;
  • The warranty is available for three years from the date of purchase;
  • The labour costs will be covered 50% by Lunar Automotive and 50% by the customer;
  • Lunar Automotive will cover only those caravans that were purchased from an authorised Lunar Automotive dealer. 

In comparison, 2020 and onwards owners of Lunar Caravans have:

  • A 1-year component warranty;
  • A 3 years manufacturer’s backed warranty;
  • And a 6-year bodyshell integrity warranty.

What should I do if my Lunar caravan warranty is void?

If you have an older model of Lunar caravan or if you didn’t buy yours from an authorised Lunar Automotive dealer, your caravan’s warranty may be void. 

Our advice is to contact your dealer and check with them if you have a warranty and for how long your vehicle is covered. Check the policy as well, as many warranties don’t cover water damages, for example. 

Either way, a certain solution is getting caravan insurance. Why? We explain below. 

Caravan insurance: what does the law say?

The Insurance Code is clear: whether it drives around or stays warm in your garage, your caravan must be insured at least to a third, under the liability cover.

This means that your insurance contract covers you in the event of damage caused by your caravan to a third party. If, for example, you ride on the foot of a holidaymaker at the entrance to the campsite or back up in a car while performing a manoeuvre, material damage and/or bodily injury caused to a third party will be covered.

Should you then take out specific caravan insurance or be content with an extended guarantee in your auto insurance contract? Here again, it is the GVWR that determines the decision:

  • If the GVWR of your caravan is less than 500 kg, you can simply take out an extended warranty in your car insurance contract.
  • If its GVWR is between 500 and 750 kg: here again, an extension of your car insurance guarantee is sufficient, even if, as we have seen, you must have registered the caravan and have a registration card.
  • If its GVWR is greater than 750 kg, you must take out specific caravan insurance.

Caravan insurance: which guarantees to take out?

As we have just seen, you must at least take out civil liability to cover your caravan. But like auto insurance, nothing prevents you from taking out more extensive guarantees!

For example, it is possible to opt for an all-risk caravan insurance contract which includes a series of guarantees, such as:

  • An “all accidents” damage guarantee, particularly useful in the event of a claim when your caravan is at a standstill
  • A theft or break-in insurance, which also covers items stolen inside the caravan
  • Glass breakage guarantee
  • A fire guarantee that allows you to receive compensation in the event of damage caused by fire, explosion or lightning
  • A natural disaster guarantee
  • Legal protection, very useful in the event of a dispute with a seller, a lessor or a garage owner

You can also improve your caravan insurance contract with other optional guarantees, such as:

  • A damage and collision guarantee
  • Assistance 0 km.

Note: check that your insurance contract covers your caravan when it is hitched up and unhitched.

How to find cheap caravan insurance?

Depending on the company, the average price for caravan insurance ranges between 100 dollars and 900 dollars per year.

Its amount varies in particular:

  • If the caravan is covered by your car insurance or by a specific contract
  • Depending on the guarantees subscribed
  • Depending on the type of caravan and its GVWR

Finding a cheap caravan insurance contract is however possible! And if many motorists turn to their auto insurance company, it may be worth competing with an online insurance comparator. Take out caravan insurance online to save on your contributions. Putting the different offers in competition on a caravan insurance comparator is a quick and efficient way to find a cheaper contract.

Caravan rental: which insurance to choose?

You don’t have a caravan but plan to rent one to travel this summer? Rest assured, caravan insurance is very often included in the rental.

Otherwise, you can take out temporary caravan insurance, which is generally valid for a period of two months. If necessary, do not hesitate to add legal protection to your contract to be covered in the event of a dispute with the lessor.

Take out home insurance if you live in your caravan

Not all caravan owners use it just for their getaways. Some have also made it their home!

If this is your case, you must take out comprehensive home insurance which covers your caravan or “home caravan” insurance. Here again, you can enrich it with a series of guarantees (theft, fire, water damage, etc.) to be covered in the event of a maximum number of claims.

The bottom line

If you do not meet the criteria mentioned above, it is likely that your Lunar caravan warranty is not valid.

Hitched or unhitched, your caravan must in all cases be covered by a civil liability guarantee. If this is your place of residence, then you will take out “civil liability arising from non-traffic occupancy” coverage.

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FAQ on Are Lunar caravan warranties still valid?

Who has taken over Lunar Caravans?

Lunar Caravans has been taken over by Lunar Automotive, a South African based engineering group, part of MEWA

Are Lunar Caravans good?

Lunar Caravans are of good quality, lightweight, and offer a safe and habitable interior for long trips. In case you are looking to acquire a Lunar Caravan (which are still on the market), we present you below three Lunar caravans models that we believe are among the best lightweight caravans out there.

Is Lunar automotive still trading?

At the moment, Lunar Automotive is still trading, although we can’t see any news on their official website, apart from the news of the change of directors back in August 2019. It is believed that they will come back with new models of caravans in the near future. 

Are Lunar Caravans going bust?

Yes, it is true that Lunar Caravans have gone bust. More exactly, the Lunar Caravans company went into administration back in July 2019, while the UK business advisory – FRP Advisory – was handling the restructuring and accounting of the firm.

What should I do if I have a Lunar Caravan?

There is nothing to worry about if you have a Lunar Caravan. As the company has a new owner and is preparing for launching new Lunar models on the market, you are safe.

The change of directors should not affect you as a previous owner of Lunar Caravan. 


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