Are Keystone Vantage RVs any good?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Are Keystone Vantage RVs any good?” We will describe the key features of Keystone RVs Vantage trailers. We will talk about the unique features and innovations that were introduced by Keystone RVs in their Vantage motorhomes. Additionally, we will discuss a few extra features and specs of the Keystone Vantage RV.

Are Keystone Vantage RVs any good?

Yes, Keystone Vantage RVs are good. Keystone has been a reputed manufacturer in the RV industry with several successful RV models. One of their successful models is the Keystone Vantage RVs travel trailers. Keystone’s Vantage series was built with high quality and were designed with some excellent features and amenities.

Keystone RVs Vantage models are known for their sleek grey-toned shape and classic appearance. These travel trailers offered modern features back in 2012. Some of their features are still well-suited for a comfortable living. With different floorplans and specifications, these travel trailers have been a class apart.

Key features of Keystone RVs Vantage trailers

Keystone RVs Vantage travel trailers were one of kind due to their unique appearance and features. Some of the key features that were available in the Keystone RVs Vantage trailers were not available in other trailers back then. These travel trailers were unique with such key features and they are still recognized for their specifications.

Residential style layout

  • The first and most noticeable thing with Keystone RVs Vantage trailers was the residential-style layout. Keystone adapted to the residential-style to enhance the RV living experience. 
  • These travel trailers included excellent leather seating arrangements that will provide a feeling of being at home. It had enough space to relax and enjoy camping at its finest.

Private bedroom entrance

Yet another important feature that was included in the Keystone RV Vantage trailers was the private bedroom entrance. Not many travel trailers arrive with a private bedroom entrance, but Keystone was one of the few that had a private bedroom entrance for better personal comfort. This feature was excellent for mid-sized and large families.

Panoramic window and Wi-Fi and 4G LTE prep

  • The panoramic window was one of the best features of these travel trailers and it was generous in size. The Keystone models with the panoramic view were excellent for those who loved outdoor camping and adventures. 
  • Keystone RVs also introduced the 4G LTE and Wi-Fi prep for every model that they manufactured.

Hyper deck flooring

Keystone RVs were one of the first to implement hyper deck flooring options for their travel trailers. Hyper deck flooring options were stronger, lighter, and resilient. This turned out to be a big benefit as it stood out from the traditional wood laminated flooring that was present in the other travel trailers.

Giggy box

Keystone was the inventor of the Giggy box and the company boasted about its innovation. The Giggy box had the 12V wiring merged into a single connection. This also had an optional battery disconnect. Keystone designed the Giggy box based on customer input and it turned out to be a huge success in the recreational vehicles.

Continuous-edge countertops

  • Keystone’s Vantage series had incredible countertops. These were continuous-edge countertops that had a neat appearance which added to the beauty of the kitchen. 
  • The edges of these countertops were classic and were also known as eased edges. The Vantage series had countertops that still match the modern-day trailer standards.

Weather-protected electric box

While this was a common feature back then for RVs and travel trailers, Keystone still adapted to this solution. The weather-protected electric box was perfect for their travel trailers to prevent moisture from getting in. It was also a benefit for camping outdoors and under extreme weather conditions.

Solar Flex 200 and 400 power systems

  • While not many RV manufacturers had incorporated solar power during that time, Keystone ensured to do something different. 
  • The Solar Flex 200 and 400 power systems provided enough energy when paired with the batteries. 
  • These Solar Flex power packages were percent for off-grid living as there was no need to depend on any power source.

Central control panel

The central control panel was one of the best options that come with Keystone motorhomes. Keystone developed this function over the years by adapting to the latest technology. With the latest models, you can get control and manage your RV by connecting your mobile phone to this excellent feature.

Full kitchen and overhead storage 

  • The full kitchen had just enough amenities for a comfortable cooking experience. Cooking for a mid-sized family with the Keystone Vantage RV was never a hassle.
  • The overhead storage had enough space to pack your outdoor gear and keep your winter camping gear. You could also use the overhead storage for baggage or tools.

Stained hardwood cabinets and doors

  • Some of the interior features in the Keystone Vantage RVs were impressive, especially the stained hardwood cabinets and doors. They arrived with midnight Monterey stained hardwood cabinet doors and flooring. 
  • These cabinets and doors provided a unique look to the camper. The trailer’s open floor plan and uniform window line make it ideal for family vacations.

Sleek grey-toned shape

The design of this travel trailer is sleek and contemporary, with a bedroom and bathroom in the front and back. The bathroom features a toilet, sink, and shower. Grey-toned wood cabinetry matches the countertops. A queen-size bed sits in the front, with a wardrobe surrounding it and two side tables.

Vacuum-bonded sidewalls.

The vacuum-bonded sidewalls for Keystone’s Vantage are present on the inside and the outside. It also has unique front and backs molded caps. There is LED lighting included on these walls. The construction technique for these vacuum bonded side walls is excellent and it adds to the overall appearance of the travel trailer.

Lightweight construction

Its lightweight construction makes it easy to tow. You can enjoy its designer-grade interiors and top-of-the-line finishes without compromising style or comfort. With Keystone, you don’t have to sacrifice luxury to get the best value. There’s plenty of space to accommodate the comfort and convenience of home without compromising style.

Keystone RV’s features are designed to provide the best possible experience, whether you are traveling to a distant beach or visiting family and friends. With so many options, you can find the perfect trailer to suit your lifestyle. From family bunkhouses to small couple’s coaches, Keystone RVs have some of the best features to suit every need.

Extra features and specs

Its single slide-out, which extends 10 feet 4 inches, makes it easy to entertain guests, and its radius walls open up the interior significantly. There is plenty of room to walk around. It arrives with two recliners that have cup holders in the back is the lounge. It is also equipped with a TV entertainment center and a heater for the winter. Below are some of the specs of these motorhomes.

  • Ext Length – 35’10”
  • Ext Width – 8’ 6”
  • Ext Height – 10’ 6”
  • Int Height – 6’ 10”
  • Freshwater Cap – 50 gal
  • Black- Gray-water Cap – 30 gal/30 gal
  • LP-gas Cap – 14 gal
  • Hitch Weight – 1,035 lb
  • GVWR – 8,200 lb
  • Ultramodern unique design
  • Curved sidewalls
  • Better gas mileage.

The Keystone RVs have been manufacturing motorhomes for decades and they managed to pass the test of time. Keystone never failed to include the latest technologies in their RVs, and they managed to create a unique design with innovations. The Keystone Vantage RVs were one of the top competitors for the other travel trailers that were introduced in the same year.  


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Are Keystone Vantage RVs any good?” We have described the key features of Keystone RVs Vantage trailers. We have talked about the unique features and innovations that were introduced by Keystone RVs in their Vantage motorhomes. Additionally, we have discussed a few extra features and specs of the Keystone Vantage RV.


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