Are Jayco Travel Trailers any good?

In this article, we will discuss: Are Jayco Travel Trailers any good? We will review four of the most popular and reliable Jayco Travel Trailers: the Jayco Jay Flight, Jay Feather, White Hawk travel trailer, as well as the Jayco Eagle fifth-wheel trailer (for those of you who need more space). 

Are Jayco Travel Trailers any good?

Yes, Jayco Trailers are good RVs with a well-established reputation. Jayco is a manufacturer that wants to remain a leader in quality. Jayco motorhomes and trailers are manufactured with experience and numerous processes developed with the best technologies. 

The result is more reliable and durable RVs that Jayco doesn’t hesitate to endure with its 2-year limited warranty and 3-year structural warranty, one of the best, if not THE best on the market!

Jayco Travel Trailers Specs

Jayco Travel Trailer ModelSleeping CapacityLengthWeightMSRP
Jay FeatherUp to 10 people24′ 2″ – 36′ 11″4,625 – 7,295 lbs.$39,705
Jay Feather MicroUp to 8 people13′ 4″ – 23′ 2″1,585 – 4,660 lbs.$20,063
White HawkUp to 10 people32′ 10″ – 38′ 0″6,765 – 8,145 lbs.$50,609
Jay FlightUp to 14 people28′ 10″ – 40′ 6″5,560 – 9,165 lbs.$39,164
EagleUp to 6 people40′ 1″ – 40′ 1″10,600 – 10,885 lbs.$71,528

What Jayco Travel Trailer is right for me?

You will be spoiled for choice among the different models of Jayco trailers! Whether you opt for a Jay Feather trailer, a Jay Flight, a White Hawk or even an Eagle, you will enjoy spacious configurations, extensions to maximize interior space, enough room to sleep several people, a kitchen well equipped, a bathroom with a toilet and shower, a U-shaped dinette and a lounge area, among others. In addition, many can be towed by an SUV or even a minivan!

Jayco offers two lines of light and compact trailers, the Jay Flight SLX 7 trailers and the Jay Feather Micro trailers, which are ideal for campers who want to venture into less accessible areas or where towing capacity is limited.

If you want more spacious trailers, the Jayco Trailers from Jay Flight SLX 8, Jay Flight, Jay Feather and White Hawk offer many configurations for families and couples. For seasonal campers, the Jay Flight Bungalow park trailer will offer you maximum space and for large families, the Jay Feather range also offers Jay Feather hybrid trailer models that will easily accommodate multiple occupants! Do not forget the cargo trailers that Jayco offers with its Jay Flight SLX 8 and Octane range which is beefier!

Finally, if you are looking for the luxury usually reserved for fifth wheel trailers, Jayco trailers offer the Eagle HT and Eagle ranges which are equipped and built to “Fifth Wheel” standards.

Jayco Jay Flight Trailers

Jay Flight trailers made by Jayco will appeal to all types of campers. This range offers more than ten configurations that can accommodate couples and families alike on their summer getaways. Jay Flight trailer models all have at least one extension and range in length from 28 to 40 feet, giving you plenty of room to feel right at home!

The exterior equipment of the Jay Flight trailer is very complete starting with an electric drawbar cylinder, two 30 pound propane tanks with cover, a debris plate protecting the bottom of the front wall, Dexter® axles, Nev- brakes. R-Adjust®, EZ Lube® hubs, Goodyear® Endurance® tires, galvanized steel rims, spare tire with cover, stabilizers at all four corners, and Keyed-Alike ™ locks to use a single key to all compartments. 

All Jay Flight trailers have a 30-amp electrical connection, a connection for a portable solar panel, preparation for the installation of a backup camera, a black tank flushing system and a second tank. freshwater for a total capacity of at least 80 gallons.

The standard air conditioner on Jay Flight trailers has a capacity of 13,500 BTUs, but it is possible to change it for a 15,000 BTU air conditioner or even add a second air conditioner in the master bedroom of certain models on condition of ” having the option of a 50 amp electric circuit.

Jayco Jay Feather Trailers

The Jay Feather range of trailers has recently been completely revisited by Jayco. From exterior design to interior decors, Jayco has redesigned the Jay Feather to make it a high-quality trailer, but also one of the most beautiful! Jay Feather trailers come in lengths ranging from 22 to 34 feet and weights ranging from 4,300 to 6,700 pounds. Whether you are travelling as a couple or with a large family, there will be a model that will suit you.

The Jay Feather trailer is equipped with an electric front cylinder and four corner stabilizers, two 20 pound propane tanks with an automatic regulator and a hardcover, compartments with Keyed Alike ™ locks, an electric awning with LED lights, a large folding entry handle, KeBloc television anchor, “Quick-Connect” propane connection, a roof access ladder, a detachable 30 amp electrical hook-up, an outdoor shower. 

In addition, the Jay Feather is prepared for the installation of side and rear view cameras, for connection to a portable solar panel and is prepared to receive solar panels on the roof. It is also possible to change the propane tanks for two 30 pounds, to have a 100W solar panel installed on the roof and the controller. 

Jayco White Hawk Trailers

The Jayco White Hawk travel trailer offers many configurations to suit the couple or the family, and various lengths and weights. It stands out with its full equipment, solid construction, dynamic appearance and unusual configurations such as a kitchen or front living room, etc.

We immediately notice the attention to detail in the finish of the White Hawk trailer; cabinets and mouldings are made of hardwood, counters are seamless, a decorative backsplash, an electric fireplace, decorative walls with a wood finish, a wall clock in some models, an arched ceiling with a skylight fitted with a’a canvas in the kitchen, an electric ceiling fan, full LED lighting, LED accent lights at the bottom of the furniture, large windows with canvas and valances and vinyl flooring even in the extensions. 

The kitchen includes an 8 cubic foot refrigerator running on propane and electricity with wooden doors matching the decor, a microwave, a stove with oven and 3 burners, a range hood and a large two-bowl sink with raised faucet. The living room has an electric fireplace under a 40 or 50-inch television depending on the model, an AM / FM / CD / DVD / Bluetooth® radio with speakers and a choice of cinema chair, sofa bed, table with benches, table with chairs and the same table with two chairs and ottoman with storage. 

It all depends on the model and the options selected, one thing is certain, you will not run out of places! It is possible to replace the refrigerator with a 10 cubic foot model operating on a 12V current.

The bathroom in the White Hawk trailer is large and includes a porcelain toilet with pedal flush, a medicine cabinet with mirror, a counter with a sink, a ceiling fan and a large corner shower with rigid doors and a skylight.

Finally, the bedroom has a Queen or King bed depending on the model and options, a wood finished wall and a large front window for models with a front bedroom. There is plenty of storage, most models have compartments on each side and under the bed, others will have a large wardrobe and even a chest of drawers with a fireplace! 

You’ll also find other handy little accessories like reading lights, electrical outlets, USB ports for your devices, and a ceiling fan. Some models offer a rear bedroom with bunk beds, sofa and storage unit.

Jayco Eagle fifth-wheel trailers

The Eagle fifth-wheel range offers the most compact and lightweight models manufactured by Jayco in this RV segment. The Eagle HTs are designed to suit ½ ton trucks that have more limited towing and cargo capacity, while still offering the features of the original Eagle fifth-wheel trailers. If you like more of the classic trailer type, the Eagle HT and Eagle are also offered in trailers with the same quality and equipment!

Since ½-ton trucks often have a 6.5-foot box, the Eagle features a TrailAir Turning Point swivel hitch box that allows for better cornering clearance. Finally, for those vigilant travellers, you can add a tire pressure monitoring system and as well as a rear and two side camera, the Eagle HT is prepared to be equipped later if you do not select this option.

Final thoughts 

As you can see, all Jayco travel trailers have plenty of amenities that can make your trip very comfortable and enjoyable. As with all Jayco RVs, Jayco trailers are built to last; a custom-cut Strong Foundation frame with integrated drawbar, thicker aluminum sheets or vacuum-laminated Stronghold VBL fibreglass walls, and a tough Magnum Truss roof supporting more load than the competition.

If you want to know more about the Jayco trailers or if you have any questions about the content, please let us know!

FAQ on Are Jayco Trailers any good?

Are Jayco 5th wheels any good?

Yes, Jayco 5th wheels are very good travel trailers with a great reputation among RVers. Jayco 5th wheel trailers are built with the best materials and respect proven processes such as Stronghold VBL vacuum laminated walls, the Magnum Truss roof structure that can support 50% more weight than the competition and Strong chassis Foundation that are tailor-made for each model.

Are Jayco caravans good?

According to many travel enthusiasts, Jayco caravans are indeed good motorhomes. The quality of Jayco products is what makes them particularly reliable. The materials and technology used in the design of their products are of the highest quality.

Are Jayco campers insulated?

Yes, Jayco campers are insulated and offer both great thermal and acoustic insulation. The Jayco thermal package is an optional package that can be added to almost any Jayco camper.

Is Jayco better than Forest River?

It is difficult to say whether Jayco is better than Forest River or vice versa, as both companies make good quality RVs, with a striking design and many, many happy customers. 


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