Are Jayco 5th wheels any good?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are Jayco 5th wheels any good? We will present and review the Jayco 5th wheel trailers, discussing what makes them so popular. We will also review a popular Jayco toy haulier model, for those of you who need more space when travelling!

Are Jayco 5th wheels any good?

Yes, Jayco 5th wheels are very good travel trailers with a great reputation among RVers. Jayco 5th wheel trailers are built with the best materials and respect proven processes such as Stronghold VBL vacuum laminated walls, the Magnum Truss roof structure that can support 50% more weight than the competition and Strong chassis Foundation that are tailor-made for each model.

Among the Jayco fifth-wheel trailers offered, you will find the Eagle series, the North Point and Pinnacle 5th wheels. These trailers are designed to suit half-ton trucks with a towing capacity and an often shorter box. For long-term occupancy and maximum space, the North Point and Pinnacle Fifth 5th wheels will be perfect with even more spacious configurations and many amenities to offer you the same quality of life as at home!

If you take your ATV, side-by-side or motorcycle with you, Jayco fifth wheel trailers also offer two ranges to meet your needs, the Seismic, which is more compact, and the Seismic Luxury Series which is longer and better equipped for extra-cargo.

Jayco 5th wheels specs

Trailer modelSleeping CapacityLengthWeightMSRP
Eagle HT Fifth WheelUp to 10 people29′ 2″ – 37′ 27,980 – 10,570 lbs.$57,225
Eagle Fifth WheelUp to 11 people36′ 2″ – 42′ 0″10,580 – 13,250 lbs.$78,335
North Point Fifth WheelUp to 10 people36′ 2″ – 44′ 0″12,180 – 14,545 lbs.$100,650
Pinnacle Fifth WheelUp to 8 people36′ 6″ – 44′ 4″12,900 – 15,195 lbs.$113,118
Seismic Toy HaulerUp to 8 people41′ 7″ – 41′ 7″12,730 – 12,730 lbs.$137,168

Jayco Eagle fifth-wheel trailers 

Jayco’s reputation is well established, they have been manufacturing recreational vehicles for over 50 years now, ranging from trailers to class A motorhomes. The Eagle line includes two ranges, the regular “Eagle” and the “Eagle” HT “suitable for 1/2 ton trucks. Both ranges are offered in classic Eagle HT and Eagle trailers and in Eagle HT and Eagle fifth-wheel trailers, some of the most luxurious and well-equipped in their class, and here’s why!

Then all the walls, including those of the extensions, are made of fibreglass laminated with styrofoam insulation and have an aluminum structure. Jayco’s lamination process is named Stronghold VBL ™, the fibreglass is vacuum laminated for better material adhesion and increased strength and durability. 

The front of the Eagle has a painted moulded fibreglass cap with integrated LED lights, which is insulated with a radiant membrane. The walls are covered with a “Gel-Coat” coating and the front cap of the fifth wheel is painted. The Eagle features tinted frameless windows, providing more privacy while occupying the fifth wheel, and a self-adhesive design is affixed throughout the trailer for a distinguished look. For even better insulation, it is possible to replace standard windows with thermos windows.

The chassis is closed by a membrane protecting the tanks and equipment from road debris. In addition to mineral wool insulation, the interior of the membrane is heated to prevent freezing that can occur on cooler nights. Then, a 5/8 plywood floor is affixed to the frame of the fifth wheel, along with an Astro-Foil ™ membrane for insulation. The top of the main floor and extension floor is covered with Shaw® vinyl siding that mimics wood for a chic look. The floor of the Eagle’s extensions is also insulated with Astro-Foil ™ membrane.

Jayco Eagle HT fifth-wheel trailers

The Eagle HT fifth-wheel range offers the most compact and lightweight models manufactured by Jayco in this RV segment. The Eagle HTs are designed to suit ½ ton trucks that have more limited towing and cargo capacity, while still offering the features of the original Eagle fifth-wheel trailers. If you like more of the classic trailer type, the Eagle HT and Eagle are also offered in trailers with the same quality and equipment!

The Eagle HT is ready for whatever your camping adventure has in store for you, starting with the route to get! It has Goodyear® Endurance® tires with aluminum rims and a spare tire of the same brand which is installed under the frame, a MORryde® CRE-3000 ™ rubber block suspension, reinforced tandem links, Dexter® axles, Nev-R-Adjust® brakes and EZ Lube® hubs. 

Since ½-ton trucks often have a 6.5-foot box, the Eagle HT features a TrailAir Turning Point swivel hitch box that allows for better cornering clearance. Finally, for those vigilant travellers, you can add a tire pressure monitoring system and as well as a rear and two side camera, the Eagle HT is prepared to be equipped later if you do not select this option.

Jayco North Point Fifth-Wheel Trailers

The North Point is a premium fifth-wheel trailer manufactured by Jayco. Just like the fifth wheel Pinnacle also from Jayco, it does not leave its place with its meticulous construction, it’s more than complete equipment and its quality interior finish. Buying a Jayco fifth wheel has brought peace of mind, it is not for nothing that Jayco is the most recognized manufacturer and the best known for the quality of its RVs.

It is difficult to talk about the exterior equipment of the North Point fifth wheel without mentioning its road equipment; Goodyear® Endurance® tires with aluminum rims and pressure monitoring system, Goodyear® Endurance® spare tire mounted under the frame, Dexter® axles, Nev-R-Adjust® brakes, EZ Lube hubs ®, a MORryde® CRE-3000 ™ suspension, reinforced tandem links and a MORryde® hitch box. 

Standard brakes can be replaced with optional hydraulic disc brakes. It is possible to equip the North Point with an observation system including a rear camera and side cameras for easier lane changes and reversing, whether or not the option is selected, the fifth wheel is prepared to be fitted with the system at a later date. Finally, you can have a 2-inch receiver installed at the back to install a bike rack, a storage box or the like.

Jayco Pinnacle Fifth-Wheel Trailers

Pinnacle fifth-wheel trailers manufactured by Jayco are among the most luxurious on the market. Jayco is a brand renowned for the quality of its products, and the Pinnacle line is the pinnacle of what Jayco offers, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics! If you are interested in Jayco’s high-end fifth wheel, you might also be interested in the North Point fifth wheel range.

The Pinnacle fifth wheel is equipped with the Jayco 5 Star Drive Package, this package includes; 7000-pound Dexter® axles, Nev-R-Adjust® brakes that do not require periodic adjustment, E-Z Lube® hubs and Goodyear® Endurance® tires with aluminum rims. This set also includes a MORryde®LRE4000 suspension, a MORryde® hitch box for a smooth and comfortable ride. 

Finally, a spare Goodyear® Endurance® tire is placed under the frame and the fifth wheel is fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system. For even more performance, you can equip the Pinnacle with hydraulic disc brakes.

Jayco Seismic Toy Hauler

The Seismic trailer range is the largest and most luxurious offered by Jayco in this segment. They combine Jayco’s superior craftsmanship, luxury amenities, clever configurations, a more than practical garage section and endless options allowing you to tailor the Seismic to your camping style!

The exterior equipment of the Seismic is complete and can be customized to your needs with a host of options! First, the Seismic cargo fifth wheel comes equipped with Jayco’s 5-star road equipment package, which includes: MORryde® RPB hitch box, MORryde® CRE-3000 ™ suspension, tires Goodyear® Endurance® with aluminum rims, spare tire, Dexter® axles with 4,000-pound springs, EZ Lube® hubs and Nev-R-Adjust® brakes which can be replaced with hydraulic disc brakes in option. 

A tire pressure monitoring system is also installed on all Seismic toy haulers. Preparation for an observation system including a rear camera and two side cameras is also standard, the system itself being optional. No matter where you go, the Seismic can follow you!

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As you can see, there are plenty of Jayco 5th wheels to choose from, each one with its specifics and unique features that will make your camping trip so much more enjoyable! If you want to know more about each of the Jayco with wheels you can go ahead and read our articles on the same topic, or you can visit the Jayco website.

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to get in contact!

FAQ on Are Jayco 5th wheels any good?

What is the smallest Jayco fifth wheel? 

The smallest Jayco fifth-wheel trailer is the Eagle HT fifth-wheel trailer. It weighs between 7,460 lbs and 10,110 lbs and has eight-floor plans.

Are Jayco caravans good?

According to many travel enthusiasts, Jayco caravans are indeed good motorhomes. The quality of Jayco products is what makes them particularly reliable. The materials and technology used in the design of their products are of the highest quality.

How long do Jayco trailers last?

On average, Jayco trailers last up to 25 years. Of course, the lifespan of your motorhome will depend on how you maintain it, in the first place.


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