Are hybrid campers cold? (9 tips to stay warm)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Are hybrid campers cold? We will give you a few simple tips to stay warm in a camper even in bad weather. 

Are hybrid campers cold?

Winter nights in a hybrid camper can get quite cold. The camper has little isolation from the canvas walls and keeps warm in the middle section due to the heater, but you will feel at least chilly in the pop-up part of the camper. Also, you must be careful during strong winds as the canvas extension can be vulnerable during bad weather.

Not all is bad news, however, as in this article you will find many ways to keep warm in your hybrid camper! 

How to keep warm in a hybrid camper

The key to keeping warm in a hybrid camper is to block the cold air from getting in, thus isolating it. We offer a few alternatives:

  1. Aluminum sheets: Aluminum reflects 98% of infrared rays and is also an excellent acoustic insulator. There are self-adhesive sheets, and if not you must use a high thermal resistance glue adhesive.
  1. Foams or air bubbles: It should be a minimum of 20 millimeters thick, and the best insulating material is elastomeric foam. The best known brands are Kaiflex or Armaflex. They resist high temperatures without degrading. They must have the necessary thickness to create a good vapor barrier and avoid condensation due to temperature difference.
  1. Insulate the roof: Being a horizontal surface, the ceiling does not drain as well the water accumulated by condensation, and therefore care must be taken not to leave any sheet metal surface in the air. 

A thick layer of insulation must be well adhered to avoid the difference in temperature between one side and the other and that mist is not created. The first layer will be aluminum or another aluminized and waterproof material. 

The second layer will be a foam or multilayer. It must be at least 20 millimetres thick and must adhere well to the entire surface and avoid air pockets. The thickness of the set of insulating layers must be 3 or 4 centimetres.

  1. Cover the walls: If you have chosen elastomeric foam, you can buy the 2-centimetre foam and forget about other materials, except the essential first layer of aluminium. Make sure you have good duct tape on hand to seal each line. Air is like water and can seep into any hole, no matter how tiny.

More tips to avoid feeling cold in a hybrid camper

We all know that the top part of the hybrid camper is where the coldest enters (beware, and also more heat), so we lose 20/30% of the heat generated by the furnace, it is very noticeable when driving and also when standing still. Here are our recommendations:

  • Insulate the dashboard. There are only a few screws and we will access the top and side of the cabin. We will buy good insulation based on pressed foams (they sell it in any construction store), and we will fill in the spaces, which are many, where we can place the insulation. 

The difference is incredible, both the cold and the heat are left out, and in addition, we get good acoustic insulation of the engine and of the noises that are produced when driving on the roads.

  • Insulate the top. If we go to the snow or very cold places, it is also possible to insulate the top. This insulation covers the entire dashboard and reaches the ground, also preventing the entry of cold through the multiple holes that the cabin has on its front part. 
  • Use an exterior thermal protector. For windows, we recommend the exterior thermal protector since it really prevents the crystals from getting cold or hot in the sun. These are very easy to place and if it is windy, they incorporate tensioners so that they do not move. 

If you go to very cold places, the Fiamma ThermoGlass is a very good option, since it covers the entire cabin, from the windows to the floor.

  • Insulation of the skylight. Through the skylights, it is also very cold, and as the air passes through, the interior heat also escapes, so we recommend the Fiamma kit for Fiamma 40 X 40 skylights. face, and in the middle, a thermal fabric is placed to protect from inclement weather.

Another very simple and cheap way to avoid the entry of cold in skylights is by placing the “external thermal insulation by the meter, cutting it to size and placing it between the glass and the blackout, and you can place it in all of them, whatever the size.

  • Insulate the floor with rugs. Some rugs on the floor will help to give more comfort and will also help you to better conserve the ambient heat.

 Tips to avoid being too hot in the hybrid camper

Because vice versa is always a possibility, here are a few tips that will help you keep an ideal temperature inside the hybrid camper:

  1. Pick a cool spot. We recommend that you avoid driving during the hottest hours, it is best to leave first thing in the morning. But, above all, the most important thing is to choose where to spend the night. Choose the place that has the most shade in the morning and, therefore, is cooler.
  1. Ventilate. You should ventilate the motorhome by opening the windows from time to time. Along the way, it would not hurt to stop a couple of times during the journey to open doors and windows if this were necessary.
  1. Let the engine cool. To sleep in the motorhome, it is best to spend a long time turning off the engine until you go to bed. It should take at least two hours if you want to avoid as much heat as possible.
  1. Use fan with ice. Another trick to rest and not get too hot is to place a bowl of ice in front of a fan.

The bottom line

With these simple tricks, you will be able to maximize the use of the heating and prevent the cold from stopping your travel. Do you have any questions or want to add any tips on how to travel comfortably with a hybrid camper? Let us know!

FAQ on Are hybrid campers cold?

Are caravans cold in winter?

Yes, caravans can get quite cold in winter, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot travel during the cold time of the year. As long as you are well-prepared, you can live and travel in a caravan no matter the weather. 

How do I prepare my caravan for wintering?

Here are a few tips to prepare your caravan for wintering:

  1. Empty the water heater. 
  2. Empty and clean the toilet tanks. 
  3. Remove the gas cylinder (s). 
  4. Put the windows in the ventilation position. 
  5. Open the bathroom door. 
  6. Do not unscrew the feet. 
  7. Do not put plastic sheeting on the caravan. 
  8. Put the clean trailer in the garage.

How to protect a caravan in winter?

The first solution is the most economical: the protective cover. It covers a caravan that usually sleeps outside. It is never advisable to leave a motorhome outdoors for a long period, it is damaged and degrades more quickly (bodywork, gaskets, batteries, tires, etc.)


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