Are Hobby caravans legal in the UK? (all about Hobby caravans)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Are Hobby caravans legal in the UK? We will tell you which Hobby caravan versions can be towed in the UK and which can’t. 

Are Hobby caravans legal in the UK?

Most Hobby caravans are legal in the UK, with the exception of several versions and models, which you can identify in the tables below. The reason behind this is that in the UK, you cannot tow a caravan longer than 7m with a category B driver’s licence. 

The law explains that if the length of the trailer exceeds 7 meters, then it must be towed by a commercial van. The good news, however, is that the 7 m rule doesn’t include the A-frame. Thus, the body length of your caravan should not exceed the above-mentioned limit. 

Hobby De Luxe caravans legal to tow in the UK

SeriesBody length (cm)Legal to tow in the UK
380 TB450 Yes
400 SF470 Yes
400 SFe474Yes
420 KB501 Yes
440 SF507Yes
460 UFe555Yes
490 KMF580Yes
495 UL604Yes
540 UL622Yes
540 KMFe636Yes
545 KMF636Yes
560 KMFe644Yes
560 CFe644Yes
650 KMFe726No

Hobby Excellent caravans legal to tow in the UK

SeriesBody length (cm)Legal to tow in the UK
455 UG540Yes
460 LU540Yes
460 UFe555Yes
490 SFi580Yes
495 UFe568Yes
540 UFe604Yes
540 WLU618Yes
560 UL618Yes
560 KMFe644Yes
560 UF1644Yes
560 CFe644Yes

Hobby Prestige caravans legal to tow in the UK

SeriesBody length (cm)Legal to tow in the UK
455 UF540Yes
495 UL604Yes
560 WLU642Yes
560 UL644Yes
610 UL693Yes
650 UMFe726No
650 WFU726No
650 KFU731No
720 UKFe796No
720 KFU796No

Hobby Landhaus caravans legal to tow in the UK

SeriesBody lengthLegal to tow in the UK
770 CFe776No
770 CL776No

Hobby Premium caravans legal to tow in the UK

SeriesBody lengthLegal to tow in the UK
440 SFr549Yes
460 UFe595Yes
495 UL643Yes
540 UFe655Yes
540 KMFe671Yes
560 UL684Yes
560 WLU684Yes
560 CFe684Yes
610 UL727No
650 UKFe771No
650 UFI766No
720 UML830No

What licence do I need to tow a Hobby caravan? 

Most Hobby caravan can be towed with a B licence. When the weight of the caravan is less than 750 kg or when it is greater than 750 kg but the weight of the whole is less than 3,500 kg, use your B licence.

If the caravan weighs more than 750 kg and the set exceeds 3500 kg, you will have to get a B + E licence. 

Driving a caravan is not easy. Keep in mind that we will be adding hundreds of extra kilograms to our car, so reaction times and overtaking change substantially. In the same way, it must be taken into account that the length is also greater and the manoeuvres are more complicated. It is logical, therefore, that not all caravans can be driven with a B licence. 

Also, keep in mind that speed limits also change. Thus, on secondary roads, the maximum speed at which we can move will be 80 km/h, although where we will notice the difference the most will be on motorways, where the limit is lowered to 90 km / h. And caravans weighing more than 750 kg must be registered and have their own insurance.

Are Hobby caravans good?

Today, Hobby is a recognized European leader in the production of caravans. The volume of production of Hobby caravans has always exceeded the volumes of competing companies.

The history of the Hobby Caravan begins in the distant 1967 – the year of its foundation. When the 1972 UEFA Football Championship was held in Germany, Hobby had already launched the 5000th caravan. For the first time, a galvanized chassis was used on it. 

A little later, in 1973, another innovation occurred – Hobby began to produce a caravan with an automatic rolling brake system. In 1976 Hobby produced the 25,000th caravan and in 1982 it became the largest caravan manufacturing plant in Europe.

Hobby constantly presents and introduces various innovations into production. In 1983, Hobby introduced the combined sun and mosquito shades for windows. In 1984, the legendary Hobby 600 semi-integrated motorhome was launched on the market.

The introduction of the cassette toilet in 1987 was another milestone in the caravanning industry, while Hobby launched its 15,000th caravan. In 1988, when no one imagined that East Germany would go down in history, Hobby launched the Excellent 495 UL.

Two years later, the 200,000th Hobby caravan rolled off the assembly line, and in 1994 the company produced the 250,000th caravan. In 1996, Hobby presented the concept of “All-inclusive”: complete equipment of the caravan with equipment, with a relatively small weight. This concept was taken over by many companies in the late 90s.

The Excellent series in such a light version of the beginning has been produced since 1999. In 2003, the company opened an ultra-modern caravan factory in Fockbek. Models such as Siesta, Toscana and Van Exclusive were produced in this factory. Another significant event took place in 2009 when the Hobby plant produced the half-million model of the caravan – Excellent 495 UL.

In 2013, Hobby introduced a new series of Premium caravans with a futuristic streamlined design. A little later, this concept was picked up by other leading European factories: Knaus Tabbert, Fendt, Dethleffs.

Today, the model range of caravans consists of several series: light and budget OnTour and DeLuxe, medium Excellent, large and roomy Prestige, futuristic Premium and a real mobile home – Landhaus.

The bottom line

Some Hobby caravans are not legal to tow in the UK, as their length exceeds 7 meters. However, if you hold a B+E licence or you are towing with a commercial van, it is legal to tow above the 7 m rule. 

Hobby caravans are good quality motorhomes and worth the investment. When towing a Hobby caravan, drive slowly and cautiously. As you begin to drive with the caravan, become familiar with the overall dynamics of the vehicle and the trailer as a whole. 

Test the brakes and learn how to calculate stopping distances. Pay close attention to traffic signs, take curves at low speeds, and generally change direction with subtlety.

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FAQ on Are Hobby caravans legal in the UK?

Can I tow a caravan longer than 7m in the UK?

In the UK, you cannot tow a caravan longer than 7m with a category B driver’s licence. The 7 meters limit refers to the body length and not overall length, which means that it doesn’t include the ‘A’ frame in front of the caravan which can be quite long on some models.  

What caravan Weight Can I tow?

You can legally tow a caravan weight of 3500 kgs or 3.5 tonnes. Each car make and model have a specific towing limit for both braked and unbraked trailers.  

Can you increase a vehicle’s towing capacity?

You can’t increase a vehicle’s towing capacity as they are engineered with a specific capability. Some cars weren’t designed for towing at all!

How do you tell if you are towing too much?

You know that you are towing too much if you are over the GCWR and if your vehicle is leaning, or there is lots of bounce when you hit bumps along the road.


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