Are Heartland RVs any good? (the great and the poor)

In today’s article, we will discuss the following topic: Are Heartland RVs any good? We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Heartland RV.

Are Heartland RVs any good?

Heartland has a reputation for good, inspiring RV designs, durable construction and always affordable value. Heartland protects your investment with one of the highest RV resale values ​​in its class. 

Heartland became the third-largest retail fifth wheel manufacturer in the world in less than five years. We can say that nothing beats an original product and that Heartland is a leader in innovation, quality, style and value. 

Want to know more about the Heartland RVs? See the tables below.

Heartland Travel Trailers Specs

ModelPrice starting fromLengthWeight
North Trailer Ultra Light $28,05022′4,534 lbs
Trail Runner$21,38425’4,502lbs

Heartland Fifth Wheels Specs

ModelPrice starting fromLengthWeight
Landmark$140,58043′15,089 lbs
Big Country$73,10336′12,255lbs

Heartland  Toy Haulers Specs

ModelPrice starting fromLengthWeight
Road Warrior$107,99341′14,412lbs

What makes Heartland RVs different

The background: Heartland’s founding partners have over 125 years of combined manufacturing experience. They know RVs and are passionate about what they do – taking advice and feedback from RVers and designing some of the most innovative fifth wheels on the market!

Commitment to their customers: At Heartland, they do everything they can to provide the best customer service every day. Heartland keeps abreast of customer needs through commentary at exhibitions, factory tours, phone calls, emails, owner forums, rallies and letters. This information is shared with the Heartland leadership team once a week to discuss opportunities for immediate improvement.

Innovation: Heartland targets next-generation engineering. Their innovative patented turning radius, universal stationing centres and unmatched warehousing are testaments to our innovation. Heartland does not settle for their past achievements and continually seeks creative solutions to meet customer desires and market challenges by developing better components for overall quality and safety.

Functionality: Heartland RVs are designed for quick and easy diagnosis of critical parts and components. Each caravan has clearly marked lines and connections. In addition, they have simple lubrication pins, a removable panel for the water pump, a water heater and a power converter including blown fuse indicators.

Quality: With more extensive testing and quality control standards and testing in place throughout the production process, the goal of Heartland RVs is to set the standard for quality. Heartland’s philosophy is simple: “If it’s worth doing, it’s got to be done right the first time.

The care: While Heartland may not be able to satisfy everyone all of the time, they have a great track record with most of their owners because the efforts on their behalf prove that Heartland really cares.

The benefits of Heartland RVs also include  the following:

  • Factory-installed awning;
  • Air conditioner;
  • Large capacity fresh water and wastewater tanks;
  • Insulated or heated waste water tank (if you also want to use the motorhome in winter);
  • Quality mattresses for a comfortable sleep;
  • Fixings for child seats (if small children are accompanying you);
  • Bicycle rack;
  • Mosquito net for the access door and the rear door;
  • Solar installation;
  • Satellite installation;
  • Secret compartment, safe (possibly several).

Common Heartland RV issues and customer complaints

As with every RV manufacturer, Heartland has had some technical issues registered with certain models. Please see some notorious examples below, just to know what you are facing. 

  1. Models: Bighorn Traveler & Cyclone 2020

On some classic caravans, the front crutches could be poorly supported. As a result, the crutches could warp and cause the front of the trailer to lower when parked. 

Safety  Risks: A suddenly lowering trailer could create a risk of injury.

  1. Models: Bighorn Traveler & Cyclone 2020

On certain classic caravans, the front crutches could be poorly supported. As a result, the crutches could warp and cause the front of the trailer to lower when parked. 

Safety Risks: A suddenly lowering trailer could create a risk of injury.

  1. Models: Bighorn Traveler 2016–2020; Elk Ridge 2016–2020; Milestone 2016–2020; North Peak 2017–2018; Oakmount 2016–2017; Pioneer 2018–2020; Prowler 2016–2018; Sundance 2017–2019; Sundance XLT 2017–2019

In some classic caravans, the electrical connection for the air conditioning unit (s) may have been incorrectly assembled. As a result, the connection could overheat, which could increase the chances of starting a fire.

  1. Models: 2019 Elk Ridge, Elk Ridge Express, Milestone, Pioneer, Sundance and Sundance XT.

Certain fifth-wheel trailers may not meet the requirements of the American Motor Vehicle Safety Standard – Lighting System and Retroreflective Devices. The front reflectors on one or both sides of the vehicle could be missing, contrary to the requirements of the standard. This could make the vehicle less visible and increase the risk of an accident injuring someone or damaging property.

  1. Models: Mallard, North Trail Pioneer, Prowler, Sundance XLT Travel Trailer, Trail Runner and Wilderness 2019

On certain conventional trailers, the axle bearings may not have been installed properly. This could cause the bearings to overheat and fail, which could cause a wheel to come off. Detaching a wheel could cause a loss of control and an accident.

In addition, the wheel could strike another vehicle, a stationary object or a person located nearby, which could injure someone or damage property.

The bottom line

When looking for a recreational vehicle it is very important not to make mistakes and therefore to seek sound advice on the vehicle that interests us. This purchase is in many cases a vehicle to keep for several years in order to fully benefit from it. 

This is the reason why it is essential to observe the quality of the product we acquire and this quality can be observed by simple facts such as the material used for the roof or the thickness of the manufacture of the walls etc.

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FAQ on Are Heartland RVs any good?

Who makes the Heartland RV?

Heartland RVs are made by Thor Industries in Elkhart, Indiana. The company was originally founded in 2003 by former Damon Corp. CEO Brian Brady.

What are the worst RV brands?

The following are considered the worst RV brands currently on the market:

  • Thor Hurricane.
  • Coachmen.
  • Gulfstream.
  • Forest River.
  • Fleetwood.
  • Winnebago.

Who is the biggest RV manufacturer?

The biggest RV manufacturer at the moment is Thor Industries. They make conventional travel trailers; fifth wheels; truck and folding campers; and Class A, B, and C motorhomes.

How to choose the right RV?

To choose the right RV, it is also necessary to look at two important criteria: the authorized total vehicle weight (GVWR) and the authorized total weight. 

How to buy a used RV?

To know everything about the past life of your future RV, ask good questions to the salesperson! There are three documents that the seller must give you: registration card, sales certificate and situation certificate … There is no technical inspection for RVs.


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