Are Hawk horse trailers aluminum?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are Hawk horse trailers aluminum? We will shortly review the Hawk horse trailers and then discuss whether all-aluminum or galvanized steel trailers are better. 

Are Hawk horse trailers aluminum?

Hawk horse trailers have an aluminum coating over a galvanized steel frame. The roof of Hawk horse trailer is made of seamless fiberglass and reinforced with galvanized tubing that ensures its durability and high-quality. Hawk does not have any all-aluminum horse trailers in stock, however you can choose from their 26 standard models or even order a custom-made trailer. Hawk puts at your disposition:

  • Bumper Pull Horse Trailers (with or without dressing rooms; walkthrough or slant loading)
  • Gooseneck Horse Trailers (with or without dressing rooms; walkthrough, slant loading, side ramp)
  • Horse trailers with or without Living Quarters ( 9 ft to 12 ft short wall trailers).

Hawk is a well-known and respected manufacturer in the industry that builds superior horse trailers, with strong and durable materials. The debate whether all-aluminum or steel horse trailers are better is long disputed. We are going to review the pros and cons of all-aluminum and galvanized steel trailers, but before that, let’s briefly review the Hawk horse trailers.

Hawk horse trailers features and building quality

The very popular Hawk horse trailers are a walkthrough style, straight load, with a dressing room. Standard features on Hawk trailers include a heavy-duty low angle rear ramp, insulated upper top, doors with windows and lots of storage space. 

The ramp construction is substantial, the built-in frames across the button make it easy to load and unload your horse(s). Lockable paths are stainless steel, with aluminum on the outside. The top doors have stainless steel positive latches and can also be locked. 

There is a standard loading light, a switch on the outside for the inside lights and the fenders are covered and full diamond plate to protect from scratch. Each side of the trailer has a full height 30 inch insulated escape door with continuous stainless steel.

There is also a self charging breakaway system and a separate fuse box for all the wiring.  The inside lights are LEDs and, of course, Hawk always includes a spare tire, matte rubber wall liner pads, feed bags and everything else you may need to haul safely. 

Back to the horse area it is worth pointing out that the entire trailer is very well insulated, there is a see-through tubular head divider as a standard, as well as a fan. The exterior aluminum color choices are white or silver, no matter the trim color. The top of the roof  of each Hawk horse trailer is coated in white marine gel coat. 

Are aluminum horse trailers better/safer? 

Overall, all-aluminum horse trailers are safe, but in a crash, we believe that a steel trailer would offer more protection than aluminum or fiberglass. We’ll explain better the differences between all three materials below. But first, let’s see what are the advantages of an all-aluminum horse trailer:

  1. All aluminum trailers are made of metal, except the axles and hitch. This makes them more durable. 
  2. They are more expensive than steel trailers and have a higher resale value even after years of use. 
  3. Aluminum trailers are also lighter than steel ones. In fact, a three horse aluminum gooseneck weighs about one horse less than the same size steel trailer or about 1000 pounds. Depending on your towing vehicle, that weight difference can be significant in the handling of your vehicle and trailer. 
  4. Aluminum trailers rust in time, but their bright shine can be restored with an acid wash that is usually done by professionals.
  5. And finally, for the comparison, fiberglass trailers are not as common as steel or aluminum trailers, they are generally tag trailers and are the lightest type of trailers you can buy. Their running gear is usually made of steel.

All of these options can make your task seem overwhelming. The best way to answer what type of trailer is to define what your needs are. If you are going to show for the long haul then your first choice should be an aluminum gooseneck trailer. Showing generally requires traveling long distances. 

An aluminum trailer is lighter than steel, making it easier to tow and saving fuel. And a gooseneck trailer tracks better than a tag trailer behind the tow vehicle. That is very important when transporting in windy conditions. If you are looking to move your horses locally or around your ranch or farm, then a steel trailer might work well and will save money on your purchase.

Are Hawk galvanized steel trailers better/safer?

From many points of view, yes, Hawk’s galvanized steel trailers are better than all-aluminum trailers for other manufacturers. 

Galvanized trailers are made from steel that has gone through a chemical process that prevents corrosion; galvanized steel is the result of hot-dip galvanizing.

The procedure coats the steel with a thin layer of zinc, a protective metal whose rust will not be able to attack. By immersing the steel in a bath of pure zinc that has been melted at a temperature of about 460˚C (860˚F), the ensuing chemical reaction fuses the zinc and the steel. Unlike paint, zinc does not only act as a sealer by coating steel, but zinc becomes a permanent part of the steel.

The outer layer of galvanized steel is primarily zinc; the subsequent layers are a combination of zinc and iron, and the inner layer is pure steel. These multiple layers endow galvanized steel with the amazing ability to resist corrosion.

Here are the top 10 reasons to choose a Hawk galvanized horse trailer:

  1. Great freedom of creation;
  2. Outstanding mechanical performance;
  3. Unparalleled durability;
  4. Resistance to all weather;
  5. Ready-to-use products;
  6. Galvanization + powder coating: doubly protected products;
  7. A resolutely sustainable process;
  8. Full protection;
  9. An economical solution;
  10. Durability and reliability. 

Galvanizing is the electrochemical process by which one metal can be covered with another. The function of galvanizing is to protect the surface of the metal on which the process is carried out.

Galvanization also improves paint resistance by 20 to 50% and also generates fewer carbon emissions. One coat of paint is sufficient in the application process. Steel is therefore a very good answer for earthquake protection (iron is predictable and calculable): less energy, less maintenance

Technical questions to ask when buying a horse trailer

When buying a horse trailer there is more to think about then if its farm is all-aluminum or steel made. Here is a list of other factors you should think about, and, spoiler alert, some of them may matter more than the base material!

  1. What type of floor to choose? Composite (plastic – perennial), wood (weathering) or aluminum (perennial in full as opposed to simple covering). The solidity of the floor is essential, not to mention the urine and dung which greatly acidify the floor and which are responsible for its wear, especially on wood.
  1.  Comfort/suspensions: The trailer should combine comfort, flexibility, solidity, or more conventional torsion axles, for comfort the manufacturers are adding shock absorbers.
  1. Several rear finishes: classic bridge, bridge / door or door. Easy exit at the door or on the front side bridge. 
  1. Details: What about the vents, side windows that can be opened or not, skylight, etc. Side padding is not essential if the trailer is flexible to drive. Finishes such as obliques (on XL van) which provide better stability to the horse depending on the horse trailer brands.
  1.  Upholstery integrated at the front or fixed, roller or door upholstery (brings weight to the door and the hinges).
  1. A Wireless Camera will allow you to monitor your horse during the trip.
  1. The durability of your horse trailer: the more you choose a quality structure, the longer it lasts. For example, Hawk offers a “cage” structure which makes the horse trailer much more rigid.


As explained above, while Hawk horse trailers do have an aluminum finish, they are built on a galvanized steel frame and have a fiberglass roof. Galvanized horse trailers are totally worth it as they require very little maintenance and will last a very long time, so do not hesitate to do your research and see the available options on Hawk’s official website

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to get in contact!

FAQ on Are Hawk horse trailers aluminum?

What horse trailers are all aluminum?

The following are all-aluminum horse trailers:

  • Featherlite
  • Sooner
  • Sundowner
  • Exiss
  • Eby.

Which is better: steel or aluminum horse trailers?

Most horse owners agree that steel is better than aluminum horse trailers. They are considered to be safer and easier to tow, especially in high winds. Steel horse trailers, on the other hand, have a longer lifespan and are easier to maintain. 

How to clean a galvanized trailer?

It is easy to clean a galvanized trailer: If white or milky deposits appear, you should brush and wash them with a CLR type or vinegar-based cleanser. Rinse and pat dry.

How to paint a galvanized trailer?

If you want to repaint a galvanized trailer, you must first ‘remove it’, i.e. pass a special product before painting it, this product will allow the paint to hold onto the zinc, otherwise, it will not hold 2 seasons.

How to protect galvanized steel?

Galvanizing is the most durable method of protecting metal from corrosion. The metal is immersed in a zinc bath, which gives it a protective layer. If this layer is damaged, the metal underneath will start to rust.


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