Are Goldstar caravans made in China?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are Goldstar caravans made in China? We will also review the Goldstar brand and take a look at one of their most popular RVs, the Goldstar Maverick. 

Are Goldstar caravans made in China?

Yes, Goldstar caravans are made in China. Other popular caravans and camper trailer manufacturers based in Australia with production facilities in China are Snowy River, MDC, EzyTrail, Mars and Fantasy campers. 

Goldstar caravans make 18 ft, 20 ft and 21 ft caravans. You can browse their website for the currently available models or you can order a custom-fit caravan. If you go for the last option you may have to wait up to 12 weeks to finally receive the product!

Are Goldstar caravans good?

Yes, Goldstar caravans are a good, reliable and smart option. These campers are built of high-quality materials, are entirely customisable, strong and a good value for money. 

Goldstar caravans are made from aluminum which makes them more resistant in time, less susceptible to rot and decay. You can also choose from models that are best suited for families, couples, off-road or semi-off road caravans, multi-terrain, full ensuite, with or without independent suspensions. 

Of course, Goldstar caravans are far from perfect, and in our research on the topic we have found the following issues to be the most frequent when it comes to Goldstar caravans:

  • Most Goldstar caravans are front heavy:  this translates to the fact that all the storage space is at the front, the batteries are stored in the front as well, with no storage space whatsoever at the rear of the caravan. This can be a towing issue as the caravan is already quite heavy, making it quite difficult to level the weight in the RV and to haul safely. 
  • You must be careful with Goldstar larger caravans as they consume more fuel. You have to be mindful of fuel consumption, especially if you plan on staying off-grid for a couple of days (or even weeks). 
  • There were quite a few Goldstar RV owners that complained that the fridge in the caravan (the Nova fridge) had some issues with holding its temperature. It uses a bit of power as well, so be mindful about that and perhaps consider alternative energy for your caravan.  
  • Although they claim to be leak-proof, plenty of Goldstar caravans have leak issues and they come from the windows: kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. This can further create mold or rot problems, which is something you must avoid at all costs in an RV. 

As you can see, there are pros and cons of Goldstar caravans, but these have nothing to do with the fact that they are produced in China! We have written many reviews on RV manufacturers and we can wholeheartedly say that each one of them had its advantages and its downsides. 

A walkthrough: Goldstar Maverick Multi-Terrain 

The 20 foot Goldstar Maverick is one of the brand’s most popular RV. It can also come as an 18 ft or 21 ft caravan, with different layouts to satisfy almost any need and preference.

Outside features:

  • All Goldstar Maverick RVs come standard with an AL-KO swivel hitch, three and a half-ton. The biggest advantage of this type of hitch is that it is quite maneuverable. You can stick a brake bar in there and use it to manually adjust the way that your caravan is pointing.  All Goldstar caravans also come standard with a large toolbox on the front, fully lockable, with quite a lot of space in there to throw your extension leads, your hoses jockey, wheel and so on.
  • In the front of the Goldstar Maverick, there are two gas bottles, one on either side and then all the caravans will also come standard with protection on the front and sides just to shield your caravan when you are traveling off-road. 
  • The walls of the Goldstar Maverick are made from an aluminum composite panel. They are very well insulated so you’ll find in summer and winter it really keeps the inside of the caravan at the temperature that you want it to be. It’s not going to heat up too quickly and it’s not going to get too cold too quickly. 
  • Most of the Goldstar caravans have a similar sort of layout on the side, so you’ll almost always find that end wind tunnel boot going all the way through.  There is plenty of space to fit a slide-out kitchen or a barbeque. Inside the caravan, there is a fold-down picnic table, a great space for outside food preparation.   
  • Goldstar caravans will come standard with a rollout awning that is entirely customizable. Also standard are the alloy wheels and two spares. At the rear end of the caravan, you’ll see we have quite a nice setup with a big heavy-duty rear bar and two spare tires mounted on the back. 
  • Also from the outside, you can access a lot of the caravan’s plumbing equipment. You have the toilet cassette, an external shower which will come standard on most Goldstar caravans, the water pump filler and the gray water tank.  
  • All Mavericks will come standard with independent suspension and that’s a great feature if you want to go camping off-road and be able to keep the caravan as stable as possible on rocky roads. 

Inside features:

  • Inside the bedroom of a Goldstar Maverick, you’ll first notice the Queen-size bed that’s able to slide out an extra foot, so you have a full seven feet of length. You also have plenty of storage under the bed, overhead reading lights, 12-volt USB chargers and cigarette-style chargers on either side of the bed.  
  • The kitchen area seating has a cafe-style seating arrangement with a tri fold table and plenty of storage space underneath the sofa but also in the overhead cabinets.  All Mavericks will come standard with a full oven set up: so you’ve got the full oven, the mini grill and the four-burner gas cooktop. You also have a sink area and a space to fit a microwave if you wish so. 

Also in the kitchen area, you’ll find the TV. If you pull out the pin you can extend that arm and swivel it around so you can watch it from the bedroom, or you can watch it from the seating area, wherever you like. 

  • In the bathroom, this Goldstar caravan is equipped with a Thetford cassette toilet, a washing machine, a shower fan, lots of storage space and a very large shower with a fully adjustable showerhead.  

The bottom line

Although there are many stereotypes regarding caravans made in China, Goldstar caravans are good, reliable and worth the price. If you want to know more about Goldstar caravans, feel free to visit their website

And if you have any questions, comments or suggestions on this content, let us know!

FAQ on Are Goldstar caravans made in China?

What camper trailers are Australian made?

The following camper trailers are made in Australia: 

  • Patriot X1.
  • Trackabout Explorer.
  • Cub Brumby. 
  • Track Tvan Canning.
  • Jayco Eagle Outback. 
  • Cub Campers Frontier. 
  • Walkabout Campers. 

Are Black Series campers made in China?

Yes, the Black Series campers are made in China. Well, to be more precise, the various parts of the campers are built in China, but the final assembly takes place in Australia at the company’s Sydney factory.

Are MDC made in China?

Yes, MDC (Market Direct Group) caravans are made in China. It is true that the company built the AusRV caravans in Brisbane for a little over two years before the final relocation to China. 

Where are EzyTrail Parkes made?

EzyTrailer Parkes trailers are made in China. EzyTrail is the first company to admit that they are an importer from China, making them one of the most transparent companies in the industry. 

What is the best Australian made camper trailer?

The following are considered to be the best Australian made camper trailers:

  • Track Tvan Canning
  • Patriot X1 
  • Walkabout Campers 
  • Cub Campers Frontier 
  • Cub Brumby 
  • Jayco Eagle Outback 
  • Trackabout Explorer.


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