Are Freedom Haulers any good?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Are Freedom Haulers any good?” We will discuss the unique features of freedom haulers and talk about the various types of freedom hauler units. Additionally, we will discuss the accessories and add-ons that are manufactured by Freedom Haulers.

Are Freedom Haulers any good?

Yes, Freedom Haulers are good. Freedom Haulers manufacture and produce some of the best utility trailers in Marsing, Idaho. Freedom Haulers have some of the most versatile toy hauling systems and they are one of the best in the industry. Freedom Haulers are known for their top-class quality and long-lasting duration.

Freedom Haulers unique features

Freedom Haulers are known for their unique features as they stand apart from most of their competitors. Freedom Haulers are one of the best brands in the market and they are continuing to spread across the country. Here are some of the unique features of Freedom Haulers described below.

Pressure sensing system

  • Freedom Haulers are known for their pressure sensing systems. These systems offer lower power consumption and sensor diagnostics. 
  • This s a patented pressure sensing system that has been uniquely crafted by Freedom Haulers.
  • The pressure sensing system also helps to rotate and turn the unit while reversing.

They are versatile

  • These Freedom Haulers are versatile as they are perfectly designed for fifth wheels motorhomes, travel trailers, and RVs. These Freedom Haulers can be used for all types of vehicles.


  • You get the option to add accessories and choose from a variety of options that are available. You can create your own toy hauler or trailer to match your requirements. Freedom Haulers give you options to add extensions like side rails, decks, under-mounded tool boxes, etc.
  • You can also add custom wheels aluminum diamond plate deck toppers and more. With endless customizable options, you can easily make the best of the Freedom Haulers.

They are easy to reverse

  • Of the key features of Freedom Haulers are that you get to reverse with ease. Not many haulers have this option.
  • Freedom Haulers provide a two-point connection mound preventing the trailer to swivel left or right. The hauler stays directly in line with the vehicle and there is no need to worry about reversing.

Easy to install

  • Another major benefit is that Freedom Haulers are easy to install. These are built with Rampage Power Lifts and installation is made easy.
  • Every model from Freedom Haulers has 28 tie-down points for easy asses. This also makes it easy to secure your toys and gear.

Types of Freedom Hauler units

Freedom Haulers have incredible features and each of their units is unique. These Hauler units are built to suit your needs. Here are some of the most famous types of Freedom Hauler units.

8-foot hauler units

The 8-foot hauler units come equipped with some of the best standard features. These Hauler units have some incredible features and they arrive with reverse lights and a strong front stability jack. Freedom Hauler provides a one-year warranty for its eight-inch hauler units. They also have a decent payload. Here are some of the key specs and features listed below.

  • LED Lighting
  • Mud flaps
  • Primer and paint coating
  • All-steel main frame and deck
  • 15-inch aluminum wheels
  • Goodyear 8-ply radial tires
  • Patented pressure sensing steering axle
  • Integrated 24 – 28 point tie-down system (dependent on hauler)

The payload for this hauler is 1,800 to 2,700 pounds for a six-foot unit. The eight-foot unit has a payload of 2,400 pounds while the 10-foot unit has a payload of 2,300 pounds. The 12-foot unit has a payload of 2,200 pounds. You can also get to customize these units according to your requirements such as four or five feet.

10-foot hauler units

The 10-foot Freedom Hauler units have almost the same features and specifications as the eight-inch models. However, they are a few differences between these units. This unit arrives with steel wheels that are 15-inch and the redial tires are six-ply tires with mud flaps. The all-steel main frame and deck remain the same. Below are the payloads by length.

  • 1,800 to 2,700 pounds for six-foot units
  • 2,400 pounds for eight-foot units
  • 2,300 pounds for 10-foot units
  • 2,200 pounds for 12-foot units.

12-foot hauler units

The 12-foot hauler units have most of the features of the eight-foot and 10-foot. They are built on the same 15-inch steel wheels and six-ply tires. You still get to customize these haulers according to your needs. The payloads by length are the same as the previous models and there are no major differences between these three units.

Freedom Haulers accessories and add-ons

Freedom haulers also have some of the finest accessories and add-ons for their units. These accessories are priced in a reasonable range and they are perfectly built for all hauler units. Here are some of the accessories available at Freedom Haulers

Fold-down front bulkhead

  • This is an essential accessory that can be used to fold up and down with a hinge and pull the pin. You can easily fold up a bulkhead and fold down for an extension of eight inches.

Fold-down tailgate

  • This device helps you to get an additional 8” load-bearing length on any Freedom Hauler unit. This fold-down tailgate is perfect if you want more space.

Fold-down side deck extensions

  • The fold-down side deck extensions and side rails sets give you an additional space of 16”. These extensions and rails function with a hinge and pin.

Under-mounted toolbox

  • The under-mounted toolbox is probably one of the most important add-ons that most people consider. This is perfect to store your tie-downs, hauling gear, and more.


  • If you want a smooth and stable ride, you can consider adding shocks. This is recommended if you are hauling heavy loads.

Spare tire and carrier

  • There is nothing like having a spare tire while driving and it is also good to get a carrier. A carrier will provide more space to place more things.

Electric brake package

  • An electric brake package will be a great add-on for those who carry larger-sized haulers. These brakes will provide more control and stability.

Horizontal pivot adapter

  • The horizontal pivot adapter is important to connect the 2-point mounting kit. This will be required for the hauler to pivot horizontally on uneven surfaces.

Freedom hauler 2-point mounting kit

  • The freedom hauler 2-point mounting kit fits perfectly on your RV or motorhome. These are easily attached to any fifth wheel or travel trailer.

Rear-mounted receiver hitch

  • The rear-mounted receiver hitch is installed at the rear of the hauler. This is perfect to install your bike rack and carry your mountain bikes along the way.

Stabilizer jack

  • The stabilizer jack is perfect to take any unwanted load off the trailer when parked. The good news is that you can easily use these jacks for RVs, fifth wheels, travel trailers, and motorhomes.

Triple D lift and loader

  • The Triple D lift and loader is a must-have, especially if you need to load heavy motorcycles and other equipment. This saves you a lot of time and effort.

Rampage power lift

  • The Rampage power lift is something more than the Triple D lift and loader. This is easy to install and it is easy to help you carry up your items including heavy-loaded objects like motorcycles.

Those were some of the accessories and add-ons that are available from Freedom Haulers. These accessories can be bought separately and customized according to your preference. On the other hand, these are not too expensive and they can be bought at a reasonable price. Freedom Haulers are known for their top-quality products.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Are Freedom Haulers any good?” We have discussed the unique features of freedom haulers and talked about the various types of freedom hauler units. Additionally, we have discussed the accessories and add-ons that are manufactured by Freedom Haulers. 


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