Are Exiss good horse trailers?

In today’s blog post, we will answer the following question: Are Exiss good horse trailers? We will review the brand’s pros and cons, floor plans and models. We will also give you valuable advice for choosing the best Exiss horse trailer model. 

Are Exiss good horse trailers?

Yes, Exiss are good aluminium horse trailers that come at an affordable price, a wide variety of floorplans, made from durable and safe materials. 

Exiss offers a complete line of quality aluminum trailers. Whether it is a horse trailer, with or without living space, Exiss always builds according to the same quality standards. It’s no surprise that the Exiss aluminum trailer is among the most popular trailers in the USA.

  1. Exiss Bumper Pull Horse Trailers: these are lightweight, affordable and high-quality trailers that come in a slant load or straight load configuration. 
Exiss Bumper Pull Horse Trailers Features
Exiss Express CX BP – CX EditionExtruded sides and air gaps to keep the horse(s) as comfortable as possible during long trips. 
Express 2H BP CXF Cutout SSF 215 – CFX EditionCurbside air gaps and streetside windows make it convenient and also safe as a livestock trailer.
Express 2H BP SS 215 – SS EditionMaintenance-free exterior and streetside drop feed windows. Available as a 2H and 3H version. 
Express 3H BP XT 215 – XT EditionBest trailer for off-road. 
Exiss 720.730 BP 215Spacious, durable, with lots of standard add-ons and a very stylish horse trailer. 
Express ST BP 215The trailer features a standard rear ramp, a dressing room and is perfect for larger horses. 
  1. Exiss Gooseneck Horse Trailers: You can choose from a straight load trailer or the Exiss 7000 Series gooseneck trailers. These are equipped for various horse-sized and there is a broad range to choose from!
Exiss Gooseneck Horse TrailersFeatures
Express CX GN cutout 215 – CX Edition Extruded side panels and air gaps to keep the horse(s) as comfortable as possible during long trips. 
Express CXF GN cutout 215 – CXF EditionCurbside air gaps and streetside windows make it convenient and also safe as a livestock trailer.
Exiss Express GN SS Edition 215 – SS Edition Maintenance-free exterior and streetside drop feed windows. Available as a 2H and 3H version. 
Express 3H GN XT 215 – XT EditionExtruded aluminium exterior, streetside drop feed windows and a very rugged and robust slant load trailer. 
Exiss 7300 GN Cutout 215Slant load trailer, 2 through 6 horse floorplans.
Exiss 7200 ST cutout 215Lightweight and easy to transport. Can hold up to two horses. 
Exiss 7200 21 cutout 215Available as a 2H or 3H trailer, a combination of slant load and straight load configurations. 
  1. Exiss Living Quarters Horse Trailers: these are the ideal horse trailers if you are looking for space, used to traveling for a longer period with your horse. Most Exiss LQ horse trailers have plenty of extras such as mangers, removable saddle racks, indoor showers and an abundance of space for both you and your horse(s).
Exiss Living Quarters Horse TrailersFeatures
Endeavor 8312 LQ 4007′ wide with interior floor plans of 4′, 6′, 8′ and 10′ LQ.
Exiss Express 7311 CXF K50710137′ wide with an interior floor plan of 11’2″ LQ.
Exiss Escape 7306 400pxw8′ wide with interior floor plans of 10′, 12′, 14′ and 16′ LQ.
Exiss STC 8032 LQ CSF 400pxwStock trailer with various LQ floor plans. 

If you want to know more about a specific Exiss trailer model, please visit their official website for more details on trailer specs, standard and extra options, pricing. 

Buying an Exiss horse trailer: points to check

Choosing a horse trailer is not easy. You can read and watch multiple reviews, but you’ll soon arrive at the conclusion that each horse trailer brand has its pros and cons. This is why, in this section of the blog, inspired by the Exiss horse trailer reviews we have found, we made a list of points to check before or during the purchase of a new (or second-hand) horse trailer. 

  1. The general condition of the trailer: It can tell you a lot about the past life of the horse trailer and its maintenance. Check for corrosion or rotting, depending on the structure (metal or wood); especially at the bottom of the body, where the horse trailer is more exposed to humidity. Get down and look under the horse trailer. It is one of the places most exposed to humidity. 
  1. The floor of the trailer: Because it is still THE surface that will support your horse, and it must absolutely be solid. Several types of materials can be used: wood, marine-grade wood, aluminum, polyester, etc. Particular attention must be paid to the wooden floor. Persistent traces of moisture will tell you that the horse trailer has / will have a problem.
  1. The braking system/the electrical system of the trailer: The best way to check the brakes is to hitch up the horse trailer to test the electrical system and see that everything is working properly. Take the opportunity to take the horse trailer for a ride, to test the emergency braking and at the same time to know its road behavior when empty.
  1. The lights of the trailer: At the same time as the electrical system, we check that the lights of the horse trailer are working. Also be careful to check the condition of the inside of the lights, which can sometimes be damp, or even filled with water.
  1. Tires and valves: Check the tires for wear, tire pressure, and look for signs of drying out such as cracks. If you detect any, the tires need to be changed.
  1. Wheel bearings: Crouch down and peek downwind to see the general condition of the metal parts coming in / being around the wheels. You should not see any corroded areas there.
  1. The general condition of the boom, the coupling head, the jockey wheel, the parking brake: When hitching up the horse trailer, now is the time to look at the hitch head to see if it snaps on / off easily. These metal parts must be regularly greased, at the risk of seizing and being very difficult to handle. The same goes for the parking brake and the jockey wheel.

Note: recent horse trailers are self-braking. There is a small, very thin safety cable (the red one in the photo), which breaks if the horse trailer comes loose, thus engaging the brake. Check the presence of this cable and its condition, and attach it as in the photo for it to be effective!

  1. The general condition of the axle (if there is one)/the shock absorbers: You rarely have your horse at this time so test yourself: Ride on it to test its responsiveness to weight. A quality bridge must not already bend under your own weight, otherwise, what would it be with a horse on it … Also check that it is not distorted, that it opens and closes easily. Jack bridges will obviously be easier to handle. The jacks are present on all recent bridges.

For the shock absorbers, you can already move the horse trailer yourself, when you check the interior. By the way, it’s not bad if you have independent shock absorbers: much more comfortable for your horse!

Be aware of any suspicious noise when taking a ride with the hitched horse trailer.

Final thoughts

Choosing a good trailer is essential for the comfort and safety of your horse and livestock, but also for your ease of towing and convenience of use. Exiss horse trailers are among the best horse trailers currently on the market, a very popular manufacturer indeed. 

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FAQ on Are Exiss good horse trailers?

What are the top 5 trailer brands for horses?

The top 5 trailer brands for horses are:

  • Sundowner;
  • Featherlite;
  • Trials West;
  • Exiss;
  • Titan. 

What are the best horse trailers?

Among the best horse trailers are the Featherlite 7442. They are known for being lightweight and easy to tow. 

Are old horse trailers safe?

An older horse trailer can still be safe, depending on how well it was serviced and maintained during its lifespan. Generally, you can see 10-20 years old horse trailers that are perfectly functional and safe for transporting horses. 


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