Are Eriba caravans any good?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are Eriba caravans any good? We will narrate to you the history of the brand and discuss its success back then, and today. 

Are Eriba caravans any good?

Yes, Eriba caravans are a good investment and loved by many adventurers. Whether you are going on a nature hike with the whole family, whether you are going on vacation to the sea or the lake with friends, the Eriba caravan will become your second home, comfortable and functional. 

Here are a few reasons why we believe Eriba caravans are one of the best on the market:

  • Not yielding as premium models, they can be used at any time of the year for travelling with the whole family, travelling with a company on a fishing or hunting trip;
  • The supply of water, gas and electricity and the battery lasts on average from two to seven days of autonomous life
  • Depending on the model, the Eriba caravan can comfortably accommodate two to six people
  • In addition to the basic configuration, which includes a gas stove, refrigerator, dry closet, washbasin, gas heater and berths, a number of optional equipment can be installed at the request of the client.

Eriba caravans worth your attention

Undoubtedly, two models of Eriba caravans deserve special attention: Living and Nova

  • Eriba Living is specially designed for families and ideal for travelling with children. The living space provides various options for sleeping and playing places for little travellers. Bunk beds are equipped with comfortable ladders, as well as special fences or safety nets so that none of the children falls. 
  • Eriba Nova is a model among the premium class. Modern technologies, improved comfort characteristics, a wide range of options for planning and interior space design – all this makes it a favourite among connoisseurs of high-class outdoor recreation.

Each model of Eriba caravans has a wide range of modifications and allows free variation of the configuration and layout. Therefore, Eriba customers can choose a motorhome or caravan according to their taste and financial capabilities. 

Basic versions of motorhomes (C-class) cost about 50 thousand dollars, and the cost of “luxury” motorhomes depends solely on your needs and desire to be “worthy of the best, to be different.”

Motorhomes and caravans from Eriba – true quality

The German company Hymer AG owns Eriba, among several other brands. The company Hymer was one of the first manufacturers of motorhomes and caravans in Europe. Today it has at its disposal several dozen factories located in different countries of the world. 

As of the end of 2012, the company had more than 2,600 employees and total annual revenues of 2.78 billion euros. Despite huge competition in this market segment, Hymer continues to grow rapidly to this day, releasing new models of motorhomes and caravans.

The history of the German company began back in 1923, when Alphonse Humer, the father of Erwin Humer (the future founder of the brand), opened his own workshop that specializes in car body repair. This small workshop was located on the outskirts of the small town of Bad Waldsee in Germany. 

In the early years of the workshop, Alphonse Homer had to deal with many problems and often the absence of customers led to serious financial difficulties.

His son, Erwin Hoomer, joined the family business in 1956 and began to actively develop it. The first step was the acquisition of additional premises at Bachem, after which its founder, Erich Bachem, invited Erwin to jointly develop new models of motorhomes. In the same year, a new mobile home called Ur-Troll entered the market. In just a few months, this model gained wide popularity among caravan enthusiasts, which served as an additional incentive for the creation of a whole series of motorhomes.

So, just a year after the release of Ur-Troll, Erwin Hoomer and Erich Batschem joined forces and began to develop their first series of “mobile homes” – Eriba Touring. The motorhomes included in this model range have undergone multiple modifications, which have significantly improved their performance, comfort, design and safety level. 

Therefore, they are in high demand even today.

Eriba’s secret of success

One of the merits attributed to the German company is the development of double floor heating technology for motorhomes and caravans. This unique innovation was first used in 1985. Mobile homes that were equipped with such a heating system gained immense popularity in a matter of months. 

Their sales were so successful that in just one year after the introduction of this technology, Eriba sold more motorhomes and caravans on the world market than in all previous years of its existence.

In addition, the German brand enjoys consumer confidence and recognition because of the emphasis on vehicle safety in the development of new RVs. Even though most Eriba RVs do not differ much from competing models in terms of dynamic performance and comfort level, they impress drivers with numerous emergency protection systems. 

Therefore, Eriba motorhomes are especially popular with those buyers who value, first of all, not the appearance or dynamics, but the safety of the vehicles.

Eriba caravans today

Eriba offers its customers a variety of models. They are all divided into two categories:

  • Semi-integrated. The Eriba range of semi-integrated campervans includes the Eriba T CL, Eriba T-Class SL, Eriba Exsis-t and Eriba ML-T. Semi-integrated “mobile homes” from the Hymer company are distinguished by a rich choice of interior layouts, improved aerodynamic properties and balanced fuel consumption. 

However, it should be borne in mind that the capacity of such motorhomes is somewhat less than for integrated ones. Therefore, they are best suited for small families and groups of 3-4 people.

  • Integrated. The Eriba integrated motorhomes category includes models such as Exsis-i, B-Class, StarLine S, B-Class SL, B-Class PremiumLine, DuoMobil and ML-I. Unlike semi-integrated ones, they are more spacious and can be equipped with 4-6 berths. 

In addition, such “mobile homes” are equipped only with serial engines, transmissions and suspensions, which has a positive effect on their durability. Equally important advantages of the Eriba integrated motorhomes are panoramic windshields and side windows, excellent winter preparation and a higher level of comfort in the cabin.

All Eriba RVs have a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes. Therefore, they can be driven even with a category B driver’s license. However, motorists who are planning to buy “motorhomes” from this German brand should take into account that such a pleasure will not be cheap. The average cost of Eriba caravans, depending on the model and configuration, is about 140-160 thousand US dollars.

Would you buy an Eriba caravan, considering the price? After researching their history and having a look at their website, we are sold! What do you think? Are Eriba caravans any good?

FAQ on Are Eriba caravans any good?

Why are Eriba caravans so expensive?

In simple terms, Eriba caravans are expensive because they are of good quality and don’t depreciate with time, which makes them a good investment. 

Where are Eriba caravans made?

Eriba caravans are made in Germany, as the brand is owned by Hymer AG. 

Do Eriba caravans have showers?

Yes, Eriba caravans have showers, a toilet and a small sink. 

What is the smallest caravan?

The smallest caravan is the Going Go-Pod. It is so light that it can be towed with almost any car. 

Who owns Eriba?

The German company Hymer AG owns Eriba, among several other brands. Hymer was one of the first manufacturers of motorhomes and caravans in Europe. Today it has at its disposal several dozen factories located in different countries of the world. 


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