Are Elite horse trailers good?

In today’s article, we will discuss: Are Elite horse trailers good? We will review the pros and cons of Elite horse trailers and help you choose the best trailer based on essential criteria. 

Are Elite horse trailers good?

Yes, Elite horse trailers are a good choice of aluminium horse trailers as they are durable, reliable, practical and can easily be customized to fit both your and your horse(s) needs! You can order an Elite horse one (or more) of the following trailer styles: 

  • A classic gooseneck trailer;
  • A head-to-head centre load gooseneck trailer;
  • A classic bumper pull trailer;
  • Or you can order a trailer that allows the horse to be loaded from the side, which is quite a unique feature in the industry!

Elite horse trailers building quality and structure features

One thing we can say for sure that makes Elite horse trailers good is the building quality and unique structure features:

  1. Elite uses a five-inch radius rail with an overall height of eight inches, and a material thickness of three-sixteenths.  The trailer it’s integrated with a drip rail to help control streaking and dye lines that add to the look and also function as a guide for uniform placement of fasteners and lighting.
  1. Elite uses a continuous top real piece on each side from the back to the front resulting in a stronger and more attractive structure than those which use multiple pieces. The top rail is sanded after production to provide a uniform look and smoothness with a height of nine and three-quarter inches and a thickness of 3/16. 
  1. Elite’s bottom rail is one of the biggest in the industry. This engineered extrusion blends structural strength with an attractive appearance. The extrusion is built with an integrated lip that allows the running board to lock in place. 

The dye lines add to the look and also function as a guide for uniform placement of fasteners and lighting welded one-piece gussets with 3/16 thickness add structure to provide maximum nose strength.  

  1. With a thickness of 3/16 Elite’s drop wall is the industry’s heaviest. The structure consists of four-inch eye beams on 12-inch centres in a horse trailer and nine and 5/8 inch centers in a stock trailer. The i-beam is 4 inches in height with an upper two and a half-inch flange that’s welded to the floor and a lower three-inch flange that is welded to the bottom rail.
  1.  Elite utilizes a 505 to marine grade sheet floor on top of the structure to provide longer-lasting protection against corrosive factors such as horse or livestock urine seams and perimeter are welded out to add strength and insure against leakage.

The rear frame is supported by a two and a half by five-inch upper header up to a quarter-inch thick for added strength. The rear frame side post is integrated through the floor into the bottom rail. The side rear frame posts are machine cut to provide a clean precise fit allowing for a stronger welded structure resulting in better fitting doors, improved seals and less noise.

  1. Elite engineers each trailer to produce the strongest sidewall construction available. This provides the trailers with strength at critical structural points.  Each trailer utilizes 600 v t6 aluminum alloy posts with eight-inch posts at the drop wall five by one and three-eighths inch at doors and dividers and one and three-eighths by two and a half inch for all sidewall structure posts. 
  1. The exterior aluminum interlocking extruded slat is point 1 to 5 inches thick; the joints for the interlocking slat allow for a weld surface of up to 3 inches on the side post. Elite’s exterior smooth sheets are a 300 for the aluminum alloy with an H to 9 1 temper and thickness of up to 3 inches
  1. The Elite trailer roof is constructed with one by two and a half inch pots that are strategically placed to ensure the maximum strength based on the size and needs of the trailer.

The posts are arched to keep water from standing on the roof producing a taut roof sheet and allowing for more Headroom in the center of the trailer.  Elites one-piece roof sheet is made of 300 3 h 16 aluminum and at 0.040 inches thick it’s 25 percent thicker than the roof sheet used by most other manufacturers.

As you can see, Elite’s commitment to quality and durability is second to none and the proof is in its structure!

Elite horse trailers comfort and convenience

Elite horse trailers are good quality products because they offer comfort and convenience. 

The comfort of your horse is what should motivate you to choose this or that model. In addition to the number of seats, which must of course correspond to the number of horses transported, we advise you to check the vehicle options point by point. Accessibility, by ramp or walk, is essential, for example.

We now know that horses are less reluctant to climb a step. The front door, which allows you to attach or detach your mount securely, is also a good point. The ventilation of the van is also to be seen. The ride comfort, from the suspensions to the pneumatic brake that limits jolts, should encourage you to choose a high-quality model.

The other point of selection among all horse transport vehicles is road comfort for the passengers and the driver. In this specific case, the horse-riding van is the easiest thing to move. Less long than a hitch, it is also more secure because the weight is generally better distributed.

On the other hand, the price remains a little higher than for a small equestrian trailer. You will also find some good used models at very good value for money on Elite’s website!

Mandatory features of a good horse trailer

Now that we have established the distinct characteristics of Elite horse trailers, let’s see what makes a good horse trailer. Here are the factors you must pay attention to:

  1. The maximum towing weight of your vehicle: The purchase of the trailer will be made accordingly. To the weight of the empty trailer, do not forget to add the weight of the equipment that will be inside it as well as the weight of the items that will be added (wall brackets, cabinets, spare tire, etc.). 
  1. The tongue weight: This is the maximum weight putting pressure on the ball. If the “tongue” is too high, the rear suspension of the vehicle will sag and this will affect the handling and safety of the vehicle towing the trailer.
  1. Electric brakes: Check your vehicle’s manual to find out how many pounds towed are recommended. The installation cost upon purchase is much lower than if you decide to have it installed after the trailer has been assembled without. Think about it.
  1. The Aerodynamics Factor (“V-Nose” and “Sloping”): Probably one of the most important factors. An enclosed trailer has the effect of a parachute behind the towing vehicle. An aerodynamic V-nose and a sloping roof go a long way to alleviate the restriction.
  1. Aluminum vs Steel horse trailers: A 100% aluminum trailer will be light and will not rust. These are two important factors to consider.
  1. A side door or a rear door: You would be amazed at how practical a door can be. If the trailer is stored backwards in front of a wall, the side door becomes the only access. It can also be used to screw in brackets (interior side) that contain the most frequently used tools/oils and/or first aid items.

There are no real advantages to having an overhead door. This type of door is heavier, the mechanism can break and it can bend if the ground is not level. One or two rear doors is ideal. Also, we can hang brackets and material inside (as on the side door) which is impossible in the case of a tilting door.

  1. The height of the horse trailer: Increasing the height of a trailer so that one can stand inside it costs only a few hundred dollars for every additional 6 inches. It might seem expensive at the time, but if you bang your head against the ceiling every time you move inside the trailer, you will find that it is worth the investment!
  1. The wheels of the horse trailer: The purchase of a spare tire is essential. The purchase of “aluminum mags” wheels should be considered since they will not rust. For my part, the trailer has two aluminum rims and the spare wheel is made of steel. This is the best value for money combo. Increasing the size of the wheels facilitates the rolling of the trailer and the smoothness of the transport.
  1. The lights of the trailer: Trailer bulbs are notorious for burning easily, fitting LEDs to them is no luxury. Some models are fully equipped with LEDs as standard.
  1. The “stabilizer jacks”: When the trailer is not attached to the vehicle, the two horizontal rods under the trailer can be removed and put in a vertical position. These rods allow the front of the trailer not to lift in the air if you board it from the rear.

The bottom line

Choosing a good trailer is essential for the comfort and safety of your horse and livestock, but also for your ease of towing and convenience of use. Elite horse trailers are among the best horse trailers currently on the market, a very popular manufacturer indeed. 

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