Are Dutchmen campers good? (a complete review)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are Dutchmen campers good? We will review the Dutchmen campers and tell you about the most common complaints when it comes to their models. We will also present you the most popular Dutchmen RV- The Aerolite, and explain why many choose it. 

Are Dutchmen campers good?

Dutchmen campers are good quality and reliable lightweight campers. Dutchmen campers have been under Thor Industries since 1991 and are the second-largest manufacturer of fifth wheels and travel trailers in the United States. 

Here is a list of all the brands built and sold by Dutchmen RV. Some of them are quite popular, while others may surprise you:

  • Aerolite
  • Aspen Trail
  • Classic
  • Coleman
  • Colorado
  • Denali
  • Eco
  • Fifth Avenue
  • Freedom Spirit
  • Grand Junction
  • Infinity
  • Kodiak
  • Komfort
  • Lakewood
  • Monte Vista
  • North Shore
  • Rainier
  • Razorback
  • Rubicon
  • Signature
  • Skamper
  • Sport
  • Topo
  • Tundra
  • Victory Lane
  • Voltage
  • Wild Thing
  • Zoom.

Who owns Dutchmen RVs?

Dutchmen are owned by Keystone RV, a subsidiary of Thor Industries. All Dutchmen campers are made in Indiana, US. 

Dutchman and Keystone RVs are available in many types and sizes of towable products. From ultralight trailers that can be towed by newer fuel-efficient cars and smaller vans to luxurious fifth wheels, Thor Industries has a large catalogue of trailers and campers.

As one of the largest manufacturers of towable RVs in the world, their incredible volume allows them to offer more high-quality equipment for your money than any other brand on the market today. When it comes to giving you more for your money, no other brand compares to Keystone. With manufacturing facilities in Indiana and Oregon, they are able to better meet your needs.

Dutchmen campers problems and common complaints

We start this section by telling you that, even Dutchmen (under Thor Industries) make high-quality RVs, it is to be expected that not all products are going to be perfect. We share these common complaints from Dutchmen RV’s owners so that you know what you are dealing with here.

  1. Dutchmen Aerolite and Atlas 2019, Keystone Bullet, Cougar, Hideout, Outback, Passeport et Springdale 2019

Problem: On certain conventional trailers, the axles may not have enough grease on the inner hub bearings. This could cause the bearings to overheat and fail, which could cause the wheel to come loose or jam. This could result in loss of control causing an accident. In addition, a loose wheel could strike a vehicle, stationary object or nearby person, injuring someone or damaging property.

Solution: Dealers will need to inspect all hubs. If there is not enough grease and the bearings are new, the bearings will need to be relined, and the hubs will need to be reinstalled. If the bearings show signs of wear, the hubs and bearings will need to be replaced. If the axle beam is damaged, it will also need to be replaced.

  1.  Dutchmen Aerolites 2018-2019

Problem: The capacity of the safety chain installed on some trailers does not exceed the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). Should the trailer become detached from the vehicle, this safety chain could break and the trailer could separate from the vehicle completely, increasing the risk of a collision causing injury or property damage.

Solution: Dealers should replace weak safety chains.

  1. Dutchmen Aerolite 2018-2019

Problem: In some classic caravans, the homologation label does not show the correct wheel size; it incorrectly indicates a size of 14X5.5J, when the latter should be 14X5J, which could lead to the use of the wrong size wheel, poor vehicle behaviour and increased risk of accidents that may cause injury and/or property damage.

Solution: Retailers need to replace the label.

  1. Dutchmen Voltage 2015-2016, Keystone Cougar 2015, Keystone Carbon, Fuzion, Impact et Raptor 2015-2016

Problem: In certain fifth-wheel trailers equipped with a Christianson Industries outdoor folding ladder, the ladder mounting bracket may separate from the hinge due to a poor weld. If the ladder were to separate from the vehicle while using it, it could result in personal injury or property damage.

Solution: Dealers will need to install a brace to existing hinges to secure the hinges and mounting bracket.

Dutchmen AEROLITE – The most sought Dutchmen camper

The Dutchmen Aerolite travel caravan is comfortable, modern and ushers in the age of technology. They have developed a system called In-Command that allows you to use your smartphone to control different functions of the caravan, including the exterior awning.

With 10 floor plans and lots of customization, Dutchmen Aerolite is a great option for any traveller. The exterior is classic white, but the interior can be customized to your specific specifications.

Here is the number of based specs for the 2423BH model.

Dry Weight (lbs.)5,665
Payload Capacity (lbs.)935
Hitch Weight (lbs.)747
Height11.08 ′
Length 28.5 ′
Freshwater (gallons)52
Gray water (gallons) 39
Blackwater (gallons)28

This model is smaller than some of the other options, but it may be just what you’re looking for! It offers a queen bed in a private room along with large bunk beds for the kids or guests!

This practical option allows for comfort and efficiency. Remember to learn all you can about the lingo of the weight that floats in the RV world. The weight of the unloaded vehicle should not be confused with the maximum load capacity of the caravan.

Final thoughts

If you can’t decide if you want a fifth wheel or a toy carrier, the Dutchmen Series serves both purposes. Most RVs have an exterior convenience centre that conceals hookups, tinted safety glass frameless windows, a huge power canopy, and 7,000-pound axles that hold nitrogen-filled wheels. 

The models’ toy compartment has a giant revolving door and ample storage space that makes even the biggest toys get in and out in an instant.

The interior is also fashionably decorated. Let’s start in the kitchen with your choice of a 12 or 18 cubic foot four or four-door refrigerator, wood cabinets, quartz countertops and more. The living room is more than spacious and has a 4-seater reclining sofa and a storable table for meals. You have a queen bed in the master suite along with two closets and a dresser.

No matter which Dutchmen camper you choose, there are lightweight and good options almost everywhere.

Most Dutchmen RV’s have an aluminium frame and the demand for them is growing fast! You will definitely be able to find one that is perfect for you, your family and all the needs that everyone may have.

Do you own a Dutchmen camper or are you interested in acquiring one? Please let us know what your thoughts, doubts and concerns are, and we’ll do our best to cover them.

FAQ on Are Dutchmen campers good?

Who makes Dutchmen RV?

Dutchmen RVs are owned by Keystones RVs, under Thor Industries. Dutchmen RVs were acquired back in 1991, only four years after they had been on the market. 

What are the worst RV brands?

The following are considered the worst RV brands:

  • Thor Hurricane.
  • Coachmen.
  • Gulfstream.
  • Forest River.
  • Fleetwood.
  • Winnebago.

Are Keystone and Dutchman the same?

More or less yes, Keystone and Dutchman are the same. As an administrative business, Dutchman is under Keystone and all RVs are made in their factories in Indiana and Oregon.

Which RVs have the best resale value?

The Jayco Rvs have the best resale value. There are many reasons for this, but we must mention the high-quality materials, strong foundations and longest warranty. 


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