Are Cruise America RV reviews good?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Are Cruise America RV reviews good?” We will discuss the benefits of renting an RV with Cruise America. We will also discuss the various types of RVs that are available with Cruse America, along with their unique features and specifications.

Are Cruise America RV reviews good?

Yes, Cruise America RV reviews are good. Cruise America RVs have a 4.4 rating on Trust Pilot and are also highly rated on other websites. Cruise America RVs are one of those verified recreational vehicle rental agencies. Cruise America RV has positive reviews in the US and Canada, with a 73 percent five-star rating.

Cruise America RV reviews are mostly positive due to their easy rental process. They also have amazing customer service. Cruise America has more than 130 rental locations throughout North America. The agency has been established since 1972, and they are one of those long-standing RV rentals across the country.

Cruise America RV reviews and benefits 

Cruise America RV reviews speak for themselves. Cruise America has some of the best benefits, with thousands of satisfied customers nationwide. Here are some of the benefits of renting an RV with Cruise America.

Modern top-quality RVs

  • One of the major benefits of Cruise America is the modern top-quality RVs. Cruise America has the latest RVs that are well-maintained. These RVs have some of the best features and specifications. One of the major advantages of Cruise America is that it tries its best to provide new RVs to its customers.
  • Cruise America ensures to test their RVs or motorhomes before giving them out to their customers. There are no mechanical issues with their latest RVs. Cruise America does not compromise on its quality and ensures to bring out the best motorhomes for its customers.

Excellent customer service

  • The customer service with Cruse America is always appreciated. Their excellent customer service has always assisted and resolved all their customer’s queries. The best part is that their customer service executives are easily accessible and available most of the time during working hours.
  • There have also been exceptional situations where customers have received excellent service even during weekends. One of the major reasons for getting positive reviews is their customer service.

Exceptional deals

  • Imagine getting the best deals with modern and latest RV models. At Cruise America, they provide some of the best deals for their customers. There is no to worry, even if you are a newbie. Their experienced professionals are sure to guide you through the entire process.
  • Despite providing some of the best deals, Cruise America has no hidden charges when renting RVs. The prices are moderate, and they provide the best rental experience.

Easy booking process

  • Booking and renting an RV with Cruise America is pretty simple. You can easily call the Cruise America office in your area and learn about the available rental options.
  • You can also check the pricing of the RVs on the Cruise America website. You can easily get the best RVs based on the number of people and maximum capacity. There are plenty of models to choose from, and you get to compare all the models.

Personalized items

  • Cruise America offers personalized items like a personal kit. This personal kit will contain bedding items like bath towels, pillows, bedsheets, dish towels, sleeping comforters, etc. While these items come with the RV, you can request Cruise America to deliver new models.

Top-class amenities

  • Cruise America RVs have top-class amenities, especially regarding kitchen appliances and related items. These appliances are built for off-road camping and are self-contained features. The best amenities include an air-conditioner, generator, refrigerator, microwave, and shower. Most of the RVs at Cruise America are pet-friendly.

What makes Cruise America RVs suitable?

Cruise America has plenty of RV rental options to suit your needs. You can get some of the best RVs according to the appliances, features, and amenities. Here are some RVs that can be rented out at Cruise America.

Large RV rentals

  • The large RV rentals are mainly for a large family with a maximum capacity of seven people. These large RVs arrive with all the top-class facilities and amenities for camping. has a Ford V-10 chassis engine with power brakes, power steering, and cruise control. They are also equipped with dual rear tires and an electric generator.

Standard RV rentals

  • The Standard RV rentals at perfect for a mid-sized family. These RVs have a maximum capacity of up to five people. The Standard RV rentals have all the required facilities, including a full-fledged kitchen. It has a comfortable sleeping area, and all the standard RV rentals are pet-friendly.

Compact Plus RV rentals

  • The Compact Plus RV rentals are one of the best options for those with a family of four. These RVs have a sleeping capacity of up to four people and incredible floorplans. 
  • One of the perks of these RVs is their unique rear kitchen design. They have all the amenities of a large right and extra beds for children.

Compact RV rentals

  • The Compact RV rentals are just perfect for a small family. These RVs are compact and have a maximum sleeping capacity of up to three people. The Compact RV rentals at Cruise America are more than enough for a couple. These are ideal for two adults and a child. The dinette can be folded into an extra bed or a child.

Adventure travel trailer rentals

  • The adventure travel trailer is always available for those who want to have a special experience by towing your motorhome. You can easily get your SUV or car and pick up the beautiful custom-built travel trailer from Cruise America. 
  • This gives you the freedom to use your vehicle and provides all the top-class facilities and amenities.

Those were some of the best RV rentals available at Cruise America. Cruise America has some of the best RVs, and most of their reviews are highly rated by real customers. Due to their top-quality motorhomes and excellent service, Cruise America has a great overall rating of 4.4, and they are one of those highly-recommended RV rental agencies.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Are Cruise America RV reviews good?” We have discussed the benefits of renting an RV with Cruise America. We have also discussed the various RVs available with Cruse America and their unique features and specifications.


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