Are carbon monoxide detectors from Bunnings any good?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Are carbon monoxide detectors from Bunnings any good?” We will also discuss the uniqueness of Bunnings carbon monoxide detectors. Additionally, we will talk about a few tips for maintaining a carbon monoxide detector.

Are carbon monoxide detectors from Bunnings any good?

Yes, carbon monoxide detectors from Bunnings are suitable. Bunnings is a reputed brand that has a wide range of the best carbon monoxide detectors. These carbon monoxide detectors are designed for RVs, motorhomes, and travel trailers. With safety as their top priority, the carbon monoxide detectors from Bunnings are easily some of the best in the market.

What makes carbon monoxide detectors from Bunnings unique?

Bunnings is a one-stop shop to find all the best carbon monoxide detectors that are available. These detectors are precise and arrive with the latest technology for your motorhome. Here are the various types of carbon monoxide detectors from Bunnings.

Excellent Fire Pro carbon monoxide detectors

  • The Fire Pro carbon monoxide alarm arrives with an LCD Display, one of the top detectors on the list. Some features include the advanced electrochemical sensor, test, and silence function. 
  • One of the major perks is the loud 85db alarm. It also arrives with AA batteries. This detector is perfect for identifying dangerous levels of toxic CO Gas.
  • It also arrives in a compact shape and size. Fire Pro is designed with top-quality material and falls under safety standards. The weight of this product is just 0.145 kilograms, and it has a voltage consumption of only three volts. Yet another significant benefit is that it arrives with a five-year warranty. It also has an easy exchange and return policy.

The best battery-operated detectors 

  • Bunnings have several carbon monoxide detectors that are highly rated for their optimal performance. One of the well-known carbon monoxide detectors is the Family First detector. This carbon monoxide detector is a 9-volt battery-operated, and it has an electrochemical sensor. 
  • This detector also has an easy test and a hush button to turn it off. The color of this product is white, and it weighs 0.180 kilograms.
  • Family First arrives with a three-year warranty and is perfect for RVs and all motorhomes. You can also install this carbon monoxide detector in a small camper. You can also use this carbon monoxide detector inside your home. It has a loud beep to alert you in case of any carbon monoxide detection.

Advanced carbon monoxide detector

  • Bunnings has some of the best-advanced carbon monoxide detectors known as Quell. Quell is a worry-free photoelectric carbon monoxide detector that does not need battery changes. This carbon monoxide detector has sealed lithium batteries built to provide up to 10 years of continuous power.
  • This is a dual product that can detect both carbon monoxide and smoke at the same time. The unique sensor algorithm is perfect for detecting natural fires faster. It is also built to reduce cooking-related alarms that are not too important. There is no need to turn off these detectors, and the photoelectric sensor is one of the best features.
  • Quell also has hush and test buttons and is easy to install. With a solid 10-year warranty, Quell is one of the best options, arriving at a reasonable price. It is also incredibly lightweight and is just 0.12 kilograms.

Best low-profile carbon monoxide detectors

  • When it comes to low-profile detectors, Bunnings has a unique type that has been highly rated in the market. The  First Alert has been around for years and is one of the low-profile dual carbon monoxide/smoke detectors. 
  • The photoelectric sensor helps to minimize false alarms, and the 10-year battery offers continuous power for the detector’s life. This battery-powered alarm is easy to install and can be used at home.
  • The dual sensors help make detection easy, and the contemporary design makes it easy to mount on the wall or the ceiling. The total weight of this detector is 0.331 kilograms. However, the material is made up of plastic. It can be used at home, in RVs, motorhomes, etc.

Bunnings also has some of the best smoke detectors for RVs and commercial use. These smoke detectors also arrive at a decent price. Bunnings have unique carbon monoxide detectors with advanced technology. These detectors are known for their excellent performance and are highly rated by customers. 

Tips for maintaining a carbon monoxide detector

Maintaining a carbon monoxide detector is essential, especially if you have one installed in your RV or motorhome. Carbon monoxide detectors are a must-have to keep you safe from dangerous situations. Here are a few tips for maintaining a carbon monoxide detector.

Keep it clean

  • One of the biggest mistakes of carbon monoxide detector negligence is that they are not cleaned occasionally. These detectors must be kept clean at any cost to ensure they function correctly. 
  • Ensure to remove all the dust with a brush or dry cloth. This is crucial since some carbon monoxide detectors give up false alarms when they get too dirty.

Change the batteries

  • It is also essential to change the batteries often with these carbon monoxide detectors. Even if the detector is connected to power, you still need batteries as a backup. 
  • Change the batteries after a few months, even if you do not use the carbon monoxide detector often. This is essential, especially during winter, since the batteries can die quickly.

Test the alarms

  • Make use of the test button on the carbon monoxide detector. This button will allow you to test the alarm and ensure they are working correctly. You can also check the owner’s manual for the carbon monoxide detector if you are unsure about the testing.

Get rid of old units

  • Most people tend to keep their carbon monoxide detectors for a long time. The only issue while using an old unit is that it can pop anytime, especially while camping or traveling. Carbon monoxide detectors have a lifespan that the manufacturer provides. 
  • Ensure that they are replaced from time with a new unit, especially if they cross the projected lifespan.

A carbon monoxide detector gives you signs when it needs to be replaced or repaired. Remember that these detectors do not last forever, and it is essential to change them over a period of time. Despite the lifespan provided by the manufacturer, changing the detector every six or seven years is recommended.

You need to change the detector if the test button is not working correctly. Remember that the carbon monoxide detector needs to be approved by the UL. If the UL does not approve your detector, it’s time to get a new one. Another essential tip is always to have a replacement handy. 


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Are carbon monoxide detectors from Bunnings any good?” We have also discussed the uniqueness of Bunnings carbon monoxide detectors. Additionally, we have talked about a few tips for maintaining a carbon monoxide detector.


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