Are caravans cheaper in winter?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are caravans cheaper in winter? We will give you a few essential tips to follow when buying a caravan, being used or new.

Are caravans cheaper in winter?

Yes, caravans are cheaper in winter. The best time to buy a motorhome is at the end of the tourist season and during clearance periods, usually in winter. This is when the supply is surplus and buyers have a wide choice of models and brands. 

For used vehicles, it is easier to negotiate the selling price. Still, keep in mind that there are additional costs to pay when buying a caravan in winter. For example, you will have to pay extra for:

  • Storage costs (I presume will not hit the road during Christmas);
  • Maintenance costs (due to harsh weather);
  • Insurance costs (which you still have to pay even if not on the road).

When is the best time to buy a caravan for beginners?

The best time to buy a caravan for beginners is when you know what you are looking for. When you start to organise the first motorhome vacation, it is more difficult to establish a list of criteria and compare the products available on the market. 

Beginners have yet to test all makes and models and find it difficult to appreciate some of the amenities’ usefulness.

If you fall into this category, it is better to start with the rental. Hire a different vehicle for each trip to get used to driving this type of vehicle and get an idea of ​​the market’s brands. You will see on other occasions what your needs are in terms of storage space, comfort, cabin layout and accessories. 

After several trips with different vehicles, you will know better your expectations, and you can make a list of selection criteria to take into account. This will help you to make your choice better, but also to negotiate the price more quickly.

Should I buy a caravan from an individual or in a dealership?

In the caravan and recreational vehicle market, buyers can expose themselves to scams if they do not take specific measures. Thus, it is essential to go through reliable organizations and secure solutions, such as caravan dealerships. 

In addition to the sale and rental, buyers can benefit from several services, including a maintenance package for five years and efficient after-sales service. They also have the option of purchasing very practical equipment and accessories for their vacation. 

These include shims, tool kits, gas adapters and accessories to enhance thermal insulation. A water hose may be essential for supplying the kitchen and bathroom with water.

The ultimate checklist if you get a used caravan

When you buy a new caravan you don’t have to worry about any faults it may have. This is not the case with a used vehicle, which needs to be checked inside and out. 

From the outside, check the shock absorber, axles including the brake system, tires, lighting, tow bar, hitches (usually coupling heads), handbrake, and connector connection between the electrical outlet of the towing vehicle. The connector is typically 13 pins.

Ordering the good towing hook If yours is 7-pin, get an adapter. It is necessary to check the silk connection received. Braking must be measured on a bench. When you check your tires, it is not enough to measure the depth of the profile. 

Since the trailer rarely drives, the tires are often in good condition for many years, however, the rubber mixture can leak from the tires’ plasticisers. UV radiation and salt from thaws accelerate this process. The wheels subsequently become porous and brittle. The age of the tires is decisive here.

Technical inspection of the caravan

The technical control examines the vehicles also after the expiration of the pads. A new caravan must be equipped with stabilization, a shock absorber, and an anti-lock system. The trailer already has a brake system. 

In addition to the classic general inspection, the gas system should also be checked. Included in this system are the refrigerator (which usually runs on gas or electricity), heating and gas cooker, and gas lamps.

The underbody is often made of wood and composite wood panels on a metal frame. Check that the wood does not rot and that the metal does not show corrosion. In the vehicle, check for moisture on the roof and carpets, especially along with the corners and edges and access parts and seals of the roof hatch, doors, and windows.

The water system should also be inspected. All gas installation certificates must be current and valid (otherwise require a new certificate, which will lower the price). The condition of the entire gas system and the electrical system must also be checked. This also includes the battery. Corrosions are often found on the pipe connection.

The electrical equipment is installed so that a power supply is established on the 12-V network of the towing vehicle and its battery, but also on the 230-V network. The refrigerator can also run on gas or electricity. When you have finished the check, you can still examine the other equipment: the folding table, which can constitute a bed in the living room, the functions of all the hatches etc.

Maintenance and preparation of the caravan for long trips

  • You need to pay attention to a few points regarding the maintenance of a vehicle when it is in long-term parking. Enthusiasts will raise their caravans, to unload the wheels. The handbrake should be used with care. 

Wheel chocks are sufficient to stabilize the vehicle and prevent it from rolling. Always take the time, every few weeks, to release the handbrake, move it or re-tighten it, so that it cannot stick.

  • The installation of clean water is a recurring theme among campers. Some swear by emptying equipment during a long period of parking. This requires the installation to be completely dry. Others refer to chemistry. The facility will be mixed with potable water and chemicals. There are special water intakes with a float and a pump, which ensure that the system is always full.
  • As already mentioned, the gas cylinder should be stored in special storage space, in a gas-tight manner, and indoors. You really have to make sure. The gas box is also equipped with hoses. They must not be more than 10 years old. Inside the caravan, the gas lines should be made of copper.
  • The caravan should be prepared for the trip as early as possible. It is necessary to check the tire pressure, the brakes’ functionality, the lighting, and possibly lubricate the clutch. 

For the caravan, check all the functionality of all components after cleaning the water system and the gas cylinder connection. Make sure you do this on time, so that you can, in the worst case, have enough time for any repairs.

Final tips

After loading your vehicle and preparing for the trip, it is recommended that you drive it on a weighing machine. There are more and more caravan controls in the national territory but also abroad. 

If the authorized weight is exceeded, the police can take your vehicle out of service. Besides, knowing the legal provisions of the country of destination about caravans ideally is one of the most essential points of the preparations.

Please let us know if you have any questions or doubts about acquiring a caravan. 

FAQ on Are caravans cheaper in winter?

Why buy a caravan?

The caravan has the advantage of offering travellers a large optimized interior space, comfort, versatility and freedom of movement. At the same size, it offers more available space than the RV.

When to buy a caravan?

When to buy a caravan? Caravans sell particularly well during the months of April, March and May, but are cheaper in the winter months.

What is the average height of a caravan?

The average height of a caravan is 2 m. The dimensions of a caravan vary depending on the model you choose. Regarding the height, apart from the lowered caravans which are less than 2 m, all the other models are at least 2 m high.

How to travel with a caravan?

To travel with a caravan, make sure the vehicle is in good condition. A caravan is the best way to travel at your own pace. Going on vacation in this vehicle requires good preparation. It is recommended that you choose a caravan with all possible amenities: beds, living room, small kitchen, etc.


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