Are caravan covers worth it?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are caravan covers worth it? We will discuss the advantages of having a caravan cover and how to choose the best one.

Are caravan covers worth it?

Yes, caravan covers are totally worth it and you shouldn’t hesitate in investing in a good one. Protective covers are particularly used during the cold and rainy seasons. Make sure to clean the caravan well before putting it in the garage so that no dust can get into the caravan. 

A caravan with a protective cover can be safely stored inside and outside. A caravan cover has many advantages, but these are the most important ones:

  • The caravan stays dry no matter the weather;
  • The caravan is protected against dirt, dust and UV rays;
  • The protective cover consists of several layers in order to protect the caravan as well as possible from any possible damage;
  • A financial advantage above all.

The resale price of a caravan is assessed according to its equipment but also its general condition. The better it is stored, the better it will sell in terms of speed of sale and value.

Whether your vehicle is stored inside or outside, if you use a caravan cover, you ensure its protection and delay its degradation. The less it is subjected to climatic hazards or dust, the longer it will retain its resale value.

Likewise, your caravan will be much easier to maintain and you will save the expense of replacing corroded or moldy parts.

A caravan cover is like an apron

When you cook, you put on an apron to avoid getting dirty. When you garden, you put on gloves to protect your hands. So why not give your caravan the same protection. Even under cover, your vehicle risks being subjected to multiple attacks. They will be even more violent if your caravan is parked outdoors, in urban areas or near trees.

Trees are indeed a source of multiple nuisances. The leaves fit in the air vents and stick to the body. In a strong wind, debris from tree branches can scratch the paint.

If your vehicle is parked for several months in the same place, it is also possible to observe the colonization of the walls and the roof by the moss.

Also, an indirect nuisance brought by trees comes from birds whose droppings are very acidic and can permanently stain the paint if they are not cleaned after 2-3 days.

 A caravan cover will prevent dampness and mould

In autumn, prepare your caravan for wintering and do a major cleaning. By covering the vehicle, you will have the satisfaction of finding it clean in the spring and you will only have to carry out small annual maintenance work before setting off again on the roads.

In the absence of a cover, you will have to be vigilant and regularly clean any dirt to prevent it from becoming encrusted.

Dampness is like cancer for woodwork and metal parts. Don’t let it get in. There are many tips to limit the presence of humidity in the cabin. Never choose a plastic cover or cloth. Covering your vehicle has the same effect as putting a lid on a pot of water. Moisture rising from the ground is trapped under the tarp. It is therefore essential to make sure to take a breathable caravan cover.

If you have access to the vehicle, it is really advisable to check the inside of the caravan regularly and open it to ventilate at least 2 or 3 times in the winter.

Choose a caravan cover that is equipped with zippers at each angle and a fastening system that allows the side panel of the cover to be raised and the vehicle doors to be opened, regardless of their location.

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A caravan cover is like a shield

Protective covers not only represent a weather shield, they also offer interesting visual protection.

Indeed, most burglaries are, according to the gendarmerie, “opportunistic” thefts. That is, burglars did not particularly plan or spot the scene of the theft but at some point have a visual on a target and a possibility of quick action without too much risk.

Once covered, the curious will not be able to see the contents of your caravan. Caravanists are investing more and more in equipment which can be expensive and which is increasingly the target of burglaries.

If your vehicle is available for everyone to see, criminals have plenty of time to study the type of lock or window to force and organize their intervention so that it is as rapid as possible.

By covering the vehicle, not only do you avoid any temptation from people who might pass by, but you add a few minutes of work to them to access the vehicle and this small setback is sometimes enough to attract the attention of a neighbor or of a passerby.

Add, in the rarer case of vehicle theft, that thieves are very well organized. They have resale channels and target specific caravan models.

If your vehicle is covered, the criminals in charge of locating vehicles will not be able to add your caravan to their list.

What to pay attention to when buying a caravan cover?

When buying a caravan protective cover, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • Does the cover “breathe”?

Check whether the caravan protective cover is breathable. If the trailer gets wet, the moisture can be drawn from the inside to the outside because the fabric breathes. This prevents the formation of mold. If you choose a cover that breathes, mold growth is impossible.

  • With or without a zipper?

If you go to the garage in the winter to pick up or put something in the trailer, you can easily get into the trailer by opening the zippers around the door. You don’t need to completely remove the protective cover. If you benefit from it, be sure to choose a protective cover with a zipper, such as the Goldcamp caravan cover.

  • What size do I need?

Next, the most important: how do you know which size you need? The size is determined based on the width and length of the caravan. To get the exact size, it is important to measure the width and length.

Width: The width most caravans have are 220, 235 and 250 cm. These sizes are maximum, so if you are 225cm tall, for example, you choose the 235cm size.

Length: To determine the length correctly, you measure the caravan on the longest part. So, for example, measure the bike rack if you have mounted it on the caravan. In the photo to the right, you can see exactly what you need to measure. As you can see, you are not measuring the tongue. 

Do you measure length 480 cm? You then choose size 427-518. You are 680cm tall, you choose size 640-701. If the length is between the sizes shown, this size is suitable for your caravan.

The bottom line

We cannot emphasize anymore the importance of a caravan cover. Besides protecting your caravan from dirt, dust, winds, rain, snow – it also is a great ally against dampness, mould and burglaries. 

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FAQ on Are caravan covers worth it?

How to cover a caravan?

You can cover a caravan with a good quality caravan cover. Never choose a plastic cover or cloth. Covering your vehicle has the same effect as putting a lid on a pot of water. Moisture rising from the ground is trapped under the tarpaulin. It is therefore essential to make sure to take a breathable caravan cover.

How do I prepare my caravan for wintering?

Here are a few tips to prepare your caravan for wintering:

  1. Empty the water heater. 
  2. Empty and clean the toilet tanks. 
  3. Remove the gas cylinder (s). 
  4. Put the windows in the ventilation position. 
  5. Open the bathroom door. 
  6. Do not unscrew the feet. 
  7. Do not put plastic sheeting on the caravan. 
  8. Put the clean trailer in the garage.

Where to wash your motorhome?

You can wash your motorhome at a garage or do it yourself. When cleaning your motorhome, start with the outside and in particular the roof because this is the place that accumulates the most residue and therefore needs a little more attention.

How to protect a motorhome?

The first solution is the most economical: the protective cover. It covers a motorhome that usually sleeps outside. It is never advisable to leave a motorhome outdoors for a long period, it is damaged and degrades more quickly (bodywork, gaskets, batteries, tires, etc.)


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