Are CAK tanks durable?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Are CAK tanks durable?” We will discuss the list of CAK tanks and their features. We will also talk about the portable water tanks and touch on the CAK tanks accessories. Additionally, we will talk about the water pumps that are manufactured by CAK tanks.

Are CAK tanks durable?

Yes, CAK tanks are durable. CAK tanks are manufactured from high-quality impact resistant non-toxic nylon. These tanks are built to last long and are pre-drilled for easy installation. CAK tanks are specialists in water tanks for caravans, campervans, motorhomes, narrowboats, and horseboxes. CAK tanks have a revolutionary design and are one of the best in the market.

CAK tanks have a high reputation since they have been in the markets for decades. These manufacturers are one of the leaders in mobile water storage systems. For almost 40 years, CAK tanks have manufactured and produced some of the best water storage systems and they continue to build quality products.

List of CAK tanks and features

CAK tanks have a wide range of products including portable water tanks, pumps, showers, kitchen items, bathroom, lighting, and ventilation systems. CAK tanks are one of the best places to get your interior accessories for motorhomes across the UK. Below are some of the products and features from CAK tanks.

30-liter freshwater tank

  • The 30-liter freshwater tank is perfect for small caravans, campervans, and motorhomes. This tank arrives with a large central access cap to fill your water for drinking and cooking.
  • There are two small access points that arrive with screw caps. To access the screw caps, there is a spanner that comes along that can be used to tighten and drain out the water.
  • This freshwater tank holds 7.9 gallons of water and there are mounting clamps for easy installation.

40-liter freshwater tank

  • The 40-liter freshwater tank holds 8.7 gallons and it is perfect for weekend camping.
  • This freshwater tank has a large central access cap and there are two smaller access points with screw caps.
  • One of the screw caps can be set up for installing a submersible pump and a plugged 3/4 BSP drain point.

70-liter freshwater tank

  • The 70-liter freshwater tank is perfect for trailers and it can also be used in caravans and RVs. If you are planning on camping for more than a couple of days, this will be an ideal freshwater tank.
  • It arrives with a 170mm large central access cap. There are two smaller access points with screw caps. The caps are approximately 38-40 mm.
  • The drain point consists of a 3/4” threaded plug and a spanner to tighten the small caps.
  • The mounting clamps are supplied with the tank to secure it to the floor. The 70-liter freshwater tank holds around 15 gallons of water.

25-liter grey water tank

  • CAK tanks have a good range of waste water tanks and the 25-liter grey water tank is the most common one. This tank has a 3/4 cap that is located at the top which acts as a vent when put down for the filling.
  • To empty the wastewater, you will need to put the tank up to stand. This tank is easy to transport around for disposal at campsites.
  • The last cap is used to empty the tank and it has a neat foldable handle for easy handling.
  • Another key feature is the large wheels to pull this tank around.

55-liter calypso chubby tank

  • This tank can be used for all purposes. Based on your requirement, you can either purchase this tank for grey, black, or freshwater.
  • The capacity of this tank is 55 liters and it is rotomoulded to be seamless. There are no joints and all CAK tanks are molded into one piece.
  • There is no chance for light to enter these tanks. Hence, there is no chance for algae and other organisms to grow.

Those were some of the most commonly used tanks described above. There are many other types of tanks including aqua tank systems, 20-39 liter tanks, 200-500 liter tanks, and more. CAK tanks can also customize a tank according to your needs to match your motorhome.  There is no shortage of tanks with CAK tanks since tanks are for all purposes with all dimensions.

Portable water tanks

For those who have a rooftop camper or a small caravan, CAK tanks have incredible portable water tanks that are perfect to carry around with ease. These water tanks are built for easy camping and they are small and compact. Here are some of the best portable water tanks from CAK tanks listed below.

  • 10-liter freshwater canister
  • 25-liter wheel freshwater tank
  • 19-liter black waste water canister
  • 19-liter freshwater canister
  • 9-liter fresh water canister
  • 22-liter side fill black waste water tank

Apart from these portable tanks, CAK tanks also provide integral tap drain valves, hose and cap for easy filling, a spare large center cap for water tanks, 100 mm thread rings, cap plates, 40 mm caps, and more. These accessories are sure to be useful and beneficial for short camping trips. CAK tanks have even the smallest accessories that are related to tanks and camping.

CAK tanks accessories

CAK tanks also deal with water tank accessories to make your life simple on the road. There are a bunch of accessories that are related to water tanks. Some of the CAK tanks accessories are listed below.

  • 3/4 hose barb bayonet quick connector
  • 3-inch 75 mm flat discharge hose
  • 32 mm union joint
  • 40 mm flat discharge hose
  • 40 mm rigid waste female adaptor
  • 40 mm rigid waste pipe
  • Extension hose for ultra-drain
  • Easy fill left hand for vehicle
  • Universal tank mounting kit
  • Hook bolts
  • Punched water tank mounting strap
  • Female supadrain inline drain tap

Those were some of the products that are manufactured from CAK tanks. These products are essentials for camping and installing your fresh, grey, and black water tanks. From connectors to extensions, CAK tanks have all the accessories under one roof. Apart from these, they also deal with other products for your motorhome like water tank cleaning accessories.

CAK tanks water pumps

It’s not only about the tank with CAK tanks as they also manufacture water pumps. There are a variety of water pumps that can be purchased according to your needs. These water pumps are useful for all types of motorhomes. Below are the types of water pumps that are manufactured by CAK tanks.

Freshwater submersible pumps

  • With a huge variety of freshwater submersible pumps, you are sure to find what you need. CAK tanks have submersible immersion freshwater pumps that are easy to install to get the water out of the tank.

Anti-air lock pumps

  • The anti-air lock water pumps are useful to get the water out without any hassle. These airlock pumps are easy to install and they also have a reasonable price.

12 V water pumps

  • For those who find it hard to get the water out manually, CAK tanks have 12 V submersible water pumps. These pumps are easy to use and install.
  • These water pumps arrive in different sizes and shapes. CAK tanks have water pumps for 8-liter tanks to 18-liter tanks. With the help of these pumps, camping and life on the road are sure to be simple.

CAK tanks have a variety of products that are built with durability and long-lasting materials. They also have a wide range of products for bathrooms and other plumbing accessories. CAK tanks have been one of the best places to purchase water tanks based on your preference. They are also cost-effective and are worth the price.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Are CAK tanks durable?” We have discussed the list of CAK tanks and their features. We have also talked about the portable water tanks and touched upon the CAK tanks accessories. Additionally, we have talked about the water pumps that are manufactured by CAK tanks.


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