Are Black Widow drawers any good?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Are Black Widow drawers any good?” We will talk about the Types of Black Widow drawers along with their specs. We will also list the unique features that arrive with Black Widow drawers. At the end of this post, you will get to know all about Black Widow drawers.

Are Black Widow drawers any good?

Yes, Black Widow drawers are good, Black Widow drawers are one of the best storage options for all types of recreational vehicles. From caravans to fifth wheels and pop-top campers, Black Widow drawers are one of the best sliding drawers for storage options. These drawers are specifically compatible with small campers.

If you are struggling for storing all your camping gear and there is not much space, then the best solution will be to opt for a couple of Black Widow drawers. These sliding drawers can be installed at the rear of your camper or towing vehicle and you get enough space to keep all your stuff in an organized manner.

Types of Black Widow drawers

There is a wide range of Black Widow drawers and they are built for various requirements. These storage systems are built for all types of four-wheel drive wagons and they can also be used in campers or motorhomes. These are super strong drawers that are sure to last long. Here are the various types of Black Widow drawers described below.

Premium twin drawer systems

  • The premium twin drawer systems are the most common model of the Black Widow drawers. You get to choose the type of material you want as they arrive in both steel and alloy.
  • These drawers are strong and they arrive with a factory finish. One of the major advantages of these drawers is that they are lightweight. Hence, there is no need to worry about having extra weight on your vehicle.
  • The premium twin drawers from Black Widow have dimpled baring panels for better support. These panels are flush-fitted and there are no protruding bolt heads. It is one of the best designs for perfect for quiet and safe transport of cargo.
  • There are specialized full-width bearings to provide a longer life for both the bearing and the drawer runner. 
  • They also have unique stainless steel slam latches with stronger locking systems and heavy-duty lock barrels. These options make it perfect to keep your valuable gear safe.

EcoLite twin drawer systems

  • The Black Widow EcoLite twin drawer system has a unique build and lighter payload. These are light yet tough twin-drawer storage systems.
  • These are versatile storage systems that can also be used in RVs and all types of motorhomes. Some of the key features include comfortable slam latch handles for easy access. These latches are stainless premium latches with tough satin black powder coat finish.
  • They also have proprietary slam latches that are comfortable, and easy to use and they arrive with a barrel lock for safety. It has a full 18 mm thick floor with a UV-friendly carpet.

Premium easy-access combo drawers

  • For those who need to get rid of clutter while traveling and camping, this is by far the best option to choose from.
  • The Premium easy access combo drawers are lightweight and they have a great combination of drawers that are carpeted. You get to choose based on your preference and these are perfect if you have a large fridge.
  • These drawers can be used for a low-mounted fridge slide. Four different-sized heavy-duty fridge slides are available to accommodate any fridge and provide enough storage space as well.
  • There are two combinations and each of them arrives with two-standard height drawers. The level one combination has standard height bottom drawers with one trade eight for the top drawers that can fit a cargo shelf.
  • The level two combo has two trade height drawers, one standard, and one trade height top or bottom drawer according to your preference. If you are looking for an ultimate storage option with several shelves, this is your best bet.

Premium tourer 1

  • The premium tourer 1 is like a complete travel package. This arrives with an 85-liter fridge freezer and plenty of storage space. There is enough cargo shelf for your tables and chairs or even your cutlery and plates.
  • This is fully carpeted and ideal for maximum storage space. It has a 2 mm aluminum alloy with 100 percent full-extension 30 kg rated runners.
  • The Bushmen 85 fridge is lightweight and it has a six-liter freezer compartment. The net weight is around 21.5 kilograms and it is also light on the pocket. It arrives with dimpled bearing panels, full-width bearings, and unique stainless steel slam latches.

Premium drawer modules

  • The premium drawer modules offer single and multiple storage options according to your choice. You can also opt for triple drawer systems if necessary.
  • These drawers can be stored vertically or horizontally or even a combination of both. These are easy to install and also easy to access all gear.
  • The module drawer system can also be used as a heavy-duty fridge slide on top if required. There are a wide variety of sizes in terms of length and width. From 700 to 1800 mm in length and 400 to 6500 mm in width. However, the height is only 275 mm which is standard, and 356 mm which is the trade height.
  • They have heavy-duty lock barrels and special full-width bearings that spread the load for longer runner life. These are all galvanized aluminum construction with marine grade and UV-stable carpet finish.
  • There are also double-stack drawers on the sides or you can get to build a combination on your own based on your vehicle and preference.

EcoLite drawer modules

  • The EcoLite drawer models are almost the same as the premium modules but there are key differences. These are either single or twin drawers and they can be stacked on top of each other.
  • Due to the bearing panel bolts, these models cannot be stacked side-by-side. They are dependable, strong, and also economical at the same time. They can be easily mounted on any flat or solid surface.
  • These Black Widow drawer modules can be installed with ease by simply bolting them down to a surface. The EcoLite drawer modules arrive with a stronger locking system and heavy-duty lock barrels.

Slim-line pantry drawer

  • If you want something really small but handy, Black Widow drawers have manufactured the slim line pantry drawer for easy access. This is a stand-alone drawer that can be mounted to any surface.
  • It has a clip lock latch to keep the drawer from sliding out during travel. Despite the size, it arrives with marine-grade carpet on the inside and the outside. 
  • This is a versatile self-contained drawer that has 100 percent, full extension runners, at 30 kilograms from maximum access.

Black Widow drawer’s unique features

Black Widow drawers are known for their unique features. While most of their drawers have more than the basic requirements, they are sure to have these unique features listed below.

  • Stainless steel drawer locks
  • Dimpled drawer-bearing panels
  • Strong, durable, and secure
  • Quick-release drawers in the premium range
  • Dual bottom bearings
  • Full-size lift outside wing panels for easy jack panel access
  • Heavy duty checker plate aluminum protective edging on premium range
  • Flush-fitted heavy-duty lift tie downs
  • One piece of folded steel fridge slide.

Black Widow drawers have been around in the market for more than 20 years and they are known for their top-class quality products. Their drawers arrive with a carpet and it has a classy appearance. These drawers are affordable and can be used for various purposes, including small campers and RVs. Black Widow drawers are also ADR crash test certified.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Are Black Widow drawers any good?” We have talked about the Types of Black Widow drawers along with their specs. We have also listed the unique features that arrive with Black Widow drawers. Have you used a Black Widow drawer before? Let us know in the comments below.


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