Are big woody campers good?

In this blog, we will answer the question: “Are big woody campers good?” we will discuss the types of big woody campers and describe the perks of owning a big woody camper. We will also list out the various kits and customizable options. Furthermore, we will discuss Kulba woody campers and their excellent features.  

Are big woody campers good? 

Yes, big woody campers are good and are known for their unique style and appearance. These campers come in a teardrop shape and their classic look is not something that can go unnoticed. Big woody campers are high-quality campers that have been around for decades. These campers have retained their vintage look and are known to be cozy and comfortable.

Big woody campers are also easy to two with their lightweight size. Since the 1930s, big woody campers have been in the market and are one of the first of their kind. The design makes it simple and easy to maneuver. These campers are good for those who love to travel frequently and not remain in one place for a long time.

Types of big woody campers and their features 

Big woody campers are based on the designs of the 40s and the 50s. These campers are like small cabins due to the wood finish. They are sturdy, durable, and can be towed with almost any car. These campers have the potential to accommodate two people. It comes with a custom-fit mattress and there are various floorplans to choose from. Here are the types of big woody campers listed below.

Ultimate big woody campers 

  • The Ultimate big woody campers have a vintage look, but they still come with some of the best modern-day appliances. These variations also have a TV and DVD player for your entertainment. 
  • One of the best features is the side tables with patio lights. With aromatic cedar for the closets, ceiling, and front wall, it certainly gives you a beautiful finish.
  • It also has double sinks and a water pump to suit your needs. A converter battery charger is an option and it is wired for 110vac and 12vdc. 
  • There is enough space for an electric heater and a reading lamp if you want to read at night. These campers are one of the finest teardrop campers that are available in the market today.

Deluxe big woody campers 

  • The deluxe big woody campers are a class apart with a 54qt Coleman cooler. It has a water pump and a sink with lower and upper cabinets. 
  • In case of connecting a TV stereo, these trailers have a 12-volt outlet that is prebuilt. 
  • There is also a 12 bolt battery and a 12-volt light if required. There are closets over the foot and an overhead shelf with ample storage space.
  • The sink is situated at the right spot and it has a 12-volt battery beneath. 
  • The water supply container and the overall finish add to the list of amenities. 
  • The outer appearance of this camper is excellent and the flooring has a classic finish. The Deluxe big wood campers are one of a kind and are definitely worth the price.

U-Finish big woody campers 

  • The U-Finish big woody campers are cost-effective and they still come with enough features to suit your camping needs. 
  • The U-Finish big woody campers cost lesser than the other models, but they are also built with the same standards as the Ultimate campers. 
  • The exterior has a great overall appearance and it is one of those best budget-friendly teardrop campers.
  • The good thing about these campers is that you get to customize them according to your style. These campers require a bit of finishing since they are built to be customized. 
  • You will need to stain and varnish the flooring and the interior. You can also install cabinets or shelves according to your needs and improve them as per your liking.

Used big woody campers 

For those of you who need to explore more options, you can opt for the used big woody campers. There are plenty of models that are available on the big woody website. These campers have already been customized and they come with some of the best features and amenities. Some of these campers have extra facilities that you can choose from.

Big woody also gives you the option to customize your campers. You get to choose what you want and find the best comprehensive plans available. The advantage of big woody is that you get to choose the various teardrop kits. After customizing your camper you can choose what kit will match your requirements. Here are some of the kits for big woody campers.

Basic wood components kit.

  • Ultimate kit.
  • Camper parts kit.
  • Electrical kits.
  • Side table kits.
  • Weatherstrip kits.
  • Galley kits.

Big woody campers also provide parts and accessories that can be purchased. They are dedicated to providing quality parts and they are one of the best teardrop trailers in the camping community. These classic campers have a legacy that is known around the US and in other parts of the world. Overall, these campers are a top preference when it comes to teardrop trailers.

Perks of owning a big woody camper 

With a moderate price range and top-class amenities, big woody campers are one of the best teardrop campers in the camping community. These campers have a high value and not everyone chooses to sell them once they are bought. The value for big woody campers is high and their features are excellent. Camping in big woody trailers is sure to give you an incredible experience.

Kulba woody campers 

Big woody is a recognized brand for decades, but other campers have the same woody appearance with the latest features. Most of these campers can be custom built and towing these tiny cozy homes has never been an issue with their lightweight. Here is the Kulba woody camper and its features.

  • The Kulba woody campers are known for their signature and popular models. These campers are made with Baltic birch plywood in the same teardrop shape. 
  • Kulba woody campers have UV-resistant marine-grade epoxy to protect the exterior from rain and harsh climatic conditions. 
  • These campers have a natural wood sidewall with distinctive fiber patterns.
  • With the right dimensions, the interiors are spacious and are also fully insulated to keep you warm during winters. 
  • The insulation material is polystyrene foam and the cabin walls are 42 mm thick for all the Kulba models. 
  • The flooring and the roof are 68 mm thick for extra protection and also prevent external sounds like heavy raindrops.
  • The three-piece mattress can be folded into a sofa and the outlets are perfectly set in the right place. 
  • The Baltic birch play is a hardwood that is built for stability and strength. 
  • You also get to add several wood fiber patterns for an excellent look. 
  • Kulba also has all the furniture built with the same Baltic birch plywood. All furniture in these campers is made of 12 mm thick wood.

There is enough space with several cabinets and a sink at the back of the camper. It also consists of a foldable tabletop integrated gas burner. There is a service hatch between the kitchen and the cabin and a handy drawer above the sink. With many versions to choose from, the Kulba woody campers are worth the value for their price.

Big woody campers have several benefits including the price range and the amenities. However, the biggest benefit is the brand value. Big woody has a wide customer base of loyal customers and some of its classic models are still said to be the best. Overall, these campers are a class apart from most of the other teardrop trailers with a classic appearance.


In this blog we have answered the question “Are big woody campers good?” we have discussed the types of big woody campers and described the perks of owning a big woody camper. We have also listed the various kits and customizable options. Furthermore, we will discuss Kulba woody campers and their excellent features. 


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