Are bear teardrop trailers any good?

In this blog post, we will answer the question “Are Bear teardrop trailers any good?” We will discuss the features and specifications of bear teardrop trailers and describe their two flagship models. We will also talk about the exceptional features of these models along with the trailer upgrades.

Are Bear teardrop trailers any good?

Yes, Bear teardrop trailers still hold a high reputation for their exceptional features and compatibility. These trailers were designed for any person to go out and experience camping irrespective of their skill level. They are extremely comfortable will all the essentials to live with comfort for several days. Bear teardrop trailers are light, simple, and easily adaptable.

Living off-grid is always exciting for many and most people want to have a comfortable experience. RVs or fifth wheels might be a tough choice for people who are not experienced, but these teardrop trailers are the ultimate choice for first-timers. Bear teardrop trailers are well known in the RV world. These are their top models with their features and specifications.

Bear teardrop trailers features and specs

Bear teardrop trailers have kept it simple with two flagship models. These teardrop trailers are built for comfort and easy transport. At the same time, they managed to fit in all their essentials for an incredible camping experience. These teardrop trailers are worth their price and are one of the best teardrop trailers that can be found.

The Trail Hawk 

The Trail Hawk teardrop trailer has been in the market for a while and it is recognized immediately with the Bear teardrop logo. These teardrop trailers are a perfect fit for two adults. The outstanding appearance is attractive and the design is simple. Overall, the Trail Hawk teardrop trailer is worth the price with outstanding features.   

  • The Trail Hawk is built on a powder-coated steel frame and it is strong and durable.
  • The trailer also arrives with a Timbren Axle-Less suspension to enhance your camping and towing experience. 
  • The advantage of this trailer is the battery storage compartment. 
  • There is enough storage space to power electronics even in remote places. This trailer is one of the best teardrop trailers for off-road camping.

Most teardrop trailers are not perfectly suited for off-road camping. Bear teardrop trailers broke that barrier and they come with excellent off-road potential. The clearance for these trailers is exceptional and the all-terrain tires and equally balanced to manage off-road trails and highways. 

The Apache 

Bear teardrop trailers have taken one step ahead with the Apache model. These trailers are the biggest from the Bear teardrop and it arrives with incredible features and capacity. If you are planning on going for an off-road adventure, this trailer is worth every penny. Built for rough terrain and highways, these travel trailers are a class apart from most teardrop models.

  • There is enough space in the Apache for up to five adults to sleep comfortably. It is perfect for a small group of friends and a family of four or five. Camping in this teardrop trailer even for a month can be achieved with ease. 
  • This trailer is light and capable to take you down any road. The all-terrain tires are a perfect match for the Apache.
  • The interiors are excellent with plenty of built-in storage space. It also has a roof rack and a roof-top tent option. 
  • The 7-blade RV connector makes it easy to plug into shore power. 
  • It arrives with a propane tank and the interiors are flawlessly crafted to suit your camping needs. 
  • There are enough shelves on the inside and it also has an electrical panel.

The awning option is one of the best for these trailers. Loading gear in the cargo area has never been easier with a teardrop camper. There are strap jacks up top that make it ideal for off-grid camping. Bear teardrop trailers have been successful with this excellent and exceptional model. You can set up camp and this is extremely convenient and hassle-free.

Exceptional features of Bear teardrop trailers 

Bear teardrop trailers have exceptional features that keep them apart from the usual teardrop campers. One of their exceptional features is that they are ventilated with a fan. The ventilation for these trailers is truly amazing and makes you feel comfortable at all times. They also have sun showers, rear hitches, and awnings that can be added easily.

Bear teardrop trailer upgrades

The good news is that you don’t just stop there when it comes to amenities and features. Bear teardrop trailers have plenty of upgrades to choose from. The heaters, sun showers, rear hitches, and awnings are easy additions. They also come with a solid-inch memory foam mattress. This mattress can be fitted easily whenever you please.

Bear teardrop trailers are one of a kind and their exceptional features and upgrades are perfectly blended for off-road camping. These teardrop trailers are also affordable as they come in a decent price range. Apart from the Bear teardrop trailers, there are a few other teardrop trailers that have a similar concept and some exclusive features.

Grizzly bear teardrop campers 

Grizzly bear teardrop campers differ from Bear teardrop trailers. These campers have the same classic teardrop design and are perfect for two or three adults. Manufactured by Rustic Trail, the Grizzly bear teardrop campers will not go unnoticed. Below are some of the standard features for the Grizzly bear camper.

Standard Grizzly bear teardrop features 

  • Front door with separate screen door
  • 2 folding rear stabilizer jacks
  • Standard electric brakes
  • Standard 2-inch rear receiver for cargo or bikes
  • 15 Amp shore power connection
  • Standard Max Air vent/fan
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Heavy-duty 3,500 Lb.
  • 15-inch rated axle
  • Foam board insulated roof
  • Radiant barrier
  • Front interior power strip with USB ports
  • 2 large windows with screens and integrated locks
  • 2 sliding windows with screens and locks
  • Dual USB charging ports (front or rear).

The interior height of this camper is five feet and the exterior height is 80.5 inches. The dry weight is 1,475 pounds and the interior length is 10 feet. There is enough space on the inside for storage and there is no particleboard that is used in the Grizzly Bear camper. The interior flooring is built on a heavy-duty wood plank.

Grizzly bear camper extra options 

Just like all the other campers and teardrop trailers, Grizzly Bear has some extra options to choose from. These options are provided to maximize your camping experience. The advantage is that you get to customize these options on your own. The Grizzly bear camper offers up to 10 different options to choose from. These are some of the extra options listed below.

  • 40-pound 5,000 BTU A/C with a vent cover to keep the system protected and clean.
  • 30-pound front rack to hold extra gear up to 250 pounds.
  • 22-pound A-Frame tongue box for storing tools and gear.
  • 70-pound AGM battery kit for interior LED lights, USB charging ports, Max Air fan, etc.
  • Lagun table upgrades to hold the dinette table.
  • 15-pound removable nylon canopy.
  • 15-pound Exterior table for cooking.
  • Deluxe Max Air fan.
  • 24-inch tall vinyl wrap.
  • Interior lighting package
  • Vinyl stripe.
  • 15-inch aluminum rims.

With these incredible options to choose from, you can convert this teardrop camper into an excellent masterpiece. Grizzly bear offers some top-class add-ons for comfortable camping. You get to choose what you need and customize your camper according to your wish. These campers are worth the price and are more than enough for a couple to travel and camp.

The Bear teardrop trailers have a strong reputation for their durability and comfort. These trailers are well-known for their quality, durability, and exclusive options. Camping in these teardrop trailers is sure to bring you one of the best experiences. For those who are not keen on owning an RV and for someone who loves teardrops, these are the best options.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Are Bear teardrop trailers any good?” We have discussed the features and specifications of bear teardrop trailers and described their two flagship models. We have also talked about the exceptional features of these models along with the trailer upgrades. 


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