Are battery hook up products any good?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Are battery hook up products any good?” We will discuss the types of products at battery hook up and also talk about the list of other accessories that are available at battery hook up. At the end of this post, you will get to know all about the battery hook up store.

Are battery hook up products any good?

Yes, battery hook up products are good. Battery hook up is known for its genuine lithium batteries and other top-quality products. Battery hook up has been around in the market for years together and they have a reputed name. Their first-class batteries are known for their excellent performance and long-lasting properties.

Battery hook up focus on lowering the costs of lithium batteries and also help the environment in several ways. This company strives to create solutions for electronic waste. They offer some of the best solutions and make use of used batteries. Battery hook up is also one of the best places where you get to save money.

Types of products at battery hook up

Battery hook up has brought some of the best solutions and they have a wide range of products for everyone. By lowering the costs of lithium batteries, battery hook up are manufactured and produced some of the best battery products over the years. Below are the types of products that are available at battery hook up.

EV batteries

  • Battery hook up has incredible EV batteries that are rechargeable and built for electric motors. These EV batteries are hybrid and they are built with the typical lithium-ion. 
  • The EV batteries at battery hook up are specifically designed for high electric charge capacity. There are various models that have different kWh to suit your needs.

Solar panels and inverters

  • Battery hook up has always focused on helping the environment get better. Thus, they have manufactured some incredible solar panels and inverters to save power and consume less fuel. The lesser the fuel, the better for the environment. 
  • There are several types of solar panels and inverters that come with variations and affordable prices.
  • Some of these solar panels are easy to install without using any tools. From mounting brackets to flexible solar panels, battery hook up has some of the best products on the market. They also have some of the best inverters and chargers that arrive with a display.
  • You can select the type of wattage based on your requirements.

Household batteries

  • Battery hoop up also produces some of the best household batteries that start at an affordable price range. There are lithium and Duracell batteries that can be used for various purposes.

Modem batteries

  • If you are looking for modem batteries, you are sure to find some of the best modem batteries at battery hook up. These modem batteries have different sizes, cells, and various types. You can find batteries for LG, Samsung, and many other products. There are batteries with 2,200 mAh, 18650 cells, 3000, mAh, and more.

DIY products

  • Another great advantage of battery hook up is that you get several DIY products. Most people love to get all their stuff up on their own and they focus on various DIY projects. 
  • Battery hook up has some of the best DIY products that they have manufactured over the years. These products are perfect and are ready for easy assembly.
  • You get products like steel enclosure fans and components. You also get other combinations with cell holders threaded rods with bolts, copper and steel plates, etc. There are also power modules that can be purchased for all your battery-related DIY products.

Battery hook up gift cards

  • Battery hook up also provides gift cards for you to hoop up to your friends or loved ones. These are e-gift cards that can be sent to others to make purchases at the battery hook up store. 
  • These gift cards start at a minimum price of $10. Once you make a purchase of an e-gift card, you will receive an email with a confirmation.

The battery hook up store also has its own merchandise and you get to purchase t-shirts, hoodies, and caps. You can also become an affiliate and join the affiliate program with battery hook up. This program also provides you with a decent amount of discounts every month. You can visit the battery hook up store directly in Pennsylvania or purchase products online at their website.

Other accessories

The good thing with battery hoop up is that they have most of the accessories that are related to batteries. These accessories are easily available at a decent price range. Here are some of the accessories that are available at battery hook up.

Li-ion lifepod

  • There are Li-ion lifepod BMS units that come without the main lead wires. These units have balance leads that help people to solder their own battery wires onto the BMS.

Smart BMS

  • If you are looking for a smart BMS, you are sure to get it with battery hook up. These units are built to last and offer extra protection for your battery.

TE Connectivity

  • The TE connectivity that is available from battery hook up is recovered from EV battery modules. The good news is that these TE connectivity models are offered at a cheap price.

Computer interface with smart BMS

  • The computer interface modules are available for smart BMS units. This is used for advanced programming features and to control your BMS. It can be connected to your computer with the help of a USB cable.

Bluetooth model for smart BMS

  • This Bluetooth device is built to work on iPhones and android devices. Once you have this connected to your phone, you will be able to check the overcharge, over discharge, low temp cutoff, and other parameters for your smart BMS.

Cell level nickel fuse and cell holders

  • There are cell-level nickel fuses of various types and models. These are custom cell level fused nickel design that is manufactured by battery hook up. They also fit the standard 18650 cell holders that everyone uses.
  • The cell holders arrive at different prices and they are built to fit 18650 cells perfectly without any hassle. You also get headway cell holders for 38120 cells.

Digital Multimeter

  • Battery hook up digital multi-meter arrives with a battery included. The battery is of nine volts and it also has a 3.5 digit reading LCD screen. 
  • There are 19 different rangers and this is perfect to diagnose low battery indication or overload protection. You also get shrink wrap vinyl tubes and battery hookup clippers or flush cutters.

Insulator rings cell warps

  • If you are looking for insulator rings and cell wraps, you will get full sheet insulator rings and 18650 cell wraps for close to a dollar.
  • There are also 32650 cell holder spacers and kapton heat tapes that are one inch wide or 2-inches wide.

Some of the other accessories are current sensors, delta electronics fans, Bussbann Fusetron fuses, and alligator clip jumper wires clips. With a list of important accessories, battery hook up is one place where you get everything that is related to batteries. These products can be purchased separately or in bulk.

The battery hook up store has a good reputation and they are known for manufacturing products that are good for the environment. People across the country support this cause and they also get some of the best products on the market. Making a purchase from the battery hook up store is sure to add some benefit for you and the environment.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Are battery hook up products any good?” We have discussed the types of products at battery hook up and also talked about the list of other accessories that are available at battery hook up. Leave us a comment below and let us know if you have purchased a product at battery hook up.


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