Are ATHTrepo RVs a scam?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Are ATHTrepo RVs a scam?” We will discuss ATHTrepo’s unbelievable deals, payment options, and unprofessional website. Additionally, we will discuss a few important tips to prevent online RV scams. At the end of this post, you will get to know all about the ATHTrepo website.

Are ATHTrepo RVs a scam?

Yes, ATHTrepo RVs are a scam. ATHTrepo RVs is a scam website that is designed to fool buyers into buying high-end RVs and all types of motorhomes. Most of the RVs that are described on the website is believed to be a scam. There have been several instances where customers have described the ATHTrepo to be a scam.

ATHTrepo’s unbelievable deals

ATHTrepo listed unbelievable deals on their website and most people found their deals too good to be true. ATHTrepo has various deals on its website that has high-end rigs. Most of these rigs that are listed on the ATHTrepo site have cheap prices for various motorhomes and boats. This website later turned out to be a scam.

With extremely low prices, most of the RVs and motorhomes that were listed on the website were not true. The ATHTrepo website has been one of those online RV scams that cheated people with their attractive prices. Several forums have negative discussions about their experience with ATHTrepo.

ATHTrepo’s only payment option

Another disadvantage of these online vehicle auction websites was the payment options. It turns out that the ATHTrepo website had only one payment option which was a wire transfer. Many people were skeptical about these payment options and it was way too much to pay for an unknown site that was not well-known.

It turns out that the ATHTrepo continued with their scam and designed various websites under different names. While these websites did not last long and were shut down. However, there were new sites that emerged with similar names and similar deals. These sites did not last long and there has been no physical address of ATHTrepo.

ATHTrepo’s unprofessional website

ATHTrepo is also said to have an unprofessional website and in some situations, the website did not function properly. The website was also ranked poor and was rated as risky. According to the scam detectors, ATHTrepo is not a legitimate website and it was poorly designed without elements in the metadata.

The ATHTrepor website was also referred to as a threat and in some cases contained malware. This scam website was keen on making online payments through wire transfer and all the motorhomes, RVs, and other products were said to be fake. To make matters worse, there has been no proper response or support from their customer care.

The ATHTrepor website is an elaborate scam and there have been multiple fake google links. The website features a list of RVs, boats, motorhomes, cars, farm equipment, and more. The account details were also fake and were set up to steal from people. The RVs and motorhomes listed on the ATHTrepo website were a total scam.

Tips to prevent online RV scams

Online RV scams turned out to be a trend and there are still multiple websites that fool people with their RV scams. There is been a significant rise in complaints filed against online vehicle auction websites. Several sites look legitimate but the RVs and other products were not delivered. Here are a few tips to prevent online RV scams.

Do enough research

  • The Better Business Bureau recommends that you do enough research before purchasing any type of motorhome online. Due to the rising scam of online RV auctions, be sure to do enough research on the website.

Use a website tracker

  • It is also important to use a website tracker to determine authenticity and security. A website tracker is essential as it helps you know the legitimacy of the website. This is required if you are making huge purchases online.
  • You can also use the Better Business Bureau scam tracker to check if the seller has a business profile.

Avoid wire transfers

  • Be sure to avoid wire transfers while purchasing an RV online. Several scam websites only require wire transfers since they are untraceable. It is always important to consider websites that have multiple payment options.
  • Pay using traceable methods like a credit card to dispute the payment later if the sale is fraudulent. However, it is still recommended not to make any transfers if are skeptical about the website.

Cross check information

  • It is also important to cross-check the information on the seller’s website. Be sure to check the contact information and location. It is important for such websites to have an existing address. Ensure that they respond to all calls and be sure to look up the telephone numbers in the directory.
  • Make sure that the address of the company exists on Google Maps. Drive down to the address mentioned on the site and enquire about the company.

Check for the MC Docket Number

  • Images of RVs and motorhomes can be deceiving so be sure that websites dealing with RVs have a Motor Carrier Docket Number listed on the website. This number can usually be verified on the department of transportation’s safer website.

Schedule a meeting

  • RV scam websites do not schedule meetings with their clients. It is essential to schedule a face-to-face meeting with RV auction websites. If they do not accept a meeting, be sure to avoid such sites. It is also important to schedule a meeting at their address.

Check RV forums

  • Many RV forums are available online. These forums are free to use and you can ask questions online to other motorhome owners. Be sure to check forums for extra information about these websites.

Those were a few tips to consider when it comes to preventing online RV scams. There are plenty of RV auction websites online and it is advised not to purchase an RV online. It is always better to check the RV and take it for a test drive. It’s also advised not to purchase RVs online via any auction.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Are ATHTrepo RVs a scam?” We have discussed ATHTrepo’s unbelievable deals, payment options, and unprofessional website. Additionally, we have discussed a few important tips to prevent online RV scams. Leave us a comment below and let us know if you have come across such RV scam sites.


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