Are All-terrain campers any good?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Are All-terrain campers any good? We will discuss the various models and features of All-terrain campers. We will also discuss the standard features that come along with the All-terrain campers. At the end of this post, you will get to know all about the All-terrain campers.

Are All-terrain campers any good?

Yes, All-terrain campers are good. All-terrain campers produce lightweight, strong, and durable pop-up campers for full-size, long, and short-bed trucks. There are several models with various floorplans available. All-terrain campers also have various features and they can be customized according to your preference.

All-terrain campers models and features

All-terrain campers have some interesting models that are built to suit all types of truck beds. These campers can be used for short beds, long beds, and full-size trucks. However, the features vary according to the model and the size of the truck. Here are some of the various models of All-terrain campers along with their features described below.

All-terrain Cougar

  • The All-terrain Cougar models have a 96-inch floor and 144-inch roof. The width of these campers is 84-inches.
  • It also arrives with a 14-inch couch that can be extended to 28-inches. The bed for this camper is 48 x 82-inches and it also has an optional bed slide.
  • The Cougars also arrive with an icebox, sink, stove, table, monitor panel, 12-volt USB outlet, and inside porch LED lights.
  • Some of the other features include a drawer in the cabinet, a roof vent, roof struts, four-corner jack brackets, etc. The All-terrain Cougar has plenty of storage space for all gear.

All-terrain Puma

  • The All-terrain Puma models have the same 96-inch floor and 144-inch roof. The width of these campers is 78-inches or 72-inches.
  • The Puma has a couch that is 14-iches x 79-inches. This couch can also be extended if necessary. The upper bed is 48 x 76-inches and there is also an optional bed slide that measures 64 x 76-inches.

All-terrain Panther

  • The All-terrain Panther has a floor bed of 80-inches. The roof length is 128-inches and the width of the camper is 84-inches.
  • This model is perfect for full-size six-inch bed trucks. It is perfect to be fitted on a Chevrolet, Dodge, Toyota Tundra, and Ford.
  • The overhead bed size is 48 x 82 inches and the lower bed can be opened out. The bed below can easily accommodate one or two people comfortably.
  • One of the major features of the All-terrain Panther is the ability to move the table anywhere. You can also take the table outside while camping outdoors.

All-terrain Bobcat

  • The All-terrain Bobcat is just right for small and mid-sized trucks that have a six-foot bed. It has a convenient table setup that can be stored behind the couch or the extended bed cushions.
  • The Bobcat arrives with a standard extended bed and the couch can also be converted into a bed. One of the key features is the large passenger side widow and LED marker with brake lights.
  • This model has a pre-wired solar panel and a marine RV deep-cycle battery for off-shore camping. The CO and LP monitor alarm are some of the other key benefits.
  • There is a huge cabinet under the couch that has plenty of storage space. It also has a five-gallon propane tank and fire extinguisher.

All-terrain Ocelot

  • The All-terrain Ocelot has a floor bed of 80-inches and it has a roof length of 128-inches. The width of this camper is 72-inches and the length is 78-inches.
  • The overhead bed size for the Ocelot is 48 x 72 inches and the couch bed is 74 x 28 inches. The Ocelot arrives with all the standard equipment.
  • It has a spacious couch and there is enough legroom to move your legs under the table. The couch can also be converted into a bed and it is perfect for one adult to sleep.
  • There is enough space for storage under the cabinet and the couch. It also has a five-gallon propane tank and a 15-gallon water tank.

Those were some of the best models from All-terrain campers. These models have excellent interior walls, polished floors, and a good overall appearance. You also get to opt for a Shell model floor plan with extra storage options. The All-terrain campers are constructed with quality material to last long and they are also lightweight, which makes them easy to maneuver.

All-terrain camper’s standard features

The All-terrain campers have some standard features for all their models despite the size of the truck. By maintaining some of these standard features, the All-terrain campers have built a good reputation over the years. Here are some of the standard features of the All-terrain campers described below.

Basic amenities

  • All campers arrive with the basic amenities and these are perfect to get you on the road and start camping at once. Some of these basic features include a 12-volt pump, 2-burner stove, portable table, stainless steel sink with hand wash, and more.

12-volt outlet with USB

  • A 12-volt outlet with USB is something you are sure to find in All-terrain campers. This outlet is located at a convenient spot in the cabinet to the right of the sink. It makes it easy to plug in any appliance and set it on top of the icebox. There is also an option to add another outlet to the camper in the front of the cabinet.

2-burner stove

  • The 2-burner stove arrives with a flush mount and a protective glass top lid. You can easily fold the lid down when not in use. This helps to protect the stove and it provides a usable flat surface.

Sink and 12-volt pump

  • The stainless steel sink is situated perfectly in the middle of the countertop for easy use. It also arrives with a 12-volt pump and there is plenty of space to place all the dishes to dry.

Safety equipment

  • All-terrain campers do not compromise on their safety features and they make sure to have a fire extinguisher and smoke alarm. There is also a CO and LP monitor alarm that comes equipped with most campers.

Storage options

  • There is plenty of storage space for every all-terrain camper. There is enough storage space in the cabinets and there is enough space to keep all your camping gear under the couch. There is also a drawer in the cabinet to store all your small possessions.

Sturdy construction

  • All-terrain campers are strong and they are constructed with an aluminum frame. This aluminum frame is also built to flex with the truck bed and it is also built to withstand harsh winds. The frame is also rust-proof and there are not many chances for debris to collect.

Customizable features

  • There are also customizable features and you get to build your camper based on your requirements. You can opt to make a few changes and alter the interiors accordingly. There are multiple options like adding racks to the roof to carry stuff.

Cold weather pack

  • The cold weather pack is sure to bring you benefits. In some situations, it can be hard to sleep during harsh climatic conditions. The cold weather pack is sure to help you keep a balance in temperature inside the camper. This is a thin, dense liner that provides dead air space to insulate the inside of the camper.

You can also upgrade your old camper at All-terrain campers. You can repair, refurbish, and get add-ons if necessary. Extra accessories like floor packs, folding panels, stoves, refrigerators, and water pumps are some of the additions. You can easily upgrade stoves, refrigerators, and other accessories. All-terrain campers are one of the best campers for off-road camping.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Are All-terrain campers any good? We have discussed the various models and features of All-terrain campers. We have also discussed the standard features that come along with the All-terrain campers. Have you used an All-terrain camper before? Drop us a comment below and let us know what you liked the most.


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