Are all Arctic Fox trailers 4 seasons?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are all Arctic Fox trailers 4 seasons? We will discuss the features that make Arctic Fox trailers suitable for all-weather travels. We will also explain (in detail) what a 4 seasons trailer is. 

Are all Arctic Fox trailers 4 seasons?

Yes, all Arctic Fox trailers are 4 seasons. According to Northwood, the manufacturer, All Arctic Fox trailers are made to withstand weather extremities. The Arctic Fox series is built on an off-road chassis and is fully insulated to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Let’s see the features that each Arctic Fox trailer has to withstand hot and cold weather:

  1. Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 5th wheel trailers:
  • All-Conditions/Four Seasons Insulation With R-18 Ceiling
  • R-15 Reflective Foil Insulation in Roof / Slides
  • Heated Holding Tanks / Cathedral Arched Ceiling
  • 16 Gal DSI Gas/Electric Quick Recovery Water Heater
  1. Arctic Fox North Fork Travel trailers:
  • All-Conditions/Four Seasons Insulation With R-18 Ceiling
  • R-15 Reflective Foil Insulation in Roof
  • Heated Holding Tanks / Cathedral Arched Ceiling
  • 10 Gal DSI Gas/Electric Quick Recovery Water Heater
  • High-Density Block Foam Insulation
  1. Arctic Fox Truck Campers:
  • Hot, Polyurethane Laminated, Multi-Layered Substrate Walls
  • All-Conditions/Four Seasons Foam Block Insulation
  • Cathedral Arched Ceiling
  • Heated Holding Tanks
  • 20K BTU Auto Ignition Furnace w/Digital Thermostat

What are the benefits of an Arctic Fox 4 seasons trailer?

The main benefits of Arctic Fox 4 seasons trailers are that you can travel all-year-round without having to worry or take extra-precautions to keep both you and your camper safe and comfortable. 

The Northwood Arctic Fox is a beloved 4 season travel trailer because it has so many features:

  • full tub with a retractable shower screen and bath skylight
  • 12 volt and USB chargers in the bedroom
  • winds
  • porcelain toilet
  • microwave with stove cover
  • skylight With blinds in the kitchen
  • 10 cubic feet. refrigerator with raised panels
  • digital thermostat
  • Jackknife sofa and dining area
  • 19 ”LED TV includes DVD / CD player and Bluetooth
  • foam insulation throughout the vehicle.
  • ceiling insulation equivalent to R-18
  • Smoke, liquid petroleum gas and carbon monoxide detectors
  • 15 ”aluminum wheels
  • drawer runners with roller bearing

This all means you will live in luxury while traveling, no matter the season. Additional extras are also available including solar panels, backup cameras, retention tank heater pads, generators, bathroom fan vents and kitchen, thermal glass windows and an aluminum main awning.

Northwood is a well-known brand for recreational vehicles designed for cold weather, and the Arctic Fox all seasons motorhome doesn’t skimp on luxury features. Your comfort is guaranteed and you will never want to leave the road again. Luxury features cost more, however, and you’ll have to shell out a lot of money, even for older models before 2020!

What is a 4 seasons trailer?

You know all the great features that an Arctic Fox 4 seasons trailer has, but you may be wondering what a 4 seasons trailer is in the first place. 

If you like to travel in your RV both in winter and summer, investing in a 4 seasons trailer may be wise. These vehicles are designed to guarantee not only your comfort with reinforced thermal insulation but also your safety on more difficult roads (snow, ice, thunderstorms, snowstorms, etc.).

Here are some criteria that describe best a 4 seasons trailer:

  1. Flawless construction: To meet the 4 seasons requirements, the materials used for the construction of these trailers must meet very specific technical characteristics: in particular high resistance and perfect rigidity. But that is not enough when you want to use your motorhome in winter. This is why manufacturers pay particular attention to the quality of assembly of the sandwich panels.
  1. Foolproof insulation: For optimal comfort, high-performance insulation is essential! This is why manufacturers use Styrofoam for 4 season trailers. Styrofoam has recognized priorities of high sound and thermal insulation and lightness. Guaranteeing the quality of the insulation in your RV, the Styrofoam will provide you with lasting thermal insulation.
  1. 100% polyester as standard: Compared to an aluminum sheet surface, polyester contributes to better trailer insulation. This is why most 4 seasons trailers are 100% polyester: facades, roof and floor.
  1. A double floor: 4 seasons trailer manufacturers have designed a double storage floor combining storage space and thermal insulation. In addition to its storage attractions, the architecture offers reinforced thermal insulation helping to maintain a gentle ambient temperature in the RV.
  1. Well-insulated windows: Trailer windows are a point of vigilance with regard to heat loss. This is why 4 seasons trailers are fitted with double-glazed windows with polyurethane frames. It is also possible to opt for double glazing on the front cabin side windows (except driver’s door) to improve cabin insulation. So you can enjoy the landscapes and the heat!
  1. TRUMA heating system: In most 4 season trailers, the Truma heating system is positioned in the kitchen area, i.e. in the central part of the vehicle, to ensure optimum performance and uniform radiation at the front and rear of the vehicle.

This positioning was determined following tests carried out jointly between TRAUMA and different RV manufacturers.

This functionality is controlled by the CP PLUS control panel with digital display and programming possibility, at the entrance of your vehicle.

  1. ALDE central heating system: Arctic Comfort Plus (depending on models) In collaboration with the ALDE team, RV manufacturers have developed high-end central heating which has been successfully tested in Scandinavian countries. 

Having become a benchmark on the market, this heater offers a uniform temperature in the living area and the cabin (A-class windshield, cabin-living area connection), with the possibility of adjusting the temperature in the room differently. It benefits from the Frost Control system.

The ALDE Comfort Plus Arctic central heating consists of a gas boiler and a heat exchanger.

The gas boiler heats a liquid (60% water / 40% glycol) in a network of pipes and convectors and creates a flow of hot air that rises along the outer walls. Partitions, furniture and the air are gradually heated, forming a barrier of hot air that insulates the windows. To guarantee optimal heating, this system has a maximum of 25 convectors, i.e. the equivalent of 18 meters of convector length.

Final thoughts

Northwood Arctic Fox trailers are 4 seasons, thus better isolated, so the cold doesn’t get in so easily! For many, the winter RV is a dilemma between turning up the heat and therefore using your precious fuel or staying frozen.

The truth is, most RVs aren’t made for the cold, and the ones that are aren’t usually cheap. Older RVs tend to have less efficient insulation and heating mechanisms. So even if you turn the heat on, you will see your heating expenses leaking from any leaks and cracks your RV might have. 

With good weather, the desire to rent a camper and discover the world increases. But with good weather, there is also that suffocating heat, which on some summer days can be especially intense in some areas of the US. 

When you have a 4 seasons trailer you do not have to think about all the above issues, and that is perhaps why Arctic Fox trailers are so popular among Americans!

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FAQ on Are all Arctic Fox trailers 4 seasons?

How do I prepare my camper for wintering?

Here are a few tips to prepare your camper for wintering:

  1. Empty the water heater. 
  2. Empty and clean the toilet tanks. 
  3. Remove the gas cylinder (s). 
  4. Put the windows in the ventilation position. 
  5. Open the bathroom door. 
  6. Do not unscrew the feet. 
  7. Do not put plastic sheeting on the caravan. 
  8. Put the clean trailer in the garage.

Should you cover a camper in winter?

Yes, you should cover a camper in winter with good quality, breathable and light caravan cover. A caravan with a protective cover can be safely stored inside and outside, no matter the season, but especially in winter. 

How to protect a camper in winter?

The first solution is the most economical: the protective cover. It covers a caravan that usually sleeps outside. It is never advisable to leave a motorhome outdoors for a long period, it is damaged and degrades more quickly (bodywork, gaskets, batteries, tires, etc.)

What is the best all weather RV?

These are considered to be the best five all weather RVs:

  1. Keystone Raptor Fifth Wheel
  2. Forest River Arctic Wolf.
  3. Jayco Redhawk 26XD Motorhome.
  4. Jayco 327CKTS Eagle Fifth Wheel.
  5. Heartland LM Arlington

How hot is too hot for an RV?

Let’s say that 156°F would be too hot for an RV. It is thus important to think twice before driving in hot weather, as the RV tires will definitely be 30 t0 60 °F hotter than the ambient temperature.  

What is a thermal package on an RV?

A  thermal package on an RV usually means better motorhome insulation to protect you on cold winter days. A thermal package usually includes:

  • Insulated, enclosed and heated underbelly;
  • Higher-insulation for the roof and the room floors;
  • One/two interior fireplaces (on certain RV models) to keep you cozy and warm.


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