Are Adam horse trailers any good?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are Adam horse trailers any good? We will discuss each of Adam horse trailer models and help you choose the best one for you. 

Are Adam horse trailers any good?

Adam horse trailers are indeed a good option for transporting your horse. Made in Virginia by Dalton Enterprises, Inc, Adam horse trailers have been on the market for over 40 years. 

Adam horse trailers are:

  • Custom-built and can be modified according to your needs and preferences;
  • Built on aluminium frames;
  • You can choose between lots of options, such as a horse trailer with living quarters, dressing rooms, tack storage and feed managers;
  • You can choose between bumper and gooseneck models. 

Below we will give you a few more details on the Adam horse trailers so that you know which ones will fit you better. 

Adam Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

Trailer modelModel lengthModel width and heightType of loadOptionsNumber of horses it fits
Jubilee10′, 14′6’8″ Wide, 7’6″ TallStraight LoadRear Ramp2 Horses
Julite 710a10′, 14′6’6″ Wide, 7’6″ TallStraight LoadSide Ramp Option2 Horses
Julite 74310′, 14′6’6″ Wide, 7’6″ TallStraight LoadFeed Manger2 Horses
Mustang12′, 16′6’8″ wide7’ft tallSlant LoadDrop Feed Windows,Collapsible Rear Tack2, 3 Horses
Rustler12′, 15′6-1/2 ‘ft wide7′ ft outside heightSlant LoadPlexi Enclosure on Butt Side; Treated Wood Floors2, 3 Horses
Excursion12, 16′, 19′7’ft wide7’ft tallSlant LoadLiving Quarters Option;Collapsible Rear Tack2,3,4 Horses

Adam Gooseneck Horse Trailers

Trailer modelModel lengthModel width and heightType of loadOptionsNumber of horses it fits
Excursion Gooseneck(14′, 18′, 20′ ) + 7′7′ Wide, 7′ TallSlant LoadExcursion Gooseneck;Living Quarters Option2, 3, 4 Horses
PRO-Classic15′ +7′6’8″ Wide, 7’6″ TallStraight Load5′ Dresser2 Horses
PRO-Classic 2 + 1( 17′, 21′, 23′ ) +7′7′ Wide, 7’6″ TallStraight LoadSide Ramp w/ Dutch Door2, 3 Horses
PRO Racer( 12′- 28′ ) + 7′6’8″ Wide 7’6″ TallSlant LoadBulk Horse TransporterUp To 12 Horses
Custom Coach26′, 30′, 32′7′ Wide, 7′ TallHead to HeadSide Ramp w/ Top Door4, 6 Horses
JGA12′ – 24′7′ Wide, 6’6″ TallOpen TrailerNose GateUp to 6 Horses
JGA Combo12′ – 24′7′ Wide, 6’6″ TallSlant Divider OptionDresser / Living QuartersUp to 4 Horses

How to choose the right Adam trailer horse?

To improve road comfort for the driver but also for the horses being transported, several options of Adam trailer horse can be particularly useful. Here are the main ones!

  1. Bumper or Gooseneck: choose between comfort options for the horse. Horse-riding trailers that have a hydraulic brake are less prone to road chaos and harsh braking.

Thanks to this system, the stress of your horses decreases as the safety of the ride improves. Also, consider the doors on the front of the trailer as horses don’t like to exit from the rear.

In addition, you avoid possible hoof strikes during the landing. Some trailers have food and water bins, as well as rot-proof floors! Finally, spare wheels can be of great help even when the size of horse van wheels are specific.

  1. The number of seats and interior layout. Most equestrian vans allow you to move a mare and her calf. It is for this reason that their technical documentation is marked “1.5 places”.

But many models also offer 2 seaters, 4 seaters and up to 8 seaters for larger trailers. For these, the disposition of the horse during transport can be variable. While for the 1.5 places your horse is facing the road, where it can end up diagonally.

This arrangement greatly reduces the feeling of loss of balance your horse experiences as soon as you take a turn.

What are the differences between the types of horse trailers?

When it comes to horse trailers, we must mainly distinguish the following three:

  1. Open: When looking for horse vans and trailers, one of the most typical is the open one, as long as we only carry one horse at a time. This type of trailer is ideal and more than enough for short distances since, in addition, it has the smallest size of the types detailed here. It is a very practical trailer.
  1. Cabin: It is an ideal trailer for trips that are going to be a little longer. However, to perfectly care for the animal, it is also recommended for short distances. One of the peculiarities it has is its ventilation system, which is very beneficial for the horse and very useful when looking for good vans and horse trailers.

In addition, it has a platform on which the roof and the cabin door are arranged, which in turn protects it from all kinds of weather adversities, both water and sun. On the other hand, it even includes food and water dispensers. It is suitable for one or two horses, depending on the model.

  1. Combined: When we are unable to decide on one of the two above, the best option is a combined trailer. It is open, just like the first option we have proposed. However, it can be adapted to the cabin shape, so that the horse is better secured.

The roof they have is canvas and, for their part, the railings are a little higher. When we are going to go short distances and the previous option seems too much, but we want to take care of the animal from adverse weather conditions, this can be a good choice. It can also help us to travel long distances on time.

9  Tips to choose the best trailer for your horse

The most suitable trailer for horses is the one that gives the animal comfort and safety when transporting. We care that your horse or mare is in good health when travelling. For this reason, we will give you the best recommendations so that you can choose the best equine transport.

  • Trailer size: Make sure the trailer is roomy enough for your horse, it is also important to note that horses grow quickly. Not all horse breeds have the same wingspan.
  • Trailer material: The most resistant material is steel, it is anti-rust and resists animal waste. In addition, it is important that the material is easy to clean.
  • Hydration accessories: A good horse trailer has a water and food dispenser, this is very important especially for long-distance trips.
  • Windows: if the trailer is a cabin trailer, it is important that it has vents so that the horse is in a cool environment.
  • Mooring anchor: The trailer you buy must have a mooring anchor so that the horse is safe
  • Fastening to the car: make sure that the trailer you buy adapts to the ball of your car.
  • If the trailer has a MAM of more than 750kg, it is mandatory to be registered in traffic insurance and pass the technical inspection periodically.
  • Inertia brake: it must be stated that a good braking system.
  • Wheel size: large horse walk or not walk.

The bottom line

In short, depending on the number of horses that you are going to take and the distance that you are going to travel, you can choose different types of vans and horse trailers. In turn, it will depend on your priorities. If in doubt, the best option is to consult a professional. 

What have you heard of Adam horse trailers? Please feel free to share your thoughts or any questions related to the content. 

FAQ on Are Adam horse trailers any good?

Who makes Adam trailers?

Adam trailers are made by Dalton Enterprises, Inc in Southwest Virginia. They have been on the market for over 40 years.

What are the top 5 trailer brands for horses?

The top 5 trailer brands for horses are:

  • Sundowner;
  • Featherlite;
  • Trials West;
  • Exiss;
  • Titan. 

What are the best horse trailers?

Among the best horse trailers are the Featherlite 7442. They are known for being lightweight and easy to tow. 


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